Thursday 14 June 2007

Getting Even

I was in form 5 at that time. Since I played the guitar for the school band, some scouts coaxed me to joint the movement specially to cater for the music wing. Oh yes we had a music wing at that time, at least in my school. Our job was to represent the school scout's movement in Jamborees, which I did not get to go, gatherings an camp fires in other schools.

I had in lower secondary joined the scouts movement but quit because it was no fun. I had passed my tenderfoot then. I was asked to take my tenderfoot again since I was considered a recruit. It was no big deal. I took it again and passed and in the meantime I led our music wing in get togethers and campfires in other schools.

We were in an all boys school so any chance to meet girls were welcomed. Being in the music is considered glamorous. Girls would go crazy over the musicians and singers, so we were quite popular then. Being shy I kept to myself mostly but found that the girls were not as shy. I was never short of company and began to enjoy myself. Little did I know there was a sinister plan to get me out of the movement.

One day out of the blues during the assembly in the morning, the troop leader announced that a friend of mine and myself were sacked from the movement. No reasons were given. When I confronted the troop leader I was told that they had to do it because I did not pay my monthly subscription. I told him that I did not even know that there was such thing as monthly subscription. It was only 10 cents and surely I could afford 10 cents a month. He just shrugged me away. Later I found out from the other scouts that he and the assistant troop leaders were jealous because of the attention I got in the gatherings and campfires. Can I help it that they were tone deaf and can't even hum?

I spent more time with the school band and we performed in quite a few functions. One day I got my revenge. Merdeka celebration was approaching and the school band was invited or drafted, to perform at the DO's residence. The DO was having a tea-party and they wanted to be entertained. Now, the DO of Bukit Mertajam lives atop a small but steep hill. The lorry carrying our equipment could only go up to a certain level after which we had quite a number of steps to take to get to the lawn. Our equipments were heavy so we decided that we were definitely not going to carry the heavy stuffs up the steep stairs.

Our scout movement was also on duty to help out with the preparations. Now my chance for revenge. I went to the ADO and complain that the scouts were not helping us any. He called the troop leader and gave him a lashing in front of me. I just smiled at him. Did I feel guilty? No at that time, I did not feel guilty at all. I even made sure that they stayed and helped us pack up after the show.

Thinking back, I may be a little hush and cruel but I can tell you this, it did not feel cruel then.


Unknown said... are a bid bullier in school lah. strange as it may be... I was always protected by big size guy like you in school against bulliers...because my speciality in school were organising trips..picnics during school profits for mom has little money to cook...mostly her famous nyona chicken curry and piles of serup water and blog of saw dusk ice. All girl schools were informed and that waS the time...most get their girl friends lah...very loving and popular student I was...lousy in studies...too many girlfriends........hahahahaha
Always trips were loosing money...but made up, byb selling photos...which I AND FEW WILL SPENT THE WHOLE NIGHT AT SCHOOL's DARK ROOM TO PRINT FEW HUNDRED COPIES....ALL SOLD OUT next morning ..TO COVER LOSSES.

Anonymous said...

having a guitar in your hands is like a pussy-magnet huh cikgu? haha...and being on top only to pay the price later is somewhat inevitable. john lennon experienced that. and so was cobain during the 90s.

ok, what the heck..hello mr goh.

Unknown said...

Wow Monty, you are quite a devil in your young age aren't you. I guess we were being normal. Boys get attracted to girls and girls go ga ga over boys. That is part of growing up. Take that away and I don't know what life would be like.

Thats a nice term 'pussy magnet'. I will try to write about it the next time. Then what kind of girls would qualify to be 'percy magnet.?

tokasid said...

Salam cikgu:

Able to sing and playing music is an advantage in school. You get lots of female fans.
In mid-70's me and friends had a group we called McDogols( we had our hair very short, like Mawi now lah..)There were 6 of us and 2 played the guitars. We sang mostly the Panca Sitara songs. It started during a school concert and in no time we were invited to other schools' functions as guest artist( prize giving day, at talentimes etc.) we had pants like the 40's very baggy ant the tigh( luckily my dad had a few) and stripe T-shirts or checkered long sleeves.
We were famous for 2 years. Masa tu girls from Asma School dok ushar kami.

Ghe'gu what happened to the scout leader now?? jadi orang politik ka dia?

Unknown said...

I had the psychedelic pants ala hippie style. I was abit of a hippie too back then tapi sekolah tak benarkan simpan rambut panjang.

I have not met the troop leader after leaving school. The assistant troop leader is now a teacher. I met him in USM, he was also a Mahasitua.

Unknown said...

The attack on Monsterball.
Was it “Blogosphere Coup D’etat?”

Anonymous said...

cik gu , revenge is sweet, when the other side doing is repugnant and the requisition for the unrepented is to hit back with all mights and means that you have without feeling guilty ... oh I wish I have the stomach to do it .

buayaputih said...

Chegu, macam "Mean Girls" (Lindsay Lohan's) lah

Unknown said...

At that time it felt good but not anymore.

Girls back then (at least the ones I knew) were quite daring you know. We had parties too back then and yes there were poy parties too. I guess when it comes to this things never changed, do they?

Unknown said...

When I was younger, yes we tried to get even if we were hurt. That was when we were younger. Things have not changed, believe me. There are nasty people around. They do nasty things and I can safely say that I have had the experience of being on the receiving end. The best way to handle it is to be one better.
I personally believe that though monty could sometimes be a pain in the butt, we should examine ourselves carefully, who knows we in our effort to be righteous are a pain in other's butt.

Let me tell you about why I hate Mahathir. He was once my hero. What he did to Anwar was hideous. If there were no collateral damage then its okay, it was a fight between 2. But when he allowed his vengence dragged innocent people into the equation and cared not if their lives are also destroyed then he is not a human being. Its that simple as far as I am concerned. If he had dumbed Anwar on the basis of not being up to the mark, its okay with me, but when in his endeavor to destroy someone, family and children were the ones hurt most, I lose all respect what so ever. To me he is an animal. He is unrepentant up till now, I am convinced he is a lowly animal.
What I am getting at is that if by trying to teach monty a lesson, only he and his sometimes nasty mouth is attacked, its fair game to me. When his personal live is dragged in, then the people who are behind this are no better then the man I hate most. I would dissociate myself from them. I have nothing to lose here accept to me, the end must never ever justify the means.

I have no love for Anwar but the way he was treated was not right. Can anyone say it was right. If that kind of treatment of a person is not right then what was done to Monty was also not right. Don't give all those bullshit about being cruel to be kind. I don't buy it. If you want to teach Jack the Ripper a lesson don't turn yourself into Hannibal Lector to do it.

Anonymous said...

Well put Che'gu. May be I dont fully agree with you, but on the DSI case that is what I feel too.

Unknown said...

I don't expect everyone to fully agree with everything I say. At least if we can agree to disagree then we would be on our way to being civil.

Hi&Lo said...

Cik Gu,

I deeply respect your fair-minded. You apply your principles without looking at the person. Most people are dictated by their prejudices.

Despite being humiliated publicly by the scouts, you did not succumb to bitterness.

With warmest regards

Bergen said...

Happy Father's Day, Sir.

Unknown said...

I was a Red Cross Cadet. One have to pass a certain exam how to treat broken bones....fainted people...even pregnant woman about to give birth...sort of a short cut nurse....but never had a chance to practise all the football matches...other government one get hurt lah.
When a footballer is wounded...big guys carry the stretcher to bring him out. I just sit and wait.
But my most busy time was during near Christmas...for one solid week...going mainly to hospitals nearby to perform. MY JOB....SINGING !!....copy Johnny Mathis...they all love my voice.
The rewards are always seeing every patient smile and enjoy themselves. matter how tired...all are rewarded with their happiness.


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