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I agree whole-heartedly with the PM when he said that it is Islamic to work towards unity. I think he also wanted to say that by unity he means unity amongst all races. Please may I add to what more the PM had also wanted to say but due to lack of time, he couldn't. I mean if he was talking about what is Islamic then I am sure he also meant to include the list I have laboriously two-finger typed below. I think he wanted us to exercise the reading skill of reading between the lines. After reading between the lines I found out that the PM had also wanted to say the following.

1. It is Islamic to eradicate corruption.

2. It is Islamic to not detain anyone without trial.

3. It is Islamic to ensure that detainess also have rights and to ensure that the detainers provide security to their detainees.

4. It is Islamic to ensure that law enforcers enforce the law and not break them.

5. It is Islamic to not show and give favours to ones's friends when one is in position of power.

6. It is Islamic to not rob the people of their chosen government.

7. It is Islamic to allow people to wear clothes of any colour they want as long as they dress up.

8. It is Islamic to take action against all law-breakers and not enforce the law selectively.

9. It is Islamic to not flaunt one's riches.

10. It is Islamic to ensure a clean judiciary is in place in one's country especially when one has the authority to do it.

11. It is Islamic to ensure that every single sen of state's money is spent on the people and for the people.

12. It is Islamic that the people are allowed to get accurate information from their government.

I have some more to add but let me stop here and go to another very important thing that I had wanted to add to this topic.

Don't anyone ever be mistaken that only Islam subscribe to these values. What the PM should have said is that it is the religious duty of humanity to seek unity and also to the rest that I have stated.

Care to add some more?


ycg said...

I just want to add that it is not only 'Islamic', it is also Christian-ic, Buddhist-nic, Judaism-nic, Taoism-nic, Hinduism-nic, and what-not-nic.

Kata Tak Nak said...

That is what I meant when I said

"Don't anyone ever be mistaken that only Islam subscribe to these values. What the PM should have said is that it is the religious duty of humanity to seek unity..."

frankie said...

With the limited list you have listed, already our government finds it hard to meet the standards. I would say the government might even fail miserably on some of the statement listed.

Having said that, the guy who heads the present government used to swear in the name of the religion and yet the government he represent hardly do justice to the religion.

ahoo said...

People who hide behind religions are all hypocrites ! I am a sinner saved by grace and still learning daily to toe the line on both spritual and physical sense.

PM 6 can talk what he wants but the signals that was sent out by his people are completely opposite. To talk is cheap but to walk the talk is not going to be easy. The main reason why Malaysia is behind many Asean countries now is directly related to corruptions.

Where is the commitment of the govt to tackle this long drawn issue ? MACC is just another named tool of the ruling govt to act when called and is like a wolf in sheep clothing, disguised to task for the master only.

How to eridicate corruption in such a manner ? Only until MACC is accountable to Parliament and under the direct arm of Parliament will we witness changes. Till then, words and talks are just cheap advertisement for the masses.

Anonymous said...

Salam cikgu.
One thing I really like to ask our politicians is that how sincere are they in serving the people. Or do they have other ulterior motives namely making more money for themselves and their cronies. That't the crux of the matter. If they are really sincere then everything of what you have stated as Islamic and of other religions will come naturally.All religion asked us to practise good values and to serve mankind. So what are our politicians practising?? How many TG Nik Aziz around or close to him?? Otherwise we can ask those politicians to shutup and don't talk cock !! Just my 2 sen cikgu.

kopitelp16 said...

Mark my words, PM only omong-omong kosong. Cakap memang kaw-kaw. Bikin macam l@nci@u.

If he's such an angle and come up with such wisdom, he would have done much more to eradicate/fight corruption. ISA, Sedition Act already gone out of the window. So many scandals, wave after wave hitting his admin and yet it seems like nothing is done. PKFZ, Police brutality, MACC, Judiciary System... OMG! The list is endless!

He's hopeless and I do hope he shuts his mouth for good, be a PM for 3 years and pack his bags.

Meluak la!

Anonymous said...


Kopitelp16 "He's hopeless and I do hope he shuts his mouth for good, be a PM for 3 years and pack his bags."

Well said indeed!

Kata Tak Nak said...

kopitelp and anon, 12:35

But 3 years is just too long, too bloody long.

imbaraj said...

nazir,after going through your list PM will say"oops Chegu Nazir i really do not about these things.i asked Syed alba,zambry,toyo-they know nuts about these.alba says ISA( i say),toyo says saya BAKTI,zambry says bye bye by - by elections

Kata Tak Nak said...

Luckily you all did not add anymore otherwise they would die standing.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Religion is the perfect camouflage for this people.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Please don't ask them how sincere they are becos they would ask you "what is sincere?"

Kata Tak Nak said...

He say, "What, being a leader must do this all ka? No one told me"?

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

I want to add, but maybe at my blog later (tu pun kalau rajin). But anyway, the these liliputians' idea about Islam is that it is restricted within the mosque and no more than that. Once they step out of it, they can do anything they like.

Oh, even in the mosque, it is restricted to everything BUT those that is against their wrongdoings. Sigh...

Kata Tak Nak said...

This brand of Islam is not Hadhari or hari hari, it is Islam UMNOri.


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