Saturday 12 December 2009

The Catch

MACC: Aaah, we have finally arrived home. It's been a real tiring weekend man

AG: Tiring? Yes, but, but our bounty shows the great skills that we have, don't you think so?.

IGP: Of course la, who can beat us in this game, we are the best

AG: Please, please gentlemen I admit you are good but, I'm the best in the country.

MACC: Woi, woi. who says you are the best?

IGP: Shh, shh, quiet, isn't that the PR people?

MACC: Where, where? Yes la, they have a few crates themselves.

IGP: Do you think they have been following us the whole weekend?

AG: Wait a minute, do you remember that group of people you caught sight in your binoculars? Do you think it was them?

MACC: Yes la, could be them la. Quiet, quet, act busy, they are heading this way.

Ah Kit: Hey Anwar, we should do this more often la. This is really the best weekend I've had in a long time la.

Hadi: Yes la Ah Kit I really enjoyed this weekend la. Tiring but fun.

Anwar: Hey, don't those people look familiar to you?

Ah Kit: Where?

Anwar: There those people with the crates.

Hadi: Yes la, lets go say Hi to them.

MACC: They are coming, they are coming.

Ah Kit: Hello fancy meeting you people here, you also just got back ka?

IGP: Oh Ah Kit, Anwar and Hadi, yes, yes, we also just got back. You know la, we can't be working all the time, once in a while must unwind jugak.

Anwar: Yes, we all also the same, it has been a hectic year.

MACC: What did you get gentlemen?

Hadi: Not much la, just some Baracudas, a tiger shark, a few 10 plus kilo Tenggiris and some giant kerapus. What did you get?

AG: As always, our favourite catch, ikan bilis.


Tiger said...

The big fishes are getting away with bigger crimes!

Anonymous said...

Funny lah, as usual... ikan bilis got less cholesterol so they can live longer mah.

But never be fool with crates of ikan bilis, at the bottom of crates could be underwater treasures, if not how to die with RM47millions what?

Sally said...

Good catch, cikgu!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hehehehe...I believe the MACC, being a 'professional' body, managed to catch many bigger ones but like pro anglers, its a game of catch and release on selected fish.

ahoo said...

How to land a " big catch " when many areas are restricted zones ? How to catch your own " members "?
Thus, when claimed that MACC will be like ICAC Hong Kong is just another sloganeering of which we are one of the top in this World.

Until corruptions are no longer equate as " commissions " will Malaysia sees its former glory.

Unknown said...

Hmmm .... the you know who can go night fishing again!

Maybe this time they will "Appeal" to the fishes to bite!


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