Wednesday 26 May 2010

Serious and Dangerous

Reporter: Mr. MACC sir, we hear that there is a report against the PM.

MACC: Oh the Sibu by-election thingy?

Reporter: Yes, that one.

MACC: Yes, there is a frivolous report made against the PM.

Reporter: Have you investigated the report?

MACC: No, we don't have the time yet.

Reporter: Then how come you call it frivolous.

MACC: Look here young lady, every report made by the opposition people are frivolous. I have been in this business long enough. Pity the poor PM.

Reporter: But still, every report needs to be investigated, right?

MACC: Yes, we know that and we are out to investigate this matter. We are a responsible commission, we will investigate every report no matter how frivolous and petty it is.

Reporter: So when do you think, you will start on this?

MACC:As soon as we have the resources.

Reporter: When do you think that is?

MACC: We have to look into really important and urgent matters first. As you all know, we have the Sime Darby fiasco. This will utilise a lot of our resources. Then we have some very disturbing cases to look into.

Reporter: Disturbing? How come we don't know about them?

MACC: That's why la, you all, you think you know everything.

Reporter: Okay la, I am sorry but could you give me a lead into those 'disturbing cases' that you mentioned?

MACC: Okay, but this is off the record, you can print but don't quote me, just say it's from a reliable source.

Reporter: Okay, I swear, I won't name you.

MACC: Do you know that last year alone we lost a staggering amount from all the Federal Government branches located in every state?

Reporter: No, I don't. What? How? Who?

MACC: Do you know that we have info that many clerks have been stealing stamps for their personal use? We estimate that the Federal Government lost about RM13K on this alone. This is bad, this is dangerous, this is serious. We must put a stop to this. Do you know that an officer in the Sports Ministry stole 12 dozen shuttlecocks for his personal use? This is outrageous. No wonder we lost in the Thomas Cup.

Reporter: These are your serious and disturbing cases?

MACC Yes, and I am sure you are as angry as I am, so you see, we have to channel our resources to these important cases first before opening a file regarding that frivolous report, but we will do it, to satisfy the people.

Reporter: When?

MACC Next month we will get a few students from University Malaya coming to do their practicals so I think I will assign these trainees to investigate this report. okay I have to go now.


lulu said...

F*** those MACC bastards!

Unknown said...

Salam ziarah...
Pak Long dok tengok tengok la, cara penghulu kampong Pak Long siasat kes kambing hilang lebih kemaih lagi dari SPRM nih...


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