Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Not Fair, those Japs.

Just picture yourself walking along one of their busiest roads and look at the many towering skyscrapers competing for every available space. Walk into any of their stores and you would be greeted by almost everything electronics and it is said that their research in robotics is so advance that one day, if it has not happened already, you would be greeted by robots.

Yes, drool all you want but the fact remains that the Japanese are a wonder people. They are so advanced that they put the western people to shame. Who cares if they are copycats. The fact remains that they are good copycats. They don't just copy, they improve and you can't do that by being the kind of people those Japanese are.

That is what amazed me. For the kind of people they are, the Japanese are so advanced. There must be something wrong in this. Something is just not right. It defies logic.

I am beginning to believe that we were once visited by some aliens a few thousand years ago and that there are aliens living amongst us, especially in Japan. Yeap that's the best answer to this puzzle, it can't be anything else.

The pyramid couldn't have been built by the Egyptians. I believe that Russian or is it German, I can't remember, author who wrote the Chariots of The Gods. Yes, sirree, we were visited by aliens alright and they helped build all those wonders that we now oggle at in amazement.

Shit this is not fair. Plain not fair. They get to be what they are, those Japanese, with the help of Aliens. I am sure those aliens were having a holiday near the end of WW2 and that caused the Japs to lose the war. Otherwise there is simply no way they could lose.

If it were not for alens and their advance technologies, how could the Japs be as good, and some people say better, as the Brits, Americans, Australians, Kiwis, Singaporens, Malaysians, Indians and some Africans?

Who knows it was the Brits and Americans who actually copied the Japs? Hmmm, interesting theory this is.

Okay, okay, before you say that I have lost it, let me explain.Look, talk to almost anyone in Japan and you would be met with a stare. Why? Because they, those Japanese, are simply plain stupid. They don't understand you. Yes, they are stupid people and yet they are advance. they don't speak English. Ask Mahathir.


cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

These would be probably what 3 other nationals say:

1. Ach! Nein! Nein! Ze Prussian ozo no speak Inglis. But ve gave world Mercedes, Audi, VW und many more! Inglis, she ze language of ze saxons und ze saxons - barbarians!

2. Mafoi, Monsiuer Cikgu. Nous ne parlons pas d'anglais aussi! But we have Eifel Tower, Peugeot and...oolalah, romance. Ouie?

3. Den sepatah haram tak reti apo Cikgu tuleh. Dok kek kampung ni ha, orang Cino dan orang India cam orang Melayu gak, dok bual bahaso kito. Hidup kito hepi. Takkan nak boli ikan kek pasar keno bebahaso omputih?

* No offence or insult intended to anyone.

About the comment in the previous entry, I'll try to call you once I have my new sim card.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Look I don't believe he really meant it. Its just he is damn cocky to utter those words. Damn downright condescending, something he accuse a certain Australian ex Premier.
Its as if he is always right. Shit him man.
Do you have my number?

Hamba said...

Mahadey is Malaysian village idiot. If that was true ( no english, malay stupid) then why did he introduced "Dasar Pandang ke Timur? Proton was established and guess what, those proton execs and employees were sent to Japan to learn how to make cars. No wonder Proton is mediocre and losing money, their staff were sent to Japan and had to learn Japanese, Yapun, Nippon. So according to Mahadey's logic, those proton staff were sent there to become stupid, right? So any one still want to listen to the senile village idiot? Proton must be cursing themselves cos they would have been ok and smarter if only Mahadey had introduced " Dasar Pandang ke Barat". One thing I forgot to mention, mahadey did introduced another dasar that was such a hit even Najib copied it. What was the dasar, you may ask? Why, it is "Dasar Pandang ke Belakang ( ASS) lahhh...!!!! Even judges such as Augustine Paul also became such an ass, no to mention the police, prosecution. All of them became an ardent admirer of the ASS.... such a true believer of "Dasar Pandang ke Belakang". Maybe we can call Mahadey " Father of ModernASSation"

Pak Idrus said...

Yes they do not speak English but they learn that language in School. But what made them so very clever is that their language is 5000 years old an extension of Mandarin so with that kind of knowledge surely they are smart folks and they kept on learning.

As for the Alien I too believe that they must have a hand in the advancement of our Science and Technology. We seem to be reading the same kind of book cikgu.

Have a nice day.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yes cikgu, you do have a point. the japs need not use any foreign language to excel impressively in economics especially. but i still believe learning english will provide one with huge advantage get you to places. just my 2 sens.

p/s- there's one area where the japs need to improve on- cencorship...hehehhehehe....

Kata Tak Nak said...

What irks me is the reference to stupidity.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Pak Idrus,
Of course they ;earnt it in schools, like we learn our English in schools but to condescendingly state that if we don't then we would be stupid is too much.
I like those kind of ideas. I like ideas, revolutionary ones that provokes but I am still steadfast in my believe in religion.

D'ayo said...

"they are good copycats" tapi tak on porn videos... they've tried their best, I think tapi still tak leh nak lawan mat salleh...

Kata Tak Nak said...

There is no doubt it is of the utmost importance to learn English since BM is not equipped enough to handle the knowledge explosion but don't brand people stupid if they don't know English. Arab scholars in early Islamic civilisation, do not know English at all but they are brilliant.
If he were to use disadvantaged, I would agree wholeheartedly.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yours is the second reference to this here. I can't really comment coz have not been watching porn, Japanese or mat Salleh's lately. I still remember though many2 years ago a Japanese explicit movie titled, Ai No Corina or Corida. That was a good one.
From what I gather from friends, they are a little too aggressive or 'gelojoh' to be more precise.
Hey I must get me some Japanese porn. Kerp, D'ayo, can you help me?
Hey I must keep to the times man, what would people say?

mike said...

The "M" is not that bright himself. He self confessed that he had been picking the wrong candidates into his cabinet, placing trust in the wrong guys and, may I add, making all the wrong decisions towards 2020.

Anonymous said...

Just my 2sen opinion. The Japs uses/copied many English words in thier language, as such that its easier to learn english for them.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Meaning, as he confessed, he doesn't speak English la.

Kata Tak Nak said...

They still speak foul English. get their engineer to take our English paper exams and the bugger would fail. Is it because he is stupid? Mahathir should not equate not knowing English with stupidity.

kopitelp16 said...

Aiya... it's just a stupid old man making a stupid comment.

Holding on to power for over 2 decades made him even more stupid and dumb because he refuses to get views from others!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Exactly, what he says is always right. Shit him.

ahoo said...

It is an insult to label another human being as stupid ! God never created human to be stupid as "some intelligent" person said.

Well, what he said could be upsetting but he usually meant it to drive home the point that we need to change according to the flow of modernization.

Is Dr MM now regretting that what he had planned in education never achieved it purpose ? Note that he was also the prime mover for changes from GCE to SPM those days.

Let us forget what was done wrong in education in the past and let us all look forward to contribute in whatever way we can for the future generation sake. No point crying over spilt milk. Be constructive in whatever the task ahead and we will end up being more joyful as no one can rob you of your happiness and joy except you yourself.

The greatest enemy is not the devil in others but often the devil in us. If one tend to see only wrongs in others, we are just hyprocite as we have our own failures too.

Thanks Cikgu for the many inspiring pieces and pray that we as Malaysians can see the day where we can see our children singing negaraku together and hugging each other without being a political bigot.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Its a pity that we dream of a day where we can sing NegaraKu together when it seenmed like only yesterday I was doing it in school.

Where did we go wrong? Have we really progressed? If so why are we looking back and longing for things we once had?

Anonymous said...

let the Old Man talks what he thinks right... its good to know extra languages, thats no harm.

but we Malaysians are somehow complacent lots, be it the putra-putra or whatnot. just be frank to yourself, open your eyes and look around you.... people in abundance with 'give me duit kopi lah' all over; you pay RM10 service, you get RM6 quality... that sort.

if even given 200 million years, Malaysian may not be as advanced as Singapore, forget about Taiwan or Korean benchmarking scaling. we may be good in terms of Blowjobbing in driver seat like that of Singaporeans, but that's all.... OK-lah, with Tongkat Ali, Malaysians can stand Typhoon better than Japanese bridges linking Hokkaido and Yokohama... ha ha ha ha

macam-macam lah CikGu!

Kata Tak Nak said...

What? RM10 for RM6 service? You are being too kind la. It's more of RM3 worth of service from every RM10, the rest would be divided amongst the poor in Putrajaya and also the mentally challenge Putras.

acciaccatura said...

Alhamdulillah. Penat saya cuba fahamkan kepada orang sekeliling saya yg Inggeris tak sebegitu penting seperti yg dikatakan. Kenapa pulak kenalan saya ada yg ke Germany kena belajar bahasa Jerman, ke Rusia kena belajar bahasa Rusia? Sebab bahasa Inggeris tak laku di sana.

Apa pun saya akan sentiasa ingat anak saya kata, "Bush pun 'esok' akan berbahasa Arab!" Heeheee...

Kata Tak Nak said...

"Bush pun 'esok' akan berbahasa Arab!"

Petikan ataih tu mau hantaq kat Madey.

D'ayo said...


Your friends are right, they all tu memang 'gelojoh' tapi to get you some Japanese porn... tak kan lah kot... la nie bukan tahun 80an... kena seludup VHS player to another rumah because rumah owner line tak clear... we all prefect kat boarding school kat NS dulu lagi jahat... dapat jaga kunci bilik ada video player... apalagi, salahgunakan... nasib baik tak kantoi kat Mr Yeoh, warden kita orang... la nie dia jadi Pengetua kat Bukit Mertajam... dulu dia ajar Fizik... dalam BM je... tapi bila kat U, boleh pulak kami refer buku Mat Salleh... tapi tang nulis nie in English ada sikit problem... bukan apa dia end up macam 'business letter'... my first marka reject I pun pasal my letter tak de 'feeling'...

Kata Tak Nak said...

Mr. Yeoh you punya warden dulu ka? kalau tak silap saya kenai dia la. Dia cakap melayu macam ataq kan? kalau tu lah orangnya, dia jadi Pengetua di Westland bila saya di transfer sebagai PK koko di sana.
Dia terkejut bila saya mula sekali masuk jumpa dia dan kata, " I have nothing against you, in fact I don't even know you so please don't take offence with what I am going to say. I want to resign from being a PK koko and I want a transfer out. Its not you, its my fight with the JPN". ternganga jugak dia but he is a real gentleman la.

I am a teacher, takkan I nak pi beli porn from roadside stalls? My students ada dimana-mana. My friends in school pun bukan kaki porn, if they are they surely know how to keep it real quite.

Yang I tau kerp pandai cari porn from the net.

Singam said...

On a serious note, about the Japanese, having worked with them for quite a long time, I can say the following...

They all learn English in school. Many of them read English sufficiently well that they can, with a good dictionary, decipher most technical materials presented to them. They don't speak English because they are shy about the poor standard of their spoken English. But lately, they have improved quite a lot.

As to accomplishing much, they used to be great at copying and improving. Improving tremendously. So tremendously that pretty soon they began to innovate.

There's a lot of technical reading material already available in Japanese. But they still make sure they have sufficient command of English that they can keep up with what is current. And they do this with a passion.

The Koreans learned from the Japanese. They too applied themselves with passion and have now overtaken the Japanese in many areas.

Meanwhile, the Malaysians only know how to complain that the Japanese are not providing enough technology transfer. Bloody hell - the Japanese opened their doors and let us in, giving us the chance to learn. But we sat on our fat arses, waited to be spoodfed... and then complained about lack of technology transfer.

Meanwhile the Koreans (and now, the Chinese) who were not even allowed anywhere near the doors, managed to learn, copy, innovate and finally surpass the Japanese. Like the Japanese did to the Americans and Germans.

I suspect the aliens (Erich von Daniken wrote "Chariots of the Gods") must have come here and taken something out of the local brains. Or perhaps the humans in this part of the world are the products of the MPV class in the alien school of evolutionary sciences.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Our idea of transfer of technology is for them to build and for us to assemble, of course again with their help, and then call it ours and the best part is we can't even assemble well.

Yes, thats the name of the guy. If I am not mistaken he has a serial to Chariots of the Gods. You know I read his book when I was in my early 20s and went to the cinema to watch Chariots of the Gods which was a documentary. I am not taken in by his claims but the idea intrigues me. Are we alone in this universe?

Pak Idrus said...

Cikgu, now the Korean are sending their young kids to Ampang Jaya near my home to learn English at an early age. They rented houses here for their kids and maids and now because their numbers has grown big, a Korean township has sprang up near Ampang Point. That shows how serious the Korean are and we still debating it. How naive can our leaders be. Take care.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Pak Idrus,
The time spent bickering should be used to good use.
First get experts consisting of foreigners and locals, teachers included to come out with a good syllabus. If they could spend billions on Etems spend now on the best textbooks, really good textbooks. Then all students should be given free workbooks with plebty of exercises.
Bring back the Dewan English Readers of the 60s with the many interesting stories in English.
Make reading as a subject in itself and a minimum 3 periods a week given. Suitable books must be provided for or at least be made available in the market.
We teachers don't ask for incentives just provide the right infrastructure and from there we sail forward and in na few years we could try to make it compulsory to pass English.
Please do not compromise quality for political ganis. Do not bring down the passing grades just because the Minister wants to be popular.
The groans and complains amongst university lecturers is testimony of this political interference.
We must have a set standard which we would be proud of. When students know that it is no longer easy to score an A, then they would really double up.

ekayjay said...

a german, erik von daniken wrote chariots of fire

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, Singam pointed it out and thaks for adding the nationality.


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