Wednesday 5 May 2010

No Bite

Dentist: Do you feel numb enough?

Man1: Yes, I can't feel a thing. Why do you inject so much?

Dentist: This is a major job, so many to pull out so I need to give you more.

Man1: Did the others also get multiple extraction?

Dentist: Oh yes, all of them. It's really hard work you know. Okay, that's 1 out, rinse on this please, many more.

Man1: Didn't feel a thing.

Macai: Doctor! All finish?

Dentist: Yes, finally. Do you want all these teeth? Many are still very good.

Macai: What do I want them for? I have a full set of dentures myself. Where are they now?

Dentist: In the other room.

Macai, Thanks doctor, bill us okay?

Dentist: Errr, I know times are bad, but do you think I could be paid by the end of the year? That was quite a number of teeth I had to pull.

Macai: I don't know about that, talk to my boss la.

Dentist: Somehow, I have a bad feeling about this.

Macai: Okay guys, let's go, you have an assignment.

Man2: Where are you taking us?

Macai: You'll know when we get there. .......... Okay, we have arrived, follow that man, he will take you to the meeting room.

Boss: Welcome, welcome. Please sit down. people, all 8 of you have been chosen to be panel members to probe the shooting of that 15 year old boy.

Man3: Oooh! No wonder they had our teeth extracted.


Anonymous said...

lawak lah, now all member just senggeh aje lor cannot make any comments like dunggu.

but why they gotta be like that since they all not Benggap what???

credentials all bagos one you know.
pity that kid, only 15 dah goes to heaven. nasib baik also lar, no need headache like Greece people now facing, right.

Unknown said...

Gelak guling guling Pak Long... tepat dan pepat...

Unknown said...

If we get to be like Greece then all the kataks will be be left in dried ponds.

Unknown said...

Pak Long
Memang syarat depa pun, semua ahli panel mesti rongak.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comic relief this morning. But on a serious note=the appointment of the crime "expert" Kamal Fendy Hashim is not a great. He has prejudged the incident in his blog, thus compromising his neutrality in judgement.

sri hartamas

monsterball said...

Love to visit here for a laugh.

Al Mahadaya said...

Kebangkitan telah bermula.. Takkan Melayu Hilang Di Dunia.


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