Monday, 8 June 2009

So gatai one.

ExBeau: Hai sayang, do you still remember me?

Bitch: Of course la I still remember you, why you leave me last time just like that? Why I not beautiful anymore ka?

ExBeau: Who said I left you? Your mother asked me to leave you. I still love you so much you know. I keep thinking of you day after day. I can't sleep well these past years.

Bitch: Ya ka sayang, I didn't know that you still love me. I thought, you have left me because you don't need me anymore.

ExBeau: How could you say that darling. If you were the ring, I am the finger.

Bitch: Ya ka? Waa, you so romantic la darling. Let me try, if you were the Oxygen, I am the Carbon Dioxide. Romantic or not darling?

ExBeau: Waaa, you now so romantic la. Let me try another one. If you were the song, I am the melody.

Bitch: Ooooo, so syiok one, I steam already la darling. Let me try, If you were the dick, I am the condom.

ExBeau: So, you have been thinking of that all the time huh?

Bitch: Yes, la. Darling why don't you come back to me?

ExBeau: That is what I want to do but your family would not accept me I think.

Bitch: Never mind, I will try my best to persuade them to accept you. In the mean time ask your friends to talk good about me to the other members of the family and how our family are so suited to each other. Maybe this could persuade enough of my family members to accept you.

ExBeau: Okay, Okay, I will ask cik Uu, Cik Tu and Pn, San to lobby for us. Oh darling, how I wish I could hold you my my arms. Okay before I hang up, one more. If you were the sea, I am the shore.

Bitch: Mmmmm, so sexy one. Okay let me try, If you were the road, I am the tar. Nice or not darling.

ExBeau: Sooooo nice, I can't wait till we are together again. Good night darling, sweet dreams, bye bye ta ta ti ti tu tu.

Bitch: Muuuuaaah!

ExBeau: Aiye, so geli one this bitch. So gatai. Want to vomit la I.

Bitch: Abah, abah, lets go back to abang Am.

Father:Nasha, why you want to mengarut?


Anonymous said...

this write up about Nash want to become DPM while Bijan the PM of AmNo ke....? macam banyak tunggau aje. kalau si DPM rupa macam Mat Rempit, susah jugak nak dapat FDI dari Western Country, tapi kalau Taliban ammunition dari SWAT Valley mungkin boleh kot....

toye, toye, toye.... PAS dah nak nyanyok kot!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Pas tak nyanyok cuma ada pemimpin dia ada cita2 tinggi. Takut Anwar naik dan pilih Husam, dia nak buang mana?

frankie said...

Politics can be intoxicating sometimes, this is what they call mabuk kuasa. The promises looks great and potential wise, sky's the limit and I think UMNO has managed to 'penetrate' PAS this time...without condom.

Anonymous said...

Salam cikgu.
I think a little bit of power has gone up to the head already. Feeling giddy and starting to talk cock ! My,my , what are they thinking now ? Sudah gataikah? Cepat sangat building castle in the air ! Nanti kena main belakang baru tau, just like the Tok Guru said don't ever trust the samseng politik !!! Just my 2sen cikgu.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I do mix around with quite a number of PAS people and so far I have not met even 1 who is for talks with UMNO so nasha better think twice or else PAS people will make sure he loses the next election.

Kata Tak Nak said...

This is what we call 'bodoh sombong'. The road to Putrajaya is still long and he is already dreaming of a senior position. Fuck him.

D'ayo said...

Those ulama tak tahu, if they work together-gether with UMNO especially kat Selangor... those masjid and surau will back to square one... no ceramah, kuliah and tazkirah... so, no income to them... better with DAP... cermah/ kuliah and tazkirah still on and 'masyuk'

Kata Tak Nak said...

Thats the whole idea. They just can't stand all the ceramahs and tazkirahs. Time should be better spent cigar bars and kopi koreks.


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