Saturday, 27 June 2009

The Amendment

Bigshot 1: Aiyo now susah la like this.

Bigshot2: What is susah?

Bigshot1: Now they want to amend the party's constitution to allow 60,000 people to vote Supreme Council members in.

Bigshot2: What, Gila ka? Where can do like that? Mati la.

Bigshot1: Yes, la like that sure mati one. Last time just to buy enough of the 2K+ delegates I had to spend millions, now macam mana ni?

Meanwhile in another place.

Exdelegate1: Now no syiok la become delegate.

Exdelegate2: Why? Syiok what. Can stay in hotels, makan free, and get money to vote some more.

Exdelegate1: Aiya, stay in hotel, even a tukang kebun also can do. How much can you makan? Now they want to change the peraturan. Votings will be done at the cawangan level. The cawangan delegates will vote.

Exdelegate2: Aiyo, like that means they have to buy many people la? But good also what. More people will get rich what?

Exdelegate1: Why you so lembu one. Last time when they had to buy less people they had to spend millions each, now when they want to buy so many people how much they have to spend? Where they got the money to buy so many? If last time you get 1K, now you can only get about RM50 saja la. Like that what's the point.

Exdelegate2: Aiyo, like that means now there will be many more contractors la?

Exdelegate1: What do you mean?

Exdelegate2: Yes, la, last time to jaga the few of us they give us class F licence, now got so many voters, they have to give more licence la. Lama-lama half the population of Malaysia got class F licence la. How to get job like that?

In yet another place.

Layman1: Alamak now we all sure die la. Sure no development anymore la.

Layman2: What nonsense are you talking about?

Layman1: Yes la, now they want to amend their constitution to make elections of Supreme Council members be at cawangan level. That means about 60K people will vote instead of the present 2K+.

Layman2: Good la like that. That will cut corruption.

Layman1: What cut corruption. Corrupt people won't change la. If last time a RM1 million project costs RM3 million because the idiots want to make enough to buy delegates, now the same project would cost RM20 million la, because the idiot needs to make more to buy more people. Where got money to have so many projects. Just imagine if last time a school laptop computer costs RM5K, now one will cost RM100K. Like that means each school will get only 1 laptop to be shared by all the teachers la.

In a meeting room:

Elder1: I think I want to resign from the committee la.

Elder2: Why, nice what being in this committee, everyone afraid of us.

Elder1: Last time yes la, but now when there are 60K voters who can afford to be corrupted? If it becomes to expensive to win there will be no corruption so who is going to feed us the Disciplinary committee? You know la, we all are here because no one wants us elsewhere because we all old already. Where can live on our meeting allowance only?

Elder2: I say don't worry la, sure got some odd cases one. This time we charge more la, enough to cover our lifestyle.

Elder1: If 60K people corrupt, where we got time to investigate? How many thousand people people must we employ?


Singam said...

KTN, apologies for my long absence. I've been reading your blog, but, sort of, on the go. Enough time to read and smile or snigger or laugh... but not enough to stop and key in a few words. Mostly, nothing of significance to add.

As usual, good stuff from you. Keep it coming, man!


Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, I have been wondering about your absence. Its okay no problem.

Hamba said...

Last time it was MahaPharaoh and the two thousand thieves but now we have to contend with MahJibby and the sixty thousand thieves? 1Malaysia robbed by sixty thousand pirates, a bleak prospect for Malaysia!

monsterball said...

Your scrip is getting more complicated.
This means your scrip writing have finally reached another level of excellence.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Just imagine if they have to bribe half of those 60K people, die la we Malaysians.
You think this will eradicate corrution? Naaah! They will find ways. The more connected ones might use the SBs then.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Do you think so? Thanx.

Hamba said...

Cikgu, the well connected ones will not only use the SB, they'll use MACC as the money carrier or better known as "pencacai tua pengangkat najis" ( rasuah is najis, right)! This way who's gonna catch them....MACC? Not in a million years will MACC handcuff themselves.. Malaysia is screwed wan! ( 1Malaysia what?!)

Anonymous said...

you are a teacher, but you appears to have worked in the JKR and the District Office before. Hanky panky all the time.

Mike said...

Ha..ha..Chegu.. I want to share with you something lah. I met a Cayenne-driving umno guy (the Porsche 4wd lah) who was bragging about his big development project...and all these other umno guys looking at him in awe, Chegu.

But then I found out that he is just a toll collecter. Project awarded to him, he takes his five percent and pass the whole project to a Chinaman (maybe MCA guy)...ha..ha..."Projek Saya"..ha..ha...

Kata Tak Nak said...

The MACC will come out with a statement that after exhaustive investigation that took them to the moon and back they found not an iota of evidence to charge those bastards. Case close.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Hey hanky panky is the name of the game la.

Kata Tak Nak said...

These idiots would sell their own mothers la. They are a disgrace, period.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

I thok the sarkas has millions of members and the amendment will pave the way for direct erection. Haiyah! Only have 60K members ar?

Btw, on Mike's comment, here another interesting note: one sarkas memba - just before 2008 GE - had the title Dato' and Datin inserted into his and his wife IC, in expectation of the title after having spent some RM100,000. Hard luck for him, the PR won in that state, and his title was not awarded. Thing is, I thought awarded titles such as this cannot be put in the IC. But sheer arrogance, he managed it and is now a Dato' without a title. (even his only daughter is adopted. So, not even a father!)

Anonymous said...

funny eh... people still support united monkeys no otaks to run the country. and why cant they just choose baboon instead! or better still swine; at least the swine flu virus can "terminate" the hopeless oppositions!

donno what to say lah... wouldnt be surprised if Obama contacted Bijan to warn him not touch nor smell Anwar's Ass! lets wait and see, Obama is wise man you know.... his MJ kin.

Pak Zawi said...

let us give them a chance. The chief is now intent in eradicating corruption because he has made his fortune which cannot be finished for generations to come.

ahoo said...


The maxim of " to err is only human and let us give them another chance, lah ? Can or not ?

With more payouts needed, ask or take more lands mah. Convert them as soon as possible from agri to industrial and millions will just appear out of thin air into the account. No question ask and no answer needed. Better still get the towkays to conduct special special draws whereby millions will also landed into one's account from thin air. BUT this method only applicable to those who indulge in it with exception of others as this is haram to some.

In any case, the bigger the stake, the bigger the take. So let us watch out for more mega projects in the days ahead that will benefit the people, they say and we hear, right ?

Kata Tak Nak said...

The same happened here. An arsehole in anticipation of being granted profitable package for the Penang's Second Bridge promised to sponsor a certain event and in the end after the event he defaulted and with that, some of the organisers really got their arse greased.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Pak Zawi,
With all due respect they have been given too many chances already. We have run out of lifelines.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Thats what I fear, the more expensive it is for them to buy their way up the more they will whack.


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