Wednesday 6 January 2010

No, not again.

Sarg: Good morning Captain.

Capt: Morning, you've taken your breakfast?

Sarg: Not yet Tuan. I am about to, would you like any Tuan.

Capt: No, no. just had mine with Gen 1.

Sarg: Tuan, I want to apply for 3 days leave la Tuan. Nak balik kampung.

Capt: 3 days? Hmmmm, starting when?

Sarg: Next Monday Tuan.

Capt: Anybody else on leave on those days?

Sarg: None Tuan, I told them already so no one's taking leave.

Capt: Well if that's the case I guess ....... Sargeant, sargeant, come here please, what is that very weak blink there?

Sarg: What blink Tuan? Where?

Capt: There South East. It's very weak.

Sarg: I can't see anything Tuan?

Capt: It's not blinking now but I could have sworn I saw. Sarg get me the exact location of this place.

Sarg: Which place Tuan?

Capt: This one, here, exactly here.

Sarg: Hold on Tuan, let me check. It's Parit Sobrono Tuan. According to this, it's a palm oil estate tuan, nothing strategically important.

Capt: Contact the US airforce and request to use their sattelites in that vicinity.

Sarg: Tuan, the US Airforce tuan, they will be beaming live images of that particular locality.

Capt: Sarg, can you see that?

Sarg: What Tuan?

Capt: There, there, that one, what does it look like to you Sarg?

Sarg: Oh, my god. That, that, they are taking it to that, oh my god, Tuan they are stealing our submarines and taking it to the sea through that irrigation canal.


Anonymous said...

Nice piece lah.... this time you really make Prime Minister benggap bodoh bahlol and toye of 1st class degree (Oxford Cambridge standard!) lah.

But dont worry about the Submarine, the US just drop TWO F-5E engines on it will sink the Scorpene one. don't forget to get MACC and AG to man steer the Scorpene to Ulu Bernam.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hahaha...likewise, i think the 2 engines were snuck out with a toyota pick-up right under MPs noses.

Sammy said...

Piece of crap, nobody wants to steal. Wonder why they also want to buy our old jet engines. Mig-29 or F/A 18 engines maybe, but old F-5E engines? Besi buruk shop maybe..

Happy New Year, Chegu!

Umar_LoveIja said...

Helo,nice blogging,nice info,erm ingin mengetahui kisah misteri,pelik tapi benar ? jom ke blog saye ni di ,ok bye

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...





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