Saturday 2 June 2007

Cyber Salvos

I don't usually venture out of my writing turf and write about heavy stuffs coz I feel more comfortable writing about ordinary things in life. My last post was a little heavy in the midst of the Lina Joy controversy. I was a little worried that I may invite hostile reactions. No its not because I can't handle them. I just want peace. Verbal or written salvos fired at each other is not my idea of peace .

I wrote the piece not because I want to increase traffic to my blog. I may be hefty in size but I am not a heavyweight writer. Considering the things that I like to write about, I will never be a heavyweight writer and it suits me just fine.

I wrote the piece to give my point of view on one aspect of the matter. The aspect that I touched on was that apostasy amongst Muslims must not be made legal. I have my reasons based on what is taught to me about Islam and the Quran. I do not condone people going out and trick others into converting to Islam for here there is truly 'no compulsion'. Never have I ventured out to belittle other religions to support my stand. I don't take too kindly to those ridiculing my religion either. They should know that two can play that game.

It hurt me to read in other blogs debates relegating into a cyber fist fights. When it was the constitution that was being debated, religions became the victim. People denounce other religions. Stick to the question at hand. Some do not realize, or do they, that what they have said tantamount to branding Islam as backward and barbaric. Do you in your proper frame of mind expect a Muslim to accept that lying down? It is this very people who said that we should be civil. If there are fundies in Islam, which I don't deny there are also fundies in other religions too which shouldn't shock you too much.

I wrote the piece knowing fully well that there is no easy solution to the matter. If there is one, then someone would have thought of it already. There are many great thinkers in this country, they would have solved this headache already. The fact is it is a tricky situation. It has been brought to the courts and been made public which makes it even trickier and potentially messy. Clouded minds are not going to solve the issue.

I wrote the piece knowing that those against my writing have equal convictions and I respect that. What can I say to them to make this any easier. I don't know what to say.

Having said what I have to say regarding this, I would like, after, this to continue writing on more mundane everyday life things. I love doing them.

To the leaders of this country, they better do something about it. Their elegant silence on this matter is not appreciated. To the bloggers, do not give the powers that be the opportunity to brand us as trouble makers and thus accuse that blogs are the source of many ails.


tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

Dalam perkara berkaitan pentadbiran hal-hal ugama adalah terletak dibawah kuasa pemerintah/kerajaan. Itu sebabnya yg boleh menjalankan hukuman dalam hal-hal hudud hanya boleh dilaksanakan oleh pemerintah dan wakilnya(polis,tentera,kehakiman etc) dan bukan oleh orang awam.

Dalam kes-kes murtad dan sewaktu dengannya pemerintah mestilah bertegas. Kita faham pemerintah merupakan gabungan Islam dan bukan Islam. tetapi kalau dalam perlembagaan telah termaktun Islam agama rasmi maka adalah menjadi kewajiban pemerintah(apa lagi yg ngaku Islam) untuk menjaga hak-hak umat Islam.
Tetapi pemerintah yg kita ada adalah pemerintah yg kita sendiri pilih. Sebenarnya majoriti umat Islam sendiri sudah tidak kisah tentang hal-hal murtad ni. hangat2 taik ayam.paling lama 100 hari lepas tu lupa. tapi yang herannya ramai dari kita heran pasai apa banyak sangat musibah menimpa negara. Macam tak sedar2 lagi kita ni.

Mat Salo said...


I'm with you, Che'gu. Malas nak go into the "heavy stuff" - buat pening ajer. Life's too short. That aside, I still "tabik spring" on the best commentary of this issue so far.

Have a good cuti Chegu, but leave a lot of time for introspection I guess.. Mcm Doc TA said, "Kem salaam kat Mem nooo..."

Unknown said...

Doc and Mat
Saya baru balik dai hospital. Pergi pg td. She's recuperating well. Doc kata the wound is 'cantik'. Kalau everything ok, esok boleh balik.

Pemerintah tak buleh lalai dalam hal ini. Give and take buleh dilakukan dalam hal lain tapi bukan dalam isu akidah.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum cikgu.

As i hv said at Pn Nuraina's blog, I did give my pointless views in blogs and forums on lina's case but as i mentioned in it too, it was all my emotion doing the typing. I had a reason for that as it was extremely disheartening reading how some really had a go on Islam. Damn those opportunists.

So that untitled entry by kak nuraina was a welcome change, and so is ur "Cyber Salvos".

Two thumbs up.

Unknown said...

Thanks. just writing what I feel thats all.

Apandi said...

Laaa, exactly my sentiments chikgu. Peace and mundane things...

Unknown said...

Yes, mundane things make our life. Tapi kalau ada sesuatu yang saya rasa saya terpaksa tulis, saya akan tulis. Biaq la orang tak suka pun. Saya tulis dengan keikhlasan dan saya rasa tulisan saya berlapik sebab tak mau nak menyinggung kecuali dalam kes Man Utd, itu saja untuk nak menyakat.


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