Friday, 26 June 2009

Aiyo, sad la.

Bahalol: Oi Samdol, come here la drink with me.

Samdol: Waa, Bahalol, you also here ka? I say, bahalol, don't call me Samdol in public la, not nice if people hear. Call me Sam baru la ada kick sikit.

Bahalol: Okay, okay no problem Sam, but you pun don't call me Bahalol la. Just call me Michael cukup la.

Samdol: What Michael? Michael is nowhere near to Bahalol, at least Sam is short for Samdol.

Bahalol: Aiya, you don't know ka, my favourite singer is Michael Jackson?

Samdol: So you still idolise Michael Jackson ka? Hey haven't you heard that he just mati?

Bahalol: That is why I am drinking my sorrows here. I cannot believe that he has gone la.

Samdol: That is why I am here too. I really syiok his singing and moonwalk la. What a great lost la. I have never been sadder in my life la. Eh, forget about it la. Woi, I heard your company lost quite a lot, how come?

Bahalol: What do you mean how come? Its tradition la for my company to lose money. We make a few million for one or two years and then we lose a few hundred million for a few years in a row la. Biasa la tu.

Samdol: How much you lost this time?

Bahalol: I also can't remember la. I am still sad with the death la, but all I can remember is its quite a lot la. Hahahahaha, terer or not?

Samdol: You did not read yesterday's papers ka? My company also lost big time la. You think you only terer ka? Hahahaha. If you can lose, I also can lose. We both terer la but I think I more terer than you la.

Bahalol: Oi, oi, where you got more terer than me? This time we all lost really a lot you know? You think you can lose as much as us ka?

Samdol: Yes la you lost more than us but your business is bigger. If our company is as big as yours, I am sure we can lose more than you la. Considering our size, I think we all lose more than you, percentage wise la.

Bahalol: Where got percentage wise one? We count how much you lose, how much I lose in terms of ringgit and sen la.

Samdol: Not fair la like that. Like that means, every year you will lose the most la. How to beat you like that?

Bahalol: Next time do like me la, join MAS not PROTON. Aiyo, I am still sad la.


Hamba said...

Both of them belong to an exclusive club of TOLOLS which is " Monopoly in business BUT still able to post huge losses" club. But with so many TOYOLs in this club it's a miracle a few ( rare) can still make profit...

Anonymous said...

Salam cikgu,
Apalah cikgu. I lagi feel sad. My Farrah, the lovely Charlie Angel also diedlah. Very sad man ! The world rugi banyak without Farrah and Michael. But for bisnes to rugi banyak, lagi banyak lagi bagus. Semua masuk poket, no need to share-sharelah.Just a big coverup for korupsi! Just my 2sen cikgu.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

presuming this bahalol is paklah, what he didnt know is his MAS appointment was najib's way of telling him to go fly kite, in a polite manner.

* Al-Fatihah to Mike.

kopitelp16 said...

Both blood suckers have brains the size of an amoeba's dick.... Eh, I'm not sure if amoebas got dick or not but then again, I'm not sure if these big shot blood suckers got brains or not too!

What the hell, losing money means nothing to them. They are not accountable, never take responsibility, NEVER apologize for their short coming and NEVER NEVER EVER resign! So..... cheers!

Anonymous said...

Aiyahhhh Cikgu. Ploton and Mus.... both are hopeless and dummies companies lah! they should concentrate of selling caskets since the demand is growing globally.

best time if they can sell to Michael Jack and Farrah Fawcett each. that's big time big money coming in. worst case scenarios, they sell to their own staff at staff discount!

but what to do, dummies cant think and excel much like mummies yeah...

ruyom said...

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D'ayo said...

Syarikat tu rugi tak jadi apa... top management still naik gaji... elaun dan claim still on and banyak pulak tu... tapi kalau Cikgu kerja lebih... join MLM, jual insuran... last sekali boleh pakai mewah sikit... kena siasat...

Kata Tak Nak said...

To all
Sorry I am not answering to comments because letih la. A lot of work. Today got Hari Kemuncak Kokurilum at school, dead tired and sedih lagi Michael is gone.


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