Friday 26 October 2007

Old ICs and Transparent Ballot Boxes

A friend of mine yesterday said that he read somewhere that a certain minister, he couldn't remember who, but he thought it was Nazri, said that those who do not have MyCards could still vote using their old ICs. If I am not mistaken, at one time Malaysians were threatened with all kinds of actions if they not shift to the MyCard. In fact, going by all the threats, one could hardly move if he/she does not own a MyCard. They even dangled a FALSE lottery to entice people to migrate to the new intelligent identification card.

This friend asked me if I could blog about this. I asked him what his concerns were. His answer was simple and precise and made sense: double voting. He was concerned that this would allow someone local or imported to vote using someones old IC somewhere while the actual owner who now carries a MyCard would vote using his/her MyCard somewhere else.

This idea of his makes sense. I have seen on tv about how about 1/3 of those who are eligible to vote have not even registered. Wow! 1/3 is a very high figure, very very high indeed. After the last registration exercise they will add more voters to the electoral roll. How are we to know how many of these new voters registered with MyCards and how many registered with their old IC?

Why not completely bar everyone without a MyCard from voting. After all, Malaysians have been warned that they should switch over. Everything possible was done to facilitate this migration so why still allow those with old ICs to vote?

While still on the matter about voting and the elections, I was told by a friend that the EC has already prepared transparent ballot boxes for the elections. Ooooo! I am so impressed. I am sure the whole world is in awe with our EC. Oh my god, transparent ballot boxes, where did they get these boxes from. Must be from the space traveller we sent to space at the cost of a few thousand low-cost houses.

Will the SPR please listen up. Transparent ballot boxes is the least of many people's worries. How about cleaning up the electoral roll first. How about ensuring that no babies are in the electoral roll. How about seeing to the world record numbers of centenarians in the roll. I am sure even Japan do not have as many centenarians in theirs. How about looking into the matter of a single house with up to 300 plus voters. How about cleaning up the list of voters with non-existent addresses. How about addressing to Rocky's complaint about his name appearing in the list when he did not register in the first place. What about those with similar complaints but are not as high profile as Rocky?

Actually there are many more areas that the SPR should channel their energy into rather then waiting for the Soyuz to drop some transparent ballot boxes. May I ask something? Is this supposed to be symbolic? Transparent ballot boxes to symbolise transparent election? If the SPR thinks so then they surely have a weird sense of humour and no one is laughing.


Anonymous said...

I too was in the service until I opt out 4 months ago. I serve in the elections the last 3 rounds.I wanted out the 3rd time because I couldn't cast my vote twice even though we were promised postal votes. 3rd time round same promise and again no sign of it. I still remember starting work at 4am in the morning and ending at 3 am the next morning.Wonder who voted for me.

Unknown said...

Don't worry someone must have voted for you and guess who the beneficiary of your vote is.

tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

The 'Feel Good' week is now. With BPR's sudden effectiveness of charghing those implicated in misusing public finds as per AG recent reports. And the BPR's big boss did say BPR had interviewed the CJ and Tengku Nan with regards to the Lingam-gate VCD. And the BPR boss too said something to this effect(not his actual words): Kita tak mengira sesiapa utk bertindak tak kira org besar atau kecil. Bravo! That is a feel good statement. But, what about the so called 18 high profile cases that Rais Yatim mentioned just after Pak Lah became PM?

What about the AP cases BPR?
What about the MB whose friends suddenly became successful? What about Saudara Lutfi's report about this MB to BPR several years ago?

And the good pace-hero doc's sucessful trip to space...thats the best ever episode in Pak Lah's tenure as PM ,so far.

And , yes I did read in the newspaper about Nazri's statement. I was shocked too. After all the trouble the Jabatan Pandaftaran Negara went through, JPN's effort and threats to Malaysians to change to MyKad, suddenly Nazri's green light to use the old IC is really troubling. What your friend said MIGHT be true. Nazri's statement invites scepticalism.
Can one blame the rakyat who doesn't believe what the present administration is doing?

Nazri...why not do this: all residing in Malaysia at the time of election can vote ,irrespective of nationality. Foreign workers can vote( with a clause: Vote BN you stay, vote opposition you will be deported immediately)

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

With regard to the old IC, ahcmedrauf had a take at it at http://achmedrauff.blogspot.

In the 1999 GE, we - the now Kawasan Kelana Jaya activists - made a random check of voters list in many constituents in Malaysia. What shocked us was that in Kubang Pasu alone, there were an unusually high number of voters aged above 85! We do not know the mortality age in Malaysia, but more than 100 people aged above 85 in a single constituency? That must be a record of some sort!

Accia said...

salam chegu,
after that Soyuz, we also So Use to what all these desperados are up to.

Anonymous said...

Let me give you an example of what the BN government did for the residents of Seberang Perai Utara. For years the residents who uses the road linking Jalan Sungai Nyor and Seberang Jaya for free and most of the road user paid their road tax annually and the length of the road is only 5km.

Some cronies decided to build an unnecessary Butterworth Outer Ring Road (BORR) which really is very badly planned and with very low traffic volume and set up a fucking toll booth of that particular old 5km road to collect toll from the residents. Most of the user don't use the new BORR but uses the old road but has to pay for the toll because the BORR has been built. And fuck, the old road is not a part of the BORR and yet the toll was collected.

We paid annually for the road tax and can't we entitle to use the 5km road free of charge?

Fuck you BN.

Sorry for my French.

Unknown said...

Oh yes, our BPR is suddenly awake and are going for the small fries with vengeance. Big Fish? That's another matter all together, you can say that is not negotiable.

Unknown said...

Of course la, malu la if theold man gets a reduce majority tapi that year his majority was reduced kan?
Its difficult to unseat Pak Lah in KB but if we can reduce his majority significantly it would be a boost.

Unknown said...

I heard rumours that our space traveller is not so macho, have you?

Unknown said...

As long as there are roads that are free, these BN bastards would not sleep well. They will find an opportunity to toll us.

zorro said...

Superb probing piece SIR. Yes, what can transparent ballot boxes got to do with 3,000 odd postal votes from Ipoh Timur alone when there are no new army camps and police stations in the vicinity. Anyway,Rocky, Haris, Tony Yew, SK Thew and I will be visiging the EC office in Ipoh come Friday 2Nov,to ask some questions. Some 50 Ipoh folks are joining us.
We mve to Penang, sans Rocky, for the Malam Bangsa Malaysia. Will you join us for the forum and fellowship. IT IS NOT A POLITICAL EVENT.Do help us get the numbers.3 speakers are Penangites.

monsterball said...

hi kata tak nak....Did you enjoy Sheih's latest post "Smoke in Paradise"? Nice to read your post there.
And on IC cards....well it is welknown fact...thousands upon thousands fakes voted for UMNO and every election. I recalled one was so glaringly true and proven ...that the Election Commissioner had no choice but to call for a re-election and the loser opposition won in the end. Such things are forgotten easily by voters. That's the strength on UMNO. They understand human natures weaknesses and take full advantage of them.
Lets be brave to expose all bravely...including any oppositions playing dirty tricks...and for this I wonder why Anwar dare not take the risk to do what the ACA want...since PM and ACA have said so much of safeguarding the confidentialities of the people.Let Anwar prove he has been played out again..and that may gain him few thousand more votes.His character is always under suspect....why not change and co-operate?
Be careful not to be pulled or be used by any friend.
Be free as you are...and best to mix up with are NGOs...yet few are under the disguise to be so.....but in reality...are politically supporting one person or a party. Sheih has proven he is working for PAS and not bought by them.Just read his messages. Becareful not to be sucked up into supporting any one political movement or one political friend. Be real free as you are and vote anyone with a free mind. Don't get involve with any "ball game" in politics...and watch are getting you are wanted and needed. I don't envy you. Marina Mahathir is suppose to be our country's first Lady as Human Rights Activist. Go judge her actions and activities for past one year.
Take care and be well.

Unknown said...

Yes I enjoyed it very much. I salute him for his stand on smoking.
We all know that BN is synonymous with dirt.


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