Saturday 3 November 2007

Amar Makruf Nahi Mungkar

As in the past years, while plans for UMNO's General Assembly are in full swing, we will get statements of noble intentions by their leaders. True to form, all those assertions of nobility were mere rhetoric.

One common promise that has been made over and over again, is the war against money politics. Yes, you read it right, War Against Money Politics. What? You have heard it before? You would like to hear something new? Keep it, this charade is here to stay.

Yes, you have heard it so many times before that you must have forgotten when it all started. You will wonder will it ever stop. You doubt that there will be a cure to this ill. Well, do not be surprised if I were to say that there is indeed a cure. No, Doc Tokasid does not have a vaccine for this disease.

Let me tell Najib, who made a statement to this effect, how to 'stamp out money politics'. If he could answer YES to these questions then we are well on our way to kill money politics.

1. Can he guarantee that holding posts in UMNO means working for the people and the country and that is all there is to it.?

2. Can he guarantee that being a YB does not mean that the incumbent would be in a favourable position to amass great wealth?

3. Can he guarantee that working hard for someone to be a YB does not translate into putting oneself in a favourable climate to gain favours from the government?

4. Can he guarantee that being a YB is not equals to being given a licence to be an unofficial king.

5. Can he guarantee that being highly placed in UMNO does not mean that the whole government machinery belongs to you?

6. Can he guarantee that being very-very highly placed in government does not mean that your kins, in-laws included, would automatically be given riches and powers acceding that of an Agong?

7. Can he guarantee that being an UMNO bigwig does not mean that you are given a golden share in Judiciary Inc.

8. Can he guarantee that to be an UMNO bigwig you must enslave yourself completely at the expense of everything else?

9. Can he guarantee that by being an UMNO Taiko, the word 'commission' will cause you to vomit blood?

10. Can he guarantee that by being an UMNO 'Orang Besar' means one swears to uphold the teachings of the Quran and that one would rather be inflicted by all known cancers then to go against the teachings of the Quran?

I have given only 10. Can he guarantee that he will work and will achieve these goals? If he can answer YES to all these, then he does not have to worry about 'stamping out money politics'. It will happen naturally.

To make it simple, just in case all these are too confusing, can he swear that all UMNO big guns must swear and will practice AMAR MAKRUF NAHI MUNGKAR. If he answers yes ...... lets wait for him to say yes first.


monsterball said... to all your questions...kat tak nak
More also no..and his attitude is..."what cn you do? What do you know about running a country? You know who is UMNO?"

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

I've been told that money politics is like cancer, and cancer is like lalang (as in the rumput lalang). You cannot kill lalang by burning them (the surface). The only way to get rid of lalang is to weed them out. Simply means, pull lalang out stalk, roots and all!

Same thing with money politics and abuse of power. We've got to pull them out. Starting with Paklah and Najib!

Unknown said...

I know the answer is NO to all. He is just saying it, he doesn't ,mean it all.

Unknown said...

You can weed out Lah and Najib but the substitute's bench stinks equally. Do you know how the Africans of long ago dealt with the spread of Ebola? The burnt the dead together with the house and so the disease died with them. You know what I mean.

cakapaje said...


Yes, I do know what you mean. Its just like the Black Plague that nearly wiped out Europe...hey! I'm all for it! :)

tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

Thats only 10 question so far, and I don't think Najb or Lah for that matter can give a sincere YES. If you ask them in the open, lets say during the incoming Perhimpunan UMNO, najib will say yes to your questions, in front of those delegations who will in response give Najib a standing ovation. They will then congratulate najib while patting his back, for a very brave answer.
But if you manage to pull him to the side and ask him again the same questions , will know the truth. A big NO.A big NO to all your questions.

So,actually all this statements to stamp out mney plitics in UMNO are just plain 'sandiwara'. Hey, have you ever seen or heard those involved in money politics during UMNO's party election , being investigated by BPR??
Have BPR ever said "we will call so and so for questioning" to the allegations made by losers?

(But the BPR Taiko wanted his men to quiz Tok Guru NIk Aziz for not reporting the attempts of bribering TG.So , we see here BPR is another tool used by UMNO on others but not UMNO!!)

Money politics and UMNO are now one. It had become their 'darah daging'.It had become UMNO's second nature. Its in UMNO's character.
Or should I rephrase it: BN's second nature!

Money politics is being practised in UMNO at all levels. Even in the small cawangans.

So how can you wees out someone's characteristic or nature from him? You just can't. The only way is to kill him off.

And Najib's recent statement deserve a place in Lawak Bodoh terbaik minggu ini.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ahh, so its the season again when all local tv networks will be busy broadcasting the over-rated meeting at the PWTC. and newpapers will have pages and pages on every single speech and even gets into the center's kitchen taking a sneak peak on how many kilos of beef and shit to be cooked and served. what an ass.

*cikgu, incase you feel like wrting on something non-political stuff for a break, do check my blog. just a little something incase anyone suffers writer's block. i had fun so decided to get it roll.


Anonymous said...


Let me clarify, UMNO has a very narrow definition of "money politics". According to UMNO Disciplinary Board, any candidate vying for top post within the party, is not even allowed to 'entertain', even a harmless "Openhouse" and "Majlis Tahlil", like we Malays conveniently do ever so often for family, neighbours and friends.

Many office bearers within UMNO have been reprimanded for "money politics" just by hosting parties to potential delegates, even at branch level.

So many ppl within the party use khenduris hosted by candidates to gun them down, so that they are unable to go up through the ladder.

So ppl who get opportunity to talk at party conventions is not wrong when they say that the fight for "money politics", UMNO fashion, is on and its almost impossible to eradicate something cultural as harmless khenduri to a Malay community leader.

Unknown said...

Yes indeed. It is also like Malaysia having all those laws only to be repeatedly raped due to poor enforcement. The moment those people drafted all those rules regarding 'money politics' they themselves knew of the ways there are to circumvent these rules.
Why is this so? The problem is that the reward for being in the top hierarchy of UMNO is too attractive, which by itself constitute an act of corruption, and the fact that very-very few top ranking UMNO people are taken to court shows that the top brass are not ready to take action against their kind for fear that people will say that UMNO is corrupt. One only goes down if one is a direct threat to the top man.

'Money politics' as I was told by lawyer friends, is corruption. How many of those found guilty by the disciplinary committee are referred to the BPR? Is UMNO really serious then. If they are serious, then they should leave it to a truly independent BPR, not one directly under the PM Department.

Sorry to say, this is all a charade and many people could see through it. The problem is that not that many care enough to do something about this sorry state of affair.


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