Saturday 29 May 2010

New Breed

Chef: I see here that you have item no 5 from many more countries now compared to last year.

Seller: Yes, yes, from many more countries and they taste differently too, maybe because of their diet.

Chef: Hmm these from China are interesting. Have their prices gone down coz last year they cost US300 a kilo why now only US150?

Seller: Oh these are from farms, the wild ones are now RM500 per kilo.

Chef: Okay, send me 5 kilos of the wild ones. These are for my choice customers, filthy rich buggers.

Seller: Okay, 5 kilos grade B ones.

Chef: What? Grade B? I thought they are the best? For US500 a kilo surely they must be the best?

Seller: Oh, so sorry, hmmm how do I tell you this. We have more expensive ones and since they are more expensive they are in the higher category in terms of price but taste wise I don't think you would like any.

Chef: What? You have more expensive ones and they don't taste nice? Is that what you are telling me?

Seller: Exactly, that's why they are not in the list but since they fall in the same item category, we do have stock but since you are my loyal customer, I would strongly reccomend that you forget about it.

Chef: Oh, I see, I think you have a new favourite customer and are purposely outpricing these choice ones.

Seller: God please forgive me if I ever have that thought, I wouldn't have told you about it if I had wanted to keep it from you.

Chef: Then tell me about it, at least to satisfy my curiosity.

Seller: Okay, they are not sold in kilos and there are only handful of them in this world. In fact they cost about a million each and these Malaysian frogs are very poisonous.


Anonymous said...

for a while I thought the expensive ones is the Roasted Porky Mah.... you know lah, Chinese just love Wild Boars.

but I didnt know Kataks also expensive, especially the ones in skull caps...

ha ahahahahahah.......

zorro said...

Anon0317...I think you missed the punch line....its the chinese frogs that are exorbitantly priced but tasteless and poisonous.

Syabas Chegu....the last para encapsulates all.


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