Friday, 12 June 2009

Big bucks and I don't mean deers.

This is the season of big bucks. Gone are the days you hear of hundreds of ringgits or thousands of ringgits. This is the season of tens of millions or billions of either ringgits or dollars or pounds.

Barely a few days after Kaka was signed for a staggering 65 million pounds, Ronaldo is being snared by the same team that bought Kaka for a mind boggling 80 million pounds. Gone are the days when a million pounds would rope in a high quality player.

That is football, what about the football stadiums? Arsenal are not able to buy very high priced players not because Arsene Wenger is prudent. That is a whole lot of shit. They can't buy these players because they are still servicing the loan they took up to build their stadium and it would be sometime more before they could make themselves present in the transfer market as buyers.

Talking about stadiums, the roof of the stadium that collapsed in Terengganu also costs millions. The stadium itself costs hundreds of millions of ringgit and would soon be a grazing ground for cows and goats in the area. Wow, goats and cows also got class one. They graze in fields costing hundreds of millions. I think the grass is sweeter there.

If goats and cows could be treated to lunch and dinners in expensive compounds, surely human being too is not to be outdone. Gone are the days of corruptions costing a few thousand or at the most a few million. Where got class? Heck corruption has become a vocation and no longer a crime. Fancy seeing a sign board at an expensive office set in probably the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur that reads "Tumbok Rusuk Sdn Bhd"

If the Aduns and MPs of the 60s and 70s took 50 bucks for a recommendation letter, their present day counterparts do it for free. Why? 50 bucks? You got to be kidding. Their kids spend that much on ciggarettes and condoms a day. Anyway they could easily earn 5 to 25 million by being frogs so why charge 50 ringgit for a signature? Where got class?

I am sure the people behind the Bumiputera Finance Scandal of the late 70s and early 80s are fuming. They got so much flack for that fiasco that warrants a White Paper, but all the same got away with it. All these for what?  For a measely 1 billion ringgit plus. Their friends at PKFZ do not even get their names mentioned in something that costs the tax payers 12 billion.

If one doesn't want to work too hard, one need only be a middleman and rake in hundreds of millions, not to mention servicing foreign pussies in the process.

Yes sir, this is indeed the age of the megabucks.


cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Somehow, this reminds me of 'Buckaroo Banzai', a film quite sometime back. Sadly, I can only remember the title and not the story. But hell, I will remember all these corruption cases. And as stated in one of my entry: all the corruption, the abuse of power, and all the vile words one can think of connected to those 2 words, can be found in a 2 syllable acronym of a 4letter word: umno.

frankie said...

Facilitate the purchase of submarine gets a RM500 million commissin with a free hump on the translator. We surely know how to set the standard.

Kerp (Ph.D) said... defense of Monssiur Wenger, even if he's given the greenlight to spend to his heart's content, he's not likely to spend 60mil (let alone 82m) on a single player. he's got the ability to spot and eventually 'steal' players of first class talent e.g Anelka, Toure, Fab to name but a few. better to use the extra cash to clear off the club's debts.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I am not blaming him, its just that I have read that he has been asking the owners to explain his unwillingness to buy is because of this, not because he is prudent. He wants to buy because he knows by not buying he will never be able to land any trophy and trophies are what the fans want.
Despite whatever people say, mons, Wenger will be on his way out if another season passes by without a trophy.
If he doesn't buy this season then get ready to lose him and that I guarantee you is a big lost to Arsenal.
As it is no one is talking much of City but if they buy big then watch out, I'll guarantee they'll be in the top 4. If they get a top manager then its the top 2.
For once I am going to admit that Utd is at great risk of regaining the trophy, not because of Ronaldo's absence but rather because of Chelsea's and City's spending power.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Glad that you are monile enabled again.
This 2 syllable creature must be stopped, terminated C4ed

Kata Tak Nak said...

I am resingning soon to be a professional middle man and get to hump and pump and finally boom.


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