Saturday 9 June 2007

Deja Vu

Hi, Morning.
What! You again?
Why! Not glad to see me?
Glad to see you? What do you think I'm a nuts?
Well, aren't you?
Oh, come on give me a break will you?
Oh, I 'll break you alright.
Just visiting or official duty?
What do you think?
Oh stop that.
Stop what?
Stop answering me with a question.
I did that?
There you go again. I told you before didn't I?
Told me what?
Told you not to answer a question with a question. Don't you ever learn?
Do you?
Do I what?
He sent you here didn't He?
Do you think He should?
If you do that again I'm not going to talk to you.
Do you think that would make me go away?
Aw, common, do you know how long it took me to get on my feet again?
How long?
Ten damn long years, thats how long.
You enjoyed them didn't you?
Enjoyed what?
The ten years.
You nuts? I suffered those ten years.
Did you?
I sure did.
Ya! collateral damage. Thats the way it is right?
Collateral damage?
It didn't bother you?
Sure it did.
You sure?
Okay, it didn't. Satisfied?
You happy now?
I thought I was, but now that you're here. I don't know.
Lets cut the crap alright. Now you shut up and listen, and you better listen good. The last time I was here coz you did the same thing. You stepped and trampled on all those lives. All those dreams you ruined didn't bother you none and He had to send me to deal with your kind. I did a good job didn't I? All those success and you were still miserable. Then you promised me and promised Him that you'd change. Did you? You didn't. You were at it again even before I could say 'see ya'. I think you actually loved the journey. That makes you tick. Yes, you like to be there but getting there is what really gives you the kicks and for your information they are not collateral damage. They are lives. Not too happy now are you? I think I'll stay a little longer this time.


Unknown said...

Who the fuck are you hitting at?....hahahahahaha
If I read you right....It is who whoever the message fits....correct?
I really wished you were in KL kata tak nak and meet those welknown bloggers...attending the murder case....mostly NGOs blokes..real down to earth damn smart blokes.....non political...but love to talk politics with no favoritisms to any parties.
Two days of more than three hours per day...cracking our heads and laughing all those smart political idiots bloggers. Believe will have plenty to say...for or against...all are broad minded and love to hear opinions. BEST OF ALL...MOSTLY MALAYS!!
Now back to your post...what the fuck......hahahahahaha

Unknown said...

Hi Monty,
Always nice to have you here. I guess I was hitting also at myself. No I don't trample on people but I sometimes don't learn also. When people are down they seek solace in god but when things get better they forget and returned to their old selves. Sometimes people don't care about other people on their way up. They will do anything that I wonder if they really have a heart. Those who are lucky like the character here have Guilt to check them. Those without Guilt will go unchecked. I wonder if some of our top people serving or retired really do have a heart and Guilt in them.

Unknown said...

kata tak nak..What a wise response to me.No my friend...the evils that man do...are mostly influenced by dirty politicians and most are blind or purposely black sheeps...paid to be so.
What you need to to control your old mind.....not to get too upset at your age...but me....I am, used to stress all my like as a business man. This is a piece of cake.

tokasid said...

Salam che'gu;

Yes what you wrote is applicable to anyone of us.You can take any angle you want when reading it.I do think that is Guilt. And about the attitude or is it tidak apa attitude in most of us.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Chegu,

I was thinking along the same line with Tokasid.


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