Monday, 1 June 2009

Actually Chelsea won the Champion's League. Serious I tell you.

I think all Chelsea fans should stand up, take off their hats and salute the DPM. He has just proclaimed Chelsea as the winner of the Champion's League. Serious I tell you. Where got bluff one?

No, he did not say it in so many words la but common la, you have to read between the lines la, like that also cannot understand ka? Hey I am not lying la. He did say that, or mean that.

Hey Barcelona fans, be a good sport and give the trophy to Chelsea. What? Why you ask? My DPM said so and you better do the right thing. Don't mess with Malaysia I tell you.

Okay, okay let me explain it to you. Between Arsenal and Chelsea who played better in the semis? Chelsea right? So lets leave Arsenal aside.

Who got into the final? Man Utd and Barcelona right? Right. What was the score? Barcelona 2 and Man Utd 0 right? Right. So Chelsea is the winner la. That one also cannot understand ka?

Aiyo, why so susah to explain one? What must draw diagram baru you understand ka? Okay, okay go here for a while. Then come back okay.

See, did BN contest the by-election? No, right? Right. Did Chelsea play in the final?


tokasid said...


I'm sorry but I don't agree that it was Chelsea that won.

It was KJ's MyTeam actually which replaced the Melaka team which had to withdrew due to financial and corruption issues from Kejohanan Liga Cap Kaki Tiga.

Okay back to reality about the Champions League which Barca won, deservedly, did you notice no Chelsea fans were in the Stadium Olympia. It just proved the DPM's words.It showed that both Barca and MU are not popular and not good. It showed that the Chelsea fans didn't turn up due to silent protest.

Lastly, I want to say something to that person who came up with this idea( when in the first place they have no balls to contest the by-election): Pala otak hang!!

Kata Tak Nak said...

If he had said it was that Siamese fellow or that Bt. Gantang reject or even Opah Min we can say he is sewel la la, but when he said it was BN then we could only say he confirm GILA.

Hamba said...

If the DPM logic is accepted by UMNO then that would mean Malaysia have long been the World cup champion so many many times.... Yes, we are world champiooon by virtue that we didn't want to compete the the world cup final. If we were to play in the final we surely will win one... Haiya..then so many of our athletes must have won gazillion gold medals in the Olympic games... or should I say every malaysian won a gold medal because all of us didn't compete in the olympic games... Malaysia already won 27 million gold medal maa... WOW! Ini baru betul Malaysia Bodoh...sorry not Malaysia bodoh but Muhyiddol Bodoh! Apa punya DOOLLL!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Actually it was Malaysia that won the space race. If we had wanted to we could have sent a man to run the marathon on the moon a year after independence.

kopitelp16 said...

It just shows the quality in our beloved DPM. Great logic thinking! His statement showed how arrogant a pondan party like UMNO can be and it really amuses me.

Hamba said...

Cikgu, right on and I bet you, Muhyiddol would say that mahadey can send the twin towers into orbit, it just that he doesn't feel like it. Kopitelp16, you are soo right.. So pondan of them. UMNO PONDAAAN! UMNO SHOULD SHIFT THEIR HQ TO LRG HAJI TAIB OR BEHIND THE COLISEUM CINEMA!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Next to Einstein, no one is as brilliant as him.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I thought their HQ is already there what?


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