Sunday 3 January 2010

Straight from my rotten heart

Many may not like what I am writing today and I don't blame them for I was rather hesitant to write about this initially myself because I don't normally do it, but I have to, just to satisfy my own self for I carry a bloody heavy grudge for more than 10 years already.

I don't usually write like this about dead people but I am going to do it and to make it less painful for those who loved this man, I am going to write about it in very few words.

Well if people could not find good words for Stalin or Hitler so why should I find good words for this character. His actions may not have the kind of impact that the two afore mentioned personalities had but it impacted the country and his profession all the same.

Augustine Paul is dead and all I could say is good riddance.


Anonymous said...

That's very unbecoming of you, and very vicious!

How can you compare Augustine Paul with Hitler or Stalin? That's demeaning.

Paul's actions impacted the country and his profession?? Just because it didn't favour you? Listen, the country could have been WORSE OFF if his actions were in your favour. The impact was more the result of the actions of a power-crazy and self-deluded man and his blind and obsessive followers who didn't care about the country.

As a Muslim, you should not say bad things to dead people. Heavy grudge is not in Islam dictionary.

Unknown said...

Please Mr or Ms goody goody, fuck off. I know my actions so I don't need anyone to teach me. Its me with god, you don't share whatever sins so fuck off.
You want to know who is the other person I would like to clap my hands and celebrate when he dies? Its Mahathir.

Anonymous said...

u know what?..hope u rot to die..

Unknown said...

You mean the way Hacks rotted and die and the way Mahathir is going to rot and die? Thank you and the same goes to you.

Anonymous said...

that Augustine Paul died too late for Malaysians, he should have died 10 years ago, albeit in 2000.

he was a bloddy asshole that put this country into shitty position like now.

anyway, now that he has gone we malaysians facing a much bigger asshole - KHINZIRHOLE, i.e. the Bijan Family!

Anonymous said...

dearest cikgu nazir
Just ignore the lapdogs and the lackeys.Lantak lah depa tu cikgu.Apa nak heran dengan gerombolan tu? dah tak apa dah nak kata.the lies, looting, plunder, ahhh the list is endless.IGNORANCE IS BLISS!.Jangan Layan!

Anonymous said...

Gi mampoih la dengan augustine. Aku bukan anti BN dan badan2 kerajaan yg pro-BN semata-mata depa BN tapi si augustine dah merobek kepercayaan masyarakat terhadap system kehakiman negara. Berlainan pula dengan pemergian Tok Mat, kesedihan ada jugak singgah dihati walau arwahnya thru & thru BN. Juga, aku sedih tiap kali dengaq YB2 meninggal yang menyebabkan PRK since mac2008, baik dari BN ka PR ka.

romerz said...

- ditto -

Sorry KTN. Like you I have no wish to be rotten but for I believe we have had too much state sponsored rottenness which brought this about!

But it sure feels good for now anyway which I'm sure we will regret tomorrow! (I know I will for thinking about a dead fellow Malaysian!)

Our understanding of a better Malaysia are asking superhuman efforts from us ordinary Malaysians, not at all helped by those whom we placed our trust in them then and STILL!

That is why I have to applaud you and your efforts despite sounding rotten!

Anonymous said...

Salam cikgu, you sound rotten but that't the way it is. What is black is black and what is white is white. I too share your sentiments and god knows what to do to such human. Let it be a lesson to all mankind esp.those in power. Just my 2sen cikgu.

Anonymous said...

I celebrated that day like there was no tomorrow. Cheers!


ahoo said...

I didn't read the MSMs for the last 6 over months, thus was not alerted to the news until I logged onto the internet.

Anyway, we all know that a greater judgement awaits us after in the afterlife. Therefore, be very extra careful in all that we say and do for every deeds is recorded for the judgement day.

God is great and where will be our final destination after death is entirely up to Him. We have no choice except to work our faith with fear and trembling.

Chegu, May God bless you with good health for the years on earth, wealth to provide for all that you need, peace and joy that surpass all understanding in your contribution toward a better Malaysia for all of us.

Tiger said...

Cikgu, I like your thoughts, but well, you're free to express your feelings.
Anyway, the person is dead so forget it.
There's a lot more despicable people doing what he used to do and they're still ripping up our government system and ripping off the rakyat.
We should concentrate on cleansing the system of these people and bringing them to justice.
When they're dead, they can go and answer to God.

Sally said...

Bless you, cikgu, and follow your conscience. I'm behind you..

Anonymous said...

sabar sabar..yang dah mampui kita lupakan..tapi dia yang masih hidup dalam alam semacam hacks kami kecam lebih lagi.

ycg said...

yup, he is someone we can live without.

zorro said...

Spot on comrade and on target as always. One down....many more to go.

Anonymous said...

My Dear Chegu, just ignore that anonymous fellow. We are all behind you. God bless you and wish you long and healthy life.

Anonymous said...

I understand so well what u feel - while it may not be good to speak ill of the dead; we still have to acknowledge that some people do make the world a better place just by dying and that so called "judge" was one of them.



sunwayopal said...

Agree 100%.

Augustine Paul was the epitome of all the things gone bad in our judiciary.

mad Hatter started the rot in our judicary and the result of that rot is people like Augustine Paul.

How Karpal Singh could even bring himself to say this idiot is one of the best judiciary mind in Malaysia is beyond me.

Karpal Singh was not honest to himself.

Augustine Paul should rot in hell.

To his family, yes you may grief for him but that he is a rotten person evil and corrupt to the core is just plain honesty.

Anonymous said...



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