Tuesday, 2 September 2008

You only got face ka?

Ah Chuan: Aiya Palah, why he do like that ah? Like this we all now very susah la.

Palah: Wait Ah Chuan, wait. Who is this 'he' that you are talking about and what did this 'he' do?

Ah Chuan: Aiya, Ahmad la. He go and say we all Chinese all penumpang. Why say like that? Somemore go and say in Permatang Pauh, die la like that. Why this Ahmad so stupid one?

Palah: Aiya Ah Chuan, biasa la tu. We all always do like that what? Last time also we all do like that you never say anything one. Now only want to make noise.

Ah Chuan: I know last time also you all got say like that but we all keep quiet only. Keep quiet does not mean we all like you know?

Palah: I say Ah Chuan, this one politic la. Come on surely you can understand one.

Ah Chuan: To you simple la. To me, like committing suicide only. The Chinese all very angry one Palah, that is why they all didn't vote that Aliff fellow. Must change la Palah.

Palah: Okay, okay, after this I tell them not to say like that anymore.

Ah Chuan: What next time. Want to wait till next time, MCA die already la. All our MPs lari go to PR la. Now I call Ahmad and you scold him. I want to hear. Ahmad ah, Palah want to talk to you.

Palah: Mat! ha, how are you? I say why you say like that. Depa Cina-Cina ni semua tak syok la. Don't do again a. Okay, send my regards to your family.

Ah Chuan: Like that you call marah ka? I think you agree with him la, that is why you so soft with him. Like this la Palah, if he never apologise we all going to make police report.

Palah: Where is the BN spirit, why want to make report? You think police will listen to you ka?

Ah Chuan:Waa! You very sombong ah now Palah. You forgot how we all help you all last time, now you just throw all of us one side.

Palah: I know you all help but everytime you all help we all must give you and your friends something one. You all never help for free one. Got untung only you all help.

Ah Chuan: You all eat more than us la Palah, don't talk as if you are very clean one. Gerakan also angry with you all la.

Palah: I say Ah Chuan, we all can kowtim la. I cannot ask Ahmad to apologise, where we all want to put face if have to apologise?

Ah Chuan: Last time all can kowtim la, now cannot anymore. This time very serious. If I kowtim MCA surely die so no more kowtim. Waa, you think you only got face ah? We all no face ka? Hey even Samy Velu also got face la.

Palah: So now what you want me to do?

Ah Chuan: Do the right thing la.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hehehhe...oh and as much i admire some of the leaders, this episode strengthens people's belief that MCA is mere running dogs to ameno. the good thing is, with people like this ahmad in the party, ameno may have to stand on its own and eventually rot becos of such narrow-mindedness very much alive within the org...ahh...

Kata Tak Nak said...

All I could say is that this Ahmad is a very arrogant man. He is lucky this is the puasa month. Whatever it is, he does not qualify to call himself a Malaysian.

wun said...

with the MCA and UMNO election coming up, both "leaders" (quote inserted to mean 'as if') want to be seen to be doing the right thing by their respective grassroots. One towards the Malay and the other, Chinese.

This is basically the problem with race based politics. There is no sincerity in their act as they please certain people at the opportune moment.But then turn their back when the moment is gone.

Zawi said...

Just in time. Najib apologized for UMNO on this stupid Ahmad's mistake. He is eating humble pie nowadays after the Permatang Pauh debacle.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Palah won't apologise to anyone - Malay, Chinese, or Indian. He know he's going out already, so he thinks he need not do so.

Najb on the other hand, will apologise to anybody and everybody because he thinks he's going up, so want to kowtow everyone. Maybe if the situation is right, he'll also apologise to Genghis Khan for having done something terrible to a descendant.

Zawi said...

What Shah said is very true. Najib is doing damage control.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I agree, the party elections would force their leaders to do just about anything. At other times the MCA guys would just keep quiet as they had always been but you can say Ahmad is doing them a favour.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Pak Zawi,
Well Najib was present when that stupid Ahmad uttered those words so now indeed he has to eat the humblest of pie.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Pak Lah remains silent at his own peril. Surprisingly the SIL is also quiet.

I think he is measuring his grave. Its gotta be real deep.

fergie said...

Hilarious script again, Cikgu .. wah some more know the word "kowtim" ... hahahaha .. you are a match for that Chinese-speaking guy in Seberang!!!! If not for puasa month I don't think we would have gotten an apology from Najib .. hehehe .. but I not puasa so do I have to forgive him? Anyway, why can't that Ahmad fella speak for himself???? Lost his tongue ah!!!

monsterball said...

Do the right thing in Malaysia? In Japan..few ministers would have committed hari kiri...if they have a a Permatng Pauh situation.
But in Malaysia....UMNO ministers are always trying to save their hides and in dream land....always.
Smart devil...Mahathir resigned.....thinking Malaysians will ignore or forget....he is the biggest crook of all...in UMNO......the real real reason....why UMNO is now rejected by Malaysians.


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