Sunday 17 June 2007

Bolehland Thou Art So Kind

When you take your exams, shouldn't you be studying your butt out to pass? What do you think happens if you fail. How do you think a failure should react?

I personally don't know how one should react coz I have never failed an exam before but I get it from those who have failed before that it not actually a time to bring out the champagne. That was what they say. Now just a few days ago I found out that it is better to fail than to work your arse out and pass with flying colours.

Feel your legs, anyone pulling them? No, right? I am not pulling your legs when I say this and I have the proof to show that I am not wrong to say make this claim and to proof that we here in Bolehland are actually truly blessed. Do you think I can patent this argument somewhere?

Bolehland is fantastic I tell you. If I were to be reborn, god please don't let it be in any developed country. Please make it here. Yes, here in Bolehland, the land where anything is possible.

I have 2 teacher friends in their 40s who did their distance learning. One was very serious. She actually borrowed books from many different libraries and, honest to god, actually read them. She called up old friends and discussed her coursework and took notes.The other is a male who makes Carl Lewis out of a tortoise. To him a library is a prison cell and friends are only for small talks.

Okay, okay I'll get to the point. Both were on RM2500 a month in the PPPLD (Pegawai Perkhidmatan Pendidikan Lepasan Diploma). The one who studied hard of course got through. The other failed. Since she already earned more than the starting pay of a PPPS (Pegawai Perkhidmatan Pendidikan Siswazah) she was offered the next highest level which meant about RM30 better than the other fellow who remained in PPPLD.

Recently the government announced that civil-servants would get a pay rise. There was so much jubilation.Please see below.

PPPLS Present 2535 x 15% = 379 +2535 = 2914.
PPLD Present 2500 x 25 = 625 + 2500 = 3150.

Both teach English and got a critical allowance for teaching English.

PPPLD 3150 x 10%= 315 + 3150 = 3460
PPPS 2914 x 5% = 148 + 2914 = 3060

Yes, for non graduates their allowance is 10 % while a graduate gets only 5%.Who is laughing now? From what I heard from friends, the PPPLD fellow is having a fun time teasing the lady. I don't blame her for being cheated because if I had not got my degree 11 years ago and remained a PPPLD I would now be drawing more then a thousand ringgit than I am earning now and that does not include the extra 5% in the allowance.

Please la don't study, it doesn't pay, not in terms of ringgit and sens la.The best part is that the JPA people refuses to admit this discrepancy or anomaly which ever way you see it. They are always right.


Unknown said...

kata tak nak....We should have been classmates and good friends.You teach me how to pass exams and I bring you along to all my holidays outings.
Is that background singer your voice?
PS: Sheih need support.Please put your message. Thanks.

Unknown said...

No it is not my voice. Imagine if we were classmates. I support Sheih in many things that he does and I have said it and will always say it as long as he remains the Sheih that he is now.

Anonymous said...

che gu,
i worked for a semi gov, contract for every 2 years. bila dapat gratuity time after contract tamat, apa yang kwsp carum dia ambil balik semua dengan interest sekali. tapi that tak happen to foreign musicians.every tamat contract, foreign musician dapat berbelas ribu but kita dapat like 1-2 ribu je. memang banyak beza. bila tanya why like that, mereka jawab memang like that. so, i berhenti dan hubby kerja part time all the time. senang, tak sakit hati walaupun cukup makan saje, alhamdulillah! if you cammot beat the system, build your own!

Unknown said...

If only I could, I surely would. I have 5 more years to work. Dalam EPF ada berapa sangat. Kalau berhenti lani I lose my pension. Kalau kerja lain dalam 5 tahun berapa dapat kumpul EPF walaupun gaji double. Apa yang dimintak ialah jangan jadi bully.

Anonymous said...

sorry che gu, i understand what you mean. i dont mean for you to quit your job of course. in your case it is not wise. in mine, because theres still time. guru tu profession yg mulia, pasti ada sesuatu untuk akhirat. jadi musician ni, Allah Taala saje yang tahu che gu!

Unknown said...

Pls don't apologise coz I know what you meant. I know you didn't mean to ask me to change job. Saya hanya luahkan my exasperation. Saya sebenaqnya sangat2 ingin nak jadi musician. I like music and to make playing music as a vocation, what more could you ask for? Memang la kadang2 ada masaalah bila tiba2 penyanyi decided to change key right in the middle of a song. Saya pun pernah kena macam tu, kelam kabut jugak dibuatnya but that adds to the fun.

ZABS said...

Che'gu, begitulah kehidupan ini. Kadangkala sesuatu itu tidak kita sukai, tetapi banyak kebaikannya, dan ada yang sangat kita sukai tetapi tidak ada kebaikannya untuk kita. Namun demikian Ilmu yang diperolehi semasa mendapatkan Ijazah tu menjadikan Che,gu dan mereka2 yang seangkatan mempunyai lebih banyak ilmu untuk diperturunkan. InsyaAllah. Bukan seperti rakan yang bangga dengan kegagalannya itu.

bakaq a.k.a ~penarik beca said...

Cik Gu!

Hari ni ajar Ilmu Alam, boleh?

Bolehkah Cik Gu tunjukkan di manakah terletaknya apa yang orang panggil keadilan itu?

Selamat Hari Bapa, Bro!

Unknown said...

Bagi saya ini adalah penipuan sebab depa tahu keadaan ini adalh tidak adil tapi depa masih tak mau rectify kesilapan ini. Yes, ilmu sangat penting saya akui. Saya akui, I came out a better person after the 3 years in the university. My outlook of life changed tapi sesorang yang masuk university juga mengharapkan keadilan dimana dengan kelayakkan yang lebih tinggi dia mengharapkan imbuhan atau upah yang lebih baik dan bila ini terjadi dia rasa cheated. Guru perempuan itu terima tapi dia tetap rasa tak adil. Yang terpaksa repeat paper tu is not a bad guy actually, dia hanya mengusik tapi dia sendiri tahu bahawa ini adalah tak adil.

Unknown said...

Saya pernah bertengkar dengan pengetua saya dulu tentang keadilan. Saya punya jawap ialah memang saya tahun kita tak mungkin dapat keadilan sepenuhnya tetapi kita tak buleh merestui ketidakadilan. Saya pegang pada itu. Saya tahu kalau saya menjerit sekuat mana pun it is not going to make a difference but that knowledge is not going to stop me from speaking out even though I know as a teacher and a government I am not doing myself a favour by speaking out.
Keadilan itu hanya ada pada depa. Bila depa dapat apa yang bukan hak depa, itu adil bila kita mintak hak kita itu derhaka.

zorro said...

Happy Grandpa (am I right, yet?)Day buddy.

Unknown said...

Thanks but nowhere near to being a grandpa yet. I don't know la with these young people. I got married on 11/11/79 and got my first child on 21/08/80. If you count it is exactly 9 months 10 days. That is the way you do it.
Hey happy father's day to you too.

aN_archi said...

Dude, you are a bad influence on the younger teachers telling them not to go and study. How the hell do you expect Malaysia to be an international educational hub huh ? Or raise up our universities' world ratings ?
Not to mention the gomen's new Vision 2057 ? Man, you had had your times; stop griping and let those young ones find out for themselves whether they want to go to study sampai negeri China ke, sampai Timbuktu ke or is it worth their time and money. Teachers badmouth their bosses same like any other employee anywhere else on earth. You be careful or you might spend some of your Father's Day in the Universiti Kedua. Anyway depa selalu dok gertak dalam mesyuarat : TAK SUKA KERJA BOLEH BERHENTI, RAMAI LAGI YANG NAK MASUK JADI CIKGU.
( Me ? Planning to jual nasi kandaq after all this riff-raff )

Unknown said...

Do you know something. Some teachers are already having secong thoughts about going for further studies. All I can say to them is

Balls to your partners,
Arse against the wall,
If you never get fucked on a saturday night,
You'll never get fucked at all.

Unknown said...

So far so good and I and many people have no doubts of Sheih.
However....people do change...especially from very poor to filthy rich. I have seen that change.I am sure you have too....we old foxes!!
But we are talking imaginations of good vibrations.....and not of future facts or fiction.

Anonymous said...

Che Gu,

Walauapa pun yang diperkatakan di sini, di mata saya, perguruan adalah satu pekerjaan yang mulia.

Tanpa mereka, saya tidak akan duduk dikerusi ini. Terima kasih Che Gu

tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

Benda ni jadi macam ni pasai ada puak-puak yang rasa depa lebih pandai dari orang lain and they know they can dictate anything yg orang lain tak boleh kawal.They don't really give a shit about others.

Kalau ikut logik akai pun, seseorang yg dah ada pengalaman mengajar berbelas tahun kendian sambung belajaq dapat ijazah sepatutnya la ni imbuhan akan lebih dari kawan2 yg same batch mengajaq tetapi tanpa ijazah. Sepatutnya lah.
Tapi realitinya ada puak2 konon2 pandai decide otherwise.Tak tau lah puak2 di Kementerian ka,di JPA ka,di Treasury ka.

Keadilan? Bakaq dan che'gu, masih ada ke keadilan di negara ini? Yg aku tau partai Keadilan ada la

Unknown said...

Kalau depa dah jadi terlalu angkuh untuk mengaku kesilapan depa kena tukaq la.
Keadilan tu sebenarnya ada. Ia wujud pada konsep saja. Tapi saya tetap dengan prinsip saya, saya tak akan restui ketidakadilan. Biaq la orang nak kata apa pun.

Daphne Ling said...

Haha...That was a very sarcasticly ascerbic post...Enjoyed it nevertheless!

Unknown said...

kata tak nak...Who are those lovely kids you put on the top.
Your grandchildren?

Unknown said...

The 1st one on the left and the 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th from left are children that my wife baby-sit. They are 5 siblings. We have been taken care of them since the 1st one was a few days oled. He is now already 10 years old. They are like my children. My own children are so attached with them that they will go and take them during weekends. Infact they sleep over as many days as they sleep in their parents house.

Unknown said...

If you don't mind that I put out my thoughts to you on this matter.
I have also seen my friend's wife baby sit from one month old to childhood...and one particular boy stick to the baby sitter more than the parents thereafter.
I asked my friend...if you are the real you like it? They kept quiet.
I advised them to tell the boy go home....and so they did take my advise.
Sometime ago....I put out a message to advise men not to use lovers as free milk far too long!! Get married or let go. Even if the girl don't mind....behave like a sickening man....make her hate him and let go.
I have an Indian lawyer ....had a girl from age 20 till 30....yet not married. She needed his help financially....that way the reason.
I told him to give one final help financially and let she is good looking and can get a good husband...if she is free. He did that..both are happily married to other people...and this lawyer is a great whisky drinker...stopped after I told him off...for the sake of his family and children.
Now happily with three grown up kids. He is still very active in his huge company. I am like his brother....never charge one sen to act for me legally....except stamps duties and out of huge legal fees. He has more than 35 lawyers and herds of investigating offices with branch offices at KB..Penang...Melaka and Johore.
So good and goodnesses with always be with us.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the advise. Any advise meant for the betterment of man we should accept. I appreciate it.


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