Saturday, 13 June 2009

The Visit

PM: Its very nice of you to come for this visit. It has been very fruitfull and really you are a very charming man.

MM: I am very happy to be here. There's so much goodwill here. I feel accepted evrywhere I go. Tell you the truth, at first I thought I would be in for a hard time. Thank you so much for being such a warm and gracious host. The missus? Isn't she here?

PM: She sends her regards and asked me to apologise to you for her absence. 

MM: Please send her my regards. I hope this would mark a new beginning in our relationship as neighbours err, don't forget about the bridge and the sand?

PM: Don't you worry about that. As they say it here, all kowtim. Goodbye MM and have a safe flight back.

MM: Goodbye and hope to be back soon with more people in our entourage so that we could speed things up a bit.

PM: Speed things up? I don't understand.

MM: Err, I mean our joint projects, gotta go. Bye.

PM: Bye! (aside) What does he mean by speed things up? Hmmm, ah, maybe its nothing.

MM: All our men on board?

Sec: Yes, sir, all accounted for.

MM: Our luggage?

Sec: All accounted for sir.

MM: Including the new nones?

Sec: Yes, sir, including the new ones.

MM: Call my son and ask him to get us a bus and a truck and meet us on the tarmac. 

(At a secret place in Sing City)

MM: Okay men empty all your pockets and open up all the bags and empty them here.

LHL: Ayaa, apaa, where got enough? You go for almost a week and you bring back only this much ah?

MM: Come on la son, our pockets are only this big and we can't carry many bags in our private jet. Never mind, I already told them I would be going again. This time we take a cruise ship there.

LHL: Thats a good idea. Please do it fast la, we need more sand.


Anonymous said...

What a lousy joke, your brain is nothing compare to LKY and time to rest old man.

Kata Tak Nak said...

If you don't like it, don't feel free to mention it here. This is my blog, remember.

joenathan said...


I came to know your blog thru Zorro's blog only a week ago.I must say that some of your articles and jokes are certainly heartening,esp the article 'English,a must pass'.That was a very enlightening piece substantiated with important facts,which I believe the govt should seriously ponder upon.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Let5s say this, if they are serious about this, then they have to study the matter. Go ahead implement it. I am not against good but plan. I think I am not asking for the impossible.
Thanks for coming.

Singam said...

KTN, obviously your story is tongue-in-cheek. But the underlying message is there.

Singapore needs stuff from Malaysia but if they say it out loud, the price will go up or they may not get it. So they do the acquisition by covert means. And the Malaysians happily give them or let them take the stuff, not realising what is really going on.

The 2nd Link was one of the rare instances when Malaysia managed to get a good deal. But the Singaporeans were quick to detect what was going on and took action to block the rest of the game. So the Pasir Gudang to Tg Pelepas transshipment plan had to be shelved.

Let's see where the 3rd bridge takes us.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, that is why I am a little pissed with that anonymous fella. They take things too seriously and too literaly and don't give themselves a chance to think.
We are allowing ourselves t o be taken by everyone because we have made it clear that we can be bought to by the highest bidder.
The problem with being dirty is that you expose yourself to blackmail. I am not saying that there is blackmail here, I am just stating that this could happen.
That is why our givernment is so fond of filling the cabinet with questionable people.
The problem is that we don't trust our neighbours and they don't trust us. We treat our neighbours like we treat the opposition party and they do so too.
Things would get nowhere with this.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is being run like a big coporation.The bottom line is always about profit and returns.It does not single out Malaysia for charity.But then can u blame them?
How else can a country without resources like Singapore can be way a head of us economically if not for their well oiled beurocracy
and strategic planning.

Anonymous said...

way to go CikGu. LKY needs sands and earth in abundance to start their own "Nirvana Memorial Park"... for himself need at least 100 hectres! read somewhere they are buying Perak state if not Christmas Island somewhere upper Australia to be rename Singapore Two. LKY can then declare hilself Sultan LKY....

Kata Tak Nak said...

I have no doubt about that. I am also being practical when I say no country or government is blameless and no leader is God, or even an angel and as far as I am concerned, no leader is untouchable. I have nothing against MM, its just that this sand business is funny so I should treat is as such.
I hope no one would try to be his apologist.
Frankly I was expecting this, I just wanted to see who. The first commenter became a madman as if this post is blasphemous.
Its okay to make fun of Malaysian leaders and not Singaporean leaders?

Kata Tak Nak said...

anon 22:19
As I have said in my earlier comment, I see this sand business as something funny so I don't see why he shouldn't be a target of my jokes after all, Dollah, Mahathir and Najib and many more got it so he is no different.
As far as where he gets his sand, is no business of mind as long as he doesn't rob from us. Please don't quote the water agreement. That was done on a willing buyer willing seller basis. I have not heard anyone claiming that they had a gun aimed at their head when it was sign. If anyone were to blame, blame it on the person who signed on our behalf.
I don't adore that man, infact I hate all dictators.

Anonymous said...

Ive read in yesterdays spore paper, that, MM comment yhat the reason he met(MET), Rosmah because he knew that both Najib and Rosmah work hand in hand.(does this means that Rosmah has a hand in making Najib decision?

Kata Tak Nak said...

I thought it was Ros who makes decision and he implements them.


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