Sunday 6 December 2009


PM: I hope you like your food Mr. Obama.

Obama: Oh, immensely I should say. The food was simply fantastic.

PM: How about you Mr. Putin?

Putin: I have never tasted food better than this in my life.

PM: Glad to hear that you love our food. How about you Mr. Jintao?

Jintao: China is known to be the best place for food but I must admit that these lobsters are the best I have tasted in my life. I must take some home.

MC: Your Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen. We now adjourn to Bilik Dahlia for the surrender ceremony.

PM: Gentlemen, this way please.

MC: We now call upon the heads of states of the USA, Russia and the People's Republic of China to come forward to read the Declaration of Surrender and sign it.

3 Heads: W,e the leaders of the USA, Russia and the People's Republic of China hereby surrender the sovereignty of our nations to Malaysia. All subjects of our country are now the subjects of Malaysia. We hereby declare our countries to be the 14th, 15th and 16th state of Malaysia with no voting power. All our citizens are now slaves to this country.

MC: Please sign your respective declarations.

PM: I am glad that the leaders of three of the most powerful nations of this world could see the futility of being enemies with Malaysia. Gentlemen, you could now leave and tell the people of your countries that they are now effectively Malaysians.

DPM: I salute you la PM. That move of yours was brilliant la. Just one decision brought them down to their knees. Now they know not to mess with Malaysia.

PM: Yes Din. I am glad we bought the 2 subs. See how they shiver at us now that we have 2 submarines? Hahahahaha. Do you know that we caught the lobsters we had for dinner with one of the subs?


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Gitmo will be closed down in no time while ISA remains untouchable.

D'ayo said...

Putin to his people... Люди, теперь мы являемся один Malaysia

Jintao to his peole... 人们, 现在 我们 是 - Malaysia

Obama to his people... People, now we are 1 Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Just cant imagine a DUMNO Leader can one day become most powerful person with China USA Russia CEOs reporting to him, and DUMNO Din is inline for DUMNO Head.

That day would probably Doomsday as Scorpene fitted with Nuclear Warheads shoots its missiles to catch Lobsters at both Kuantan and Port Dickson waters.

Of course, under instruction of Chief Rear Admiral Roasted Porky Mah.

Anonymous said...
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Sammy said...

Perli kuat, Chegu!

one Los Angeles class nuclear sub can flatten the whole of Malaysia...some more want to send our diesel subs to scare people-ka?


frankie said...

Our subs also can be used to catch the prawns for the production of prawn paste and belacan. The smell alone would have crippled Russian and the American.

Unknown said...

You got that right my friend.

Unknown said...

That's good.

Unknown said...

Anon 00:31,
With the subs we are officially a superpower. Oooooooo! Takut.

Unknown said...

Sure perli kuat one la. What good are those subs other than to catch prawns and lobsters. Mee udang anyone?

Unknown said...

Yes, la Belacan Cap Kapal Selam.

Sammy said...

Yah chegu!

Penang prawn mee the best! As usual, Malaysian ikan bilis also the best...


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