Friday 4 December 2009

Hah Hah

MACC: Err, Datuk Seri please have a seat. Please sit down, never mind, it's okay.

DS: Err, I would rather stand.

MACC: Why are you so jitery, we only want to ask you a few questions that's all.

DS: Go ahead, all the same, I would rather stand.

MACC: We are your friends DS, relax.

DS: Could you tell me how high up are we?

MACC: We are on the 9th floor, so about 90 feet, why?

DS: Nothing, could I stand over there please. I am afraid of heights so standing next to this glass wall gives me the creeps.

MACC: No problem Datuk, please sit anywhere you want.

DS: It's okay, I'll stand here next to this brick wall. Are you sure this wall is actually made of brick?

MACC: Don't worry Datuk, it's solid. So can we begin the questioning Datuk?

DS:Okay, ask what you want.

MACC: Do you know Takselamat Ali Money Changers?

DS: Nope, haven't heard of that guy from Seremban.

MACC: How do you know he is from Seremban?

DS: Okay, okay, yes I know him..

MACC: We have reports that say you used Takselamat to transfer 10 million ringgit to England.

DS: Yes, that is true, why I cannot send my own money overseas ka. It's my money so I should be allowed to do what I want with it.

MACC: Yes, we know you have the right to do what you want with your money but we are interested to know how you made so much money.

DS: What! You call 10 million a lot? Anyway, I earned the 10 million.

MACC: You have not been a state CEO that long DS, your salaries couldn't add up to that much.

DS: I know, but my wife sells goreng pisang in the evening and my children sell nasi lemak in school and in college. I also give English tuition when I am free.

MACC: DS, you expect me to believe your story?

DS: What time is it now?

MACC: 5.10pm.

DS: Hah, hah, it's past office hours, you can't question me anymore. Sorry got to go.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hehehehe...but i think the interrogation would be shorter than this...

MACC: which party does your boss belong tp?


MACC: Ok, we have no foundation to investigate this case. you're free to go. case permanently closed.

Mike Tan said...

MACC: How come you got so much money one?

DS: 10 million alot meh? Can't even buy that Toyol fler's new mansion.
That ex DIGP fler who just died also got 47 million what.It's so easy to make money nowadays.That
Deepak fler sell carpet only oso
make more than 100 millions a year mah.

Unknown said...

MACC: What party are you from?
MACC: Ampun Tuanku.

Unknown said...

Yes, la, I forgot about that Deepak fella.

Unknown said...

Hah Hah!

Hah Hah Hahahahahahaha... clever clever...

pssttt... am coming to Penang this 14 to 16 bro... rasanya b oleh jumpa tak?

Anonymous said...

aha cikgu, ingat cuti sekolah laptop kena pulang sbb tu lama tak dengar khabar.


Anonymous said...

A very interesting piece, cikgu. Miss your articles.

Unknown said...

Will be waiting for your phone call.

Unknown said...

anon 13.00
Tak, saya ada desktop dan laptop so itu no problem just malas to write la. Tunggu ilham.

Unknown said...

anon 15.35
Hope to get some inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Cikgu, just joking only about the school laptop. It's because I miss your good jokes from your wonderful writings.

Jangan tunggu lama-lama

Anonymous said...


Your comments to Kerp @05 Dec. 06.30 cracked me up.

Keep it up please.


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