Saturday 22 May 2010

Down but not out.

Sam: Why you want me to resign?

Member1: You have destroyed the party. You know you are not wanted why you want to stay some more?

Sam: You think you big ka? Alright, with the powers I have as President, you are now expelled for working against the party?

Member2: Why you did that? He did not fight against the party, he was fighting you.

Sam: You also want to be expelled? Okay, I now expel you.

All: No, no you cannot do that. Now we will decide, we are giving you one week to announce your resignation or else we will call for an EGM and get you out. You know we have the numbers.

Sam: You ungrateful idiots. I made this party. I made all of you rich and now you want to sack me. Never mind, never mind, I will resign today itself but don't think you have seen the last of Sam.

All: Get out, get out, get out huuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!

Sam: Never mind, I'll return, you just watch.

All: Get out la, boooo, boooo, boooo.

Sam: Hello! Ya saya la ni Samy. Saya ada dengar you orang mau satu timbalan presiden butoi ka? You angkat saya la, saya sudah kuluar MIC. Dia orang sumua menangis suruh saya jangan resign tapi saya sudah jemu la sama MIC, no future la, itu pasai saya ingat saya mau join you punya group. Sekarang you kasi saya timbalan presiden, nanti you resign punya time, saya jadi presiden la. Buleh ka........... Apa? PERKASA ambik orang Melayu saja ka? Takpa, takpa. ........

Hello, is that Kayveas? I say man, how are you ah old friend......... .


Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Cikgu,

Welcome back!! You are as funny as ever before.

After being rejected by Kayveas, Semi then tried to join Hindraf but realize there are too many chiefs in Hindraf. Disappointed Semi then formed his own party called IDIOT (Imbecilic Democratic Indian Organization Triad) and installed himself as the unopposed IDIOT life president.

Anonymous said...

Funny lah.... that Khor-Dhing-Ghell will never learn one. Funny lah CherGu.

By the time CherGu read this comment sure laugh one, just like that Semi-Value fella.

Keep it up CherGu....
No lah! you are not Khor-Dhing-Ghell....

Unknown said...

Teringat pulak Pak Long lagu Ayo yo Samy yang popular dulu nih...

Anonymous said...

Salam cikgu,So funny!
Can ask that NO Value fella to go and fly kite !!!!! Expire date long time ago. No Value lagi. Just my 2sen cikgu.

romerz said...

Good one!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Hehehehhehehe...thats a good one cikgu. And I know somehow Kayveas will be in the picture somewhere.


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