Wednesday 6 June 2007

No Malay Race? Tell that to the kampung people.

I have on many occasions walked into kampungs and spoken to kampong people whom someone called Truly Asian People. I dared not ask them if they are Melayu or not for fear that they would mistaken me for a LUNATIC or an ALIEN who do not know of their ancestry. As far as they are concerned, they are Orang Melayu. Ask them what is their race and the answer would be "Bangsa Melayu la bongok, awat bodoh sangat sampai aku bangsa Melayu pun hang tak tau?"

Its not that I don't know they are orang Melayu but it seems that some people with degrees made studies that say that there is no such thing as bangsa Melayu. A Bangsa Melayu does not exist. There is a fixed number of Bangsas and Bangsa Melayu is not in the list. Many were applauding these degree holders saying, "right, right where got Bangsa Melayu? Where can add new Bangsa one, if none, none la". Ehem excuse me didn't you say you liked to be called Bangsa Malaysia? That one can add ah?

I am not saying the research is wrong. Have you heard of fossilised errors. Errors that are accepted to be the truth coz they have been so widely accepted.

Look, this thing about bangsa Melayu surfacing in the midst of the Joy controversy smells of haruan fish. The Malays have been calling themselves Melayu or Malays whichever way you like to call it for a damn bloody long time, and no scholar is going to change that. No study by any brilliant professor is going to persuade the Melayus that they are not actually Melayus, that they are Truly Asian People, or Rojak People.

Try something else la.


Silent Me Not AUthor 1 said...

hi KTN,

I think i know which research you re implying there, and certainly get your point. I want to highlight a few things though:

1) similar research with regard to Malay race ancestry has been done and published in the past, and the accepted theory is still the southern china migration. Whether the malay race has evolved over time to be categorized into a "new race" is purely a theoretical question.

2) if u explain to kampung people on thing called genetic exist, they will probably reply, " depa citer ape bendo? hampeh..".

3) Malay is a race, period. only way malay is lost from the face of the earth, is not through the research of some postdoc, but from malay's own doings... when malay culture is gradually being turned into some neo-arabic-islamic culture...then we ll never have what we called malay race anymore. unfortunately, any real academic research or documentation in the "actual malay culture" is often being treated as anti-malay. anyone want some mak-yong eh?

Apandi said...

Mostly these type of research is done with the conclusion firmly in mind before the actual research is done. Basically, I suppose the hypothesis will be "there is no bangsa melayu: provide arguments". Habih tu yang melambak kat kedai kopi main dam, bersidai mengumpat kat tangga tu bangsa apa ? jagabucinda ? jawa + bugis + china + india + belanda ?

Boh lah cikgu...

Unknown said...

Your point no 2 is my main gist. You can bring whatever research result but to them they are still Malays. Same goes to me and heck many more. When you call yourself something since the day you could remember how the hell are you going to change that, not overnight, not ever.

Yes, the main character trait of the malay, mengata and mengumpat. Yang depa dok sebok nak kata tak dak Melayu ni pasai apa. I question the motive not the outcome of the study, we will come to that when we have to.

Anonymous said...

cikgu..mmg tak perlu kita engage in such discussion. kita tau sapa kita dan kemelayuan kita dan tau org2 cam diorang tu akan pusing sini sana to prove their point.

saya org bandar tp saya ttp terasa. kampung ke bandar ke, melayu ttp melayu, bangsa utama negara.

Unknown said...

I would like to be a decent peace loving tolerant citizen tapi bila agama dan bangsa di cabar geram jugak rasanya. Tu pun dah seribu kali tapis tu.

Anonymous said...

cikgu, we are indeed peace loving citizen and i believe like u, i've made so many non-malay friends and in my neighbourhood, we live in peace and treat each other with full respect. cikgu bernard can testify to that. and if we were to sit together at the garden bench and had our photo taken and sent for a merdeka photo contest, we'd win hands down.

its not us (melayu) but people like that guy who's a freakin racist. research my ass. he's a shit stirrer, even worse than a pig.

Unknown said...

Yes you are right, he is a shit stirrer indeed.

tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

Aku Melayu. Aku kata aku Melayu pure.
Tapi kalau tak silap aku ,aku ada darah rona merah macam bangsa lain juga. Aku blood group B, macam puak-puak bangsa lain jugak.Aku Rhesus positif macam orang bangsa lain jugak.
Jantung aku, kidneys aku,liver aku function macam jantan betina bangsa lain juga.
Aku ada bini macam jantan bangsa lain yang ada bini.
Aku tak dapat apa2 keistimewaan sebagai Melayu sejak 15 tahun dulu macam bangsa lain jugak. Aku bayar income tax macam bangsa lain jugak.

Jadi all the berok matyeh yang ada doctrate untuk hina orang lain aku ada satu saja nak kata: Go to hell with your anthro studies.Pi mampuih dengan research hang.
Lebih baik depa buat research macamana nak bagi rakyat Malaysia boleh cope dengan globilasasi. macamana nak cope dgn harga barangan dan kos hidup yang semakin meningkat.Kalau hangpa muleh buat lagu tu baru aku tabik spring. kalau takat nak bagi orang upset tak payah ada doctrate.

Unknown said...

Aku saja tak mau nak mencarut kat depa saja. Takdak kerja lain ka? Cuba pi buat DNA study tentang DNA dia compatible dengan mak dan pak dia tak? Mana la tau, DNA dia match dengan DNA mamak juai roti?

ZABS said...

Saya orang Melayu. Dah tak mahu orang lain menidakkannya. Piraah mabuk dengan kajian depa tu.

Unknown said...

Apa yang dia dapat dengan kajian tu? Bagaimana kajian tu can make this world a better place?
Memang jenih mabuk buat macam tu la.

bakaq a.k.a ~penarik beca said...

Cik Gu

Tak ada sebarang masalah dengan bangsa Melayu. Mana asal usul, mana mai, orang tak peduli pun. Lee Kuan Yew tak peduli. He will never give a damn!!

Masalahnya ialah apa yang dipanggil ketuanan Melayu.

Unknown said...

Memang nampak macam tu, its going to be a long drawn affair then.

Monster Mom said...

the same goes to our food. everything is mixed up! there's no pure "malay" food... tak dak!! either mixed with indon or chinese/indian/thai...etc..
am i out of topic here? sori mah...

Anonymous said...

Greetings. It is very worrysome when individuals start to "object" to knowledge. This is the clear cut sign towards failure. By explaining to all how the "malays" have mixed parentage from everywhere is the first step to intergrating Malaysia. After all, Mahatir has Indian blood, Badawi has Chinese blood, Pn Endon (god bless her soul) has Japanese blood. Nik Aziz has Vietnamese blood, The Sultans of Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu have Siamese blood. The Sultan of Selangor has Bugis blood. But the difference is that they are proud of it. Why can't you? Are you above the abovementioned?

Unknown said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Whay good will come out of this study. What intergration will take place? Will it make a difference to a kampung Malay to know that his ancestors are from China? Will that add more to his dinner table, coz that is what matters most to him.
For your information, My late father was born in ATTOCK Pakistan. My mother has part Indian, part Chinese and part malay blood. I grew up in the kampung and call myself a Malay. I am a Malay. I can't change what I feel. Am I not proud of who my father is? You bet your ass I am, but my father would not want me to have it any other way. He wants me to be a Malay and so I am a Malay. No study is going to change how I feel and so would it not change the way the other Malays feel.
Studies should be done to do good. Results of studies should be revealed and highlighted to do good not to be released and made use of in the middle of a controversy. That is unethical, malicious and can be construed to have motives most evil.

Anonymous said...

Najib himself expressed in an article in the Star that "Bangsa Malaysia" was merely a concept towards intergrating all the varied ethnicities in Malaysia. It was not to "create" a new race as many think. It goes well beyond the general misconception of the term "race".

Banga Malaysia unfortunately too closely resembles the notion which Lee Kuan Yew's Malaysian Malaysia in 1963. Therefore it has been blatantly rejected by our dear UMNO proponents. It however is the original intent of our Tunku Abdul Rahman when he first helped form Malaya. Please re-read "Looking Back" for his digresions on this subject matter.

It is the pure blatant ignorance of our corrrupt politicans who have diluted the core of what Beautiful Malaysia was intended to be.

And it is that Euphoric Beautiful Malaysia which I am trying to achieve. Are you with me on this?

Unknown said...

I share your dream which I called 'One Malaysia' coz as it is right now Malaysia is only a name. Yes, it would make my day if there could be a true Bangsa Malaysia but as I see it then we will have a Bangsa Malaysia with sub bangsas. Don't we have to also get rid of vernacular schools then? They don't help. To have a Bangsa Malaysia then we must uphold only Bahasa Malaysia. Vernacular schools are of no help here. Tell that to the Chinese and Indians. It is a noble wish worth pursuing but in pursuit it helps to realise that it is a tall and treacherous mountain to climb.

Anonymous said...

"...I share your dream which I called 'One Malaysia' coz as it is right now Malaysia is only a name...."
MC: And we are not even known outside the region. The sad news also is that our locals think that the entire world knows our leaders, when the real painful truth i that they barely have heard of the country; yet, they know Singapore and Thailand, our immediate neighbours. This is indeed very upsetting.

"... Don't we have to also get rid of vernacular schools then? They don't help...."
MC: Yes indeed we do. As I have had many discussions in the past with both academicians as well as politicians, the very existence of "Race Awareness" is anti-unity. STUPID names like Malaysian Chinese Association, Malaysian Indian Congress, or even the Klang Hokkien Association simply exclude others. That is anti-intergration! Just listen to how UMNO guys are screaming "WE WILL FIGHT FOR MALAY RIGHTS" everyday. By that very notion, they are excluding the rest. Is that how one intergrates by exclusion?

"... To have a Bangsa Malaysia then we must uphold only Bahasa Malaysia. Vernacular schools are of no help here. Tell that to the Chinese and Indians...."
MC: Bahasa Malaysia has already been well intergrated into the everyday lives of everyone (bar the extremely old who were not in the new education system. All others have passed away. This includes even the Kelantaese and Terengganu who speak localised dialects. Same goes for East Malaysian Natives). Actually looking from the outside POV, we have also crippled the locals by not emphasizing the importance of English. It is the Lingua Franca of the Business World. Have you met our red-faced delegates when meeting up with a foreigner at the moment they cannot communicate because of the lack of the command of the English Language? Makes all Malaysians look like fools. No, I am NOT attacking the Malays. The same worthless China BENG is also the main subject of ridicule outside this coconut shell we call Malaysia. And trust me, no princess is going to kiss this frog to change him into a prince.

"... It is a noble wish worth pursuing but in pursuit it helps to realise that it is a tall and treacherous mountain to climb..."
MC: We have lost the battle if we do not even try. By definition, let all the local "bangsa's" realize that what we call "Malays" are already of the same blood as both the Indians AND the Chinese among other things. Same goes to the Ibans, Kadazans, Muruts, Bidayuhs, Berawan, Penans, Penans, Kelabits, Bajaus, and so on so forth. The minor inconvenience would be giving up "special rights" because we now know that the malays are "truly asia". However, since it is ONLY the politicians who benefit from these "special rights" priveledges, they will REFUSE to promote REAL intergration.

MC: During my travels, I have as yet to meet a single commoner who actually received money for his "peruntukan Melayu". Why should our locals get "F'-ed" for something that they were supposed to receive. Kill the "peruntukan" and lets start over again. It's been half a century that the constitutional malay has been robbed of his rights. Worse, the rest of the non-68% were raped to feed the elite politicians under the excuse to feed the "poor malays".

Truly Asia Boleh

Unknown said...

I am beginning to agree with you even more. I guess I shouldn't have passed judgment. I truly agree with the 'peruntukan melayu' part. The only peruntukan melayu is for them to enrich even their grandparents. It is sickening I tell you.

Anonymous said...

"...I am beginning to agree with you even more. I guess I shouldn't have passed judgment. ..."
MC: No harm done. I actually anticipated such responses for a topic as "controversial" a this. If you look at the facts, then there is no doubt on its accuracy and legitimacy. Now to spread this information. What our government is fearful of, really, is people with brains enough (and balls enough) to bring it up. Go visit my website at and download the trailer of my film to see how I am actually promoting Malaysia. You tell me if it's not accurate. That was 3years of my life dedicated to showing to the entire world what MY COUNTRY really is all about. And we are going to broadcast this in over 100 countries around the world !

"...I truly agree with the 'peruntukan melayu' part. The only peruntukan melayu is for them to enrich even their grandparents. It is sickening I tell you..."
MC: Like I mentioned; in all those 3 years, I have travelled to over 1,300 locations in both East and West Malaysia living in kampungs, villages, jungles, etc. Pick any location and you will find what I told you to be true. Meeting those professors at NUS was a stroke of luck since I started filming "Discover Singapore" since CNY this year.

MC: I have also spoken in-depth to many individuals in Kelantan who ALL INSIST that they come from Champa, Vietnam, as well as Thailand. The BIG difference is that, they are EXTREMELY PROUD OF IT! And yet, NOT ONE PERSON has received anything from his "peruntukan".

MC:Let me ask you; pick any minister's house, and you will find that just his interior decorations ALONE is enought to send entire villages for overseas education. So, while there are many malays who barely can make it into universities because the "kerajaan" tells you that there is no more funds from this "peruntukan Melayu". EVERY SINGLE of the minister's children are sent OVERSEAS with these same "peruntukan" funds that they told you was finished. Also, while all of them are studying English abroad, the same people tell you that you mut be good in Bahasa Melaysia. That is absolutely to keep you in the dark when it comes to real business advancement which they have guaranteed for themselves. Let's end this nonsense now.

MC: Go tell everyone that you know this information. I'm tired of seeing this Beautiful country being raped of its resources. Or soon, there will be none left.

MC: Oh by the way, to answer your original post, the outsome of Lina Joy's hearing is insignificant to this thread. :) There are much larger issues here that need to be addressed. And all those will affect this and the next two generations.

Anonymous said...

Notice that once a real discussion becomes academic, many usually noisy voices will turn quiet because of lack of information.

As I always say, "speak not with unbridled emotion, but speak passionately with all the facts at hand."

On the same note, we know know that MAY 13 was NEVER a racial dischord, but an orchestrated event by Najib's Daddy, Mahatir among others to "KICK OUT" Tunku. I've known this for years already, and am glad that it has finally come out now.

Now ask yourselves why is the government asking you have your 6.8 children by 2020? It's simply to increase THEIR wealth. The politicians wealth. The common Malay never received his share of the "peruntukan Melayu". They NEVER have for the past half a century and they never will.

Sitting around hoping for it to happen, is akin to waiting for the second coming of Christ during your lifetime. (now the Christians are going to hate me)

Anonymous said...

These people, they said the "Bangsa Melayu" does not exist...~

If so... How come the "Bahasa Melayu" or the Malay Language EXIST???...~

Who brought or created this language?...~


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