Sunday 22 November 2009

The Holiday

Ah Seng: Hey Ahmad ah, where you want to go? Why got so many balang one? You want to imigilate ka?

Ahmad: Aiya Seng, where got immigrate, this is my country what, your country oso. No la I want to go to Sabah la, long time never take my family for holiday there one.

Ah Seng: Wah! You cuti cuti Melaysia ka? Good la, take family go for holiday. I choose a cheaper holiday for my family la. Just bought a house so cannot spend so much for holiday.

Ahmad: Never mind one Seng, where you go oso still the same one, still Malaysyia jugak what. I go to Sabah because my brader got work there one, so can stay in his house, no need to spend in hotel.

Ah Seng: Ah good, good, in bad times like this we must save for the lainy day one. I thought you oso got blader in Johor, why you no go there? There oso good what.

Ahmad: Aiya, last year I go there oredi so this year go Sabah pulak la, some more my brader want to take me to one place very special. He say, this one very difficult to find one.

Ah Seng: Wah, got special thing there ka? What ah?

Ahmad: There you see in The Star today.

Ah Seng: Aiyaaa! This one ka, I oso want to see this one with my family one. My children eveliday kacau me want to see but no need to go Sabah one. That is why my family going to Putrajaya for holiday.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hehehehe...ah seng was spot-on. currently the chief is in the US to pay a visit to one of their kind who was exported to washington zoo whom, as we found out likes to grope on visitors.

Unknown said...

You mean the arse gropping, cigar chomping Chief Orang Utan?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yes, that one exactly cikgu. product hutan hijau endau-rompin...hehehe...

Unknown said...

I think they should introduce this orangutan to the jungles of congo. Who knows if we are lucky he will be raped daily by the gorillas?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i doubt the ugliest of gorillas would even wanna go near this ass-fondler....muahahahaha...

Anonymous said...

that Jagjist is Chief Olang Utan kah??? that fella very cute one you know, all people in washingston like him one because his ku-ku-chow is cute one leh.... thats why Jagjist like to grope people one, cannot fit too small woh.

heard his mongkey relatives from home state oso see him washingston woh, can do threesome lah like that one hoh.


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