Thursday, 4 June 2009

Right or wrong this is how I feel.

I have not said anything about PAS and their general assembly and about the Ulamaks and the Erdogans and about the conservatives and the progressives because I had always thought that that is their business so why meddle.

I don't think I could keep quite any longer. I have my reasons. I have been banking on PR to someday wrest control from BN. Since PAS is an important component of PR, whatever that befalls PAS would have a bearing on PR.

My stand is simple. PAS is an Islamic party, not a Malay party. The end, end of story. PAS has no business trying to identify itself as a Malay party. The religion is above race. Heck there are more Muslims in China, therefore Chinese, than there are Muslims in this country so Islam is not the sole property of the Malays.

Any attempts to try to court or be courted by UMNO is a betrayal to PAS's constitution. Has PAS not learnt their lessons from UMNO's betrayal? Do some personalities in PAS sincerely believe that UMNO has changed since that day?

Yes, UMNO has changed but not for the better so what do these people in PAS expect from UMNO then? I tend to agree with Husam in his fight for PAS to be an alternative to UMNO and nothing else. I do not subscribe to this Malay solidarity bullshit because it is the people who talks about Malay Solidarity who are splitting the Malays for their own personal gains.

All UMNO want is to weaken the PR and through PAS and some of their leaders, who are more Malay than Muslim, they have an avenue. All these talk about Malay solidarity sickens me, a Malay. Look the Malays are united as a race but differ politically. That is a good sign, not a bad one. That is maturity.

I have read about how some Ulamaks say that their attempts to bridge the distance is because of the religion. They argue that UMNO is made up of mainly Malays who are Muslims. Fine but have they forgotten who helped them to be as strong as they are now that got the people in UMNO come abegging? Would they have been there without the support of the non-Muslims in the last general election and also at Bt. Gantang.

Don't they know, that UMNO's intention is for them to ditch these very people who had put PAS where they are now? I want to ask them one question. Do you think it is fair for you to do that all in the name of your race? Where is your religion now? Do you think that the religion condones this?

Islam is universal and not the domain of the Malays and PAS must realise that. Malay unity, if it leads to oppression of others is not Islam. Malay is not important in Islam. Malay is nothing in Islam. In Islam, the teachings of the religion is important. In Islam, equality is important. In Islam fairness is important. In Islam valueing one's  partners who seek justice is more important than sleeping with one's foe who happens to be a fellow Malay and Muslim but do not know the meaning of honesty and humanity.


fahmi said...

salam cikgu, i couldn't agree more with you.. hope the representatives will choose the best candidates in PAS to be their leaders!

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Well said! I believe a vast majority in PAS know the truth. After all, these are the people who were threatened, discriminated, and alienated, by the ketuanan Melayu concept - the Malay Muslims who were regarded as pariahs by ameno and their likes, where many non-Malays may not be aware of.

All these years of suffering and humiliation were brought onto these PAS members by ameno just because they have a staunch belief in religion and want a just society, and do not believe in ameno.

InsyAllah, the best candidate will win. Personally, I am for Husam.

Hamba said...

UMNO berjuang utk melayu??? Not in a million years! UMNO fights for money and wealth. Look at what happen when PAS took over terengganu! UMNO who boast that they are malay champion, oppressed the malay majority government of PAS. Worse still Mahadey ( half brother of Mugabe) unislamicly and unmorally said that the royalty money owed by Petronas to the Trg govt does not exist. There was no agreement to such and there was never any royalty money. There is only wang ehsan. Look at that! Mahadey and UMNO lying and breaking an agreement and promises. If that's not munafik, I don't know what to call it. UMNO never was for malay and Islam, UMNO is only interested in money and wealth. UMNO, a curse onto malaysia left by the british.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, I really hope common sense prevails.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I also believe a vast majority in PAS do not support talks with the devil.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, you are very right about the royalty. Why do PAS think that Madey is no longer in the equation?

Anonymous said...

Well said Cikgu. Thumbs Up!

In conjunction with Agong Birthday, I hereby confer Cikgu the Award of Merit "Tun Tan Sri Datuk Seri Paduka Yang Amat Bersih Cekap Betul Amanah" which equivalent to the title "King Of England" in a state within Zimbabwe nation.

You really make me laugh-out-loud. Couldnt agree with you more that I would love to marry anyone Chinese of Muslim religion from China, the land of beauty and prosperity.

Aiyoo, not the one working in Karaoke Lounge in Pudu lah...

Kata Tak Nak said...

Why not the karaoke lounge one?

peng said...

Cikgu, you are good both ways. Good when in humor, and even better when you are serious!

fatsogigolo said...

salam and HAIL chekgu..
heard u will receive a Dato'.... A.M.N,P.J.K,P.J.J,J.P.J this Saturday eh??congrats..muahaha..

em..about the PA$ election,anyone goes,but among all, I'm into Husam,eh..sounds so gay,er..I support Husam most..hahaa..sounds better. He's so good in speeches,he knows what he said,and he such a cool guy with an Einstein brain.

I agree with u chikgu, Islam is universal. I just read Al-Islam, and they are debating about Nga Ku Meng(what so ever his name is) who read the Quran during his speech.I'm lack of knowledge ,but seem so awkward when as simple as ABC they said this is haram,that is haram.WTF..

In my secondary schools, I have an English Indian teacher who can read the quran,knows to wrote in jawi better than some Malays,duuhhh...coz he study in Law,I bet karpal knows a little bit also :)So may be they have to change the rules letter..huuhu

wowowowow...i heard girls from karoke thinggy..em...better ask me next time...lalalala...

and have u seen this??

muahahaa...i wonder.....lalalaa

Kata Tak Nak said...

When I first read 'good both ways' I was a little bit taken aback but then I read on.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, Husam seems to be da man now.
As for the karaoke part, thats for another story.

ahoo said...

You are one of those who truly deserves to be knighted ! God is universal and supreme. Need not be linked to a specific race for political gain. He is impartial and all His subjects are His favourites even though some are nearer to Him then others.

Sadly, many politicians are hiding behind the name of God for their own selfish agendas. Action speaks louder than word and the people at large are no longer ignorant of the those who say one thing but do otherwise.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Knighted? Wow, maybe then I could get to be Man U's manager.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Salam cikgu ! Nampak serius kali ini. I terkejutlah. No more humour macam sebelum ini. This time heavy stuff man. And I cannot agree more with you. Semua you tulis semua betul and I just share the same sentiment with you !! Apalagi. Its a fact. PAS cannot go alone at the federal level and can never ever dream and hope to rule without the others. Itu realitinya. Sudah nampak sangat dalam PRU lepas. Thats the only way to go. No 2 way about it . So kita tengok macammana PAS akan tindak di masa depan. Just my 2sen cikgu.

peng said...

Good in writing la, Cikgu! What were you thinking of? Ha! Ha!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Dalam jenaka saya pun selalu sentuh dengan current affairs tapi kadang2 kena direct sikit sebab penting benda ni.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I know what you mean, I was only joking because I feel uneasy when praised.

yok hoong said...


a shining example of a muslim. my respect and God bless you always.

Kata Tak Nak said...

yok hoong
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