Tuesday 26 January 2010

The evidence

Prosecutor: Your honour, we would like to request that the remand order be extended by a week.

Judge: What? A week? When you brought these people in you said you had concrete evidence that they were involved in the arson so why do you want another week?

Prosecution: We have some loose ends to tie your honour.

Judge: What loose ends? This is a court of law not some shoe shop where you tie shoe laces. You have to convince me that you have a case and not just fishing.

Prosecution: Oh, yes your honour we indeed have a very strong case against these people.

Judge: Good to hear you say that so can we proceed with the case?

Prosecution: But your honour, we need a week to present a strong case.

Judge: Meaning right now your case is not strong enough?

Prosecution: No your honour it is very strong but we would like to make it stronger.

Judge: Why, you want to give it Tongkat Ali or Viagra? Ok, please tell me what is it that is holding you back?

Prosecution: You see your honour, we have video evidence but we need time to get the tapes ready.

Judge: What? get the tapes ready? Are you tempering with evidence? Why can't you present the tapes as they are?

Prosecution: Don't get us wrong your honour, we have sent the tapes for some cleaning that's all.

Judge: Where are the tapes now?

Prosecution. They are with a certain Mr. Cameron Mitchel. You see, we would like to present them in 3D. We already have the glasses.

Judge: Oh you mean the director of Titanic?

Prosecution: Yes, and also Avatar.


cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

The DPP then whispered to the Prosecutor: "Shouldn't we mention that the previous tape was rendered useless by those 2bit xrated studios?"

ahoo said...

The evidence is as strong as the strongest drink at the " hardrock cafe " but, but that concotion was drank by non other than the AG.

We also found out that those boys were just playing truants after a dare by their seniors and also as a show-off to their girl friends lah! Worse still, we found out that they don't even have proper travelling documents, so how to nail them when we don't know from which hole they came from ?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ooo...now i get it. To present the video evidence in 3D would give a clearer picture, and provide stronger case against the defendant...hehe...the DPP should use the tape cleaner as well cikgu...hehehehe...

Mike Tan said...

Mr Cameron acted as the go between
for AL Q and CIA. He synchronised their timing precisely using the atomic clock. When the planes hit the tower,the demolishing team pushed the buttons.The project also
took 10 ten years to acomplish like Avatar!

Anonymous said...



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