Saturday, 6 September 2008

Don't want to go, can ah?

BBC : Okay, this is an announcement, very important one so listen up. You all every time complain of work work work so now I have good news.

MP1: Why, you all want to give cuti ka? If no pay cuti I don't want la.

BBC: No we are going on a lawatan sambil belajar, a study tour.

MP2: Where, visit ice-cream factory ka?

MP3: If you want to take us round Putrajaya or go to Melaka, you go yourself la. Stay at home better.

BBC: No this lawatan is to Australia. 12 days, all expenses paid.

MP1: 12 days ka? In Australia? Waa, the gomen got so much money ka? I thought we already said to the people that we are going to save money? How come spend so much for one lawatan?

BBC: Don't worry, we are not using the gomen money. One of our MPs is sponsoring the trip.

MP4: Fuyooo! Our own friend going to sponsor ka? Go to Australia do what? Cannot make study tour to Hadyai ka?

MP5: Yes la, make la tour to Medan or the Eastern European countries. I heard the girls in Eastern Europe all very jambu-jambu one.

MP6: I saw the Olympics ah, waa the Romanian girls, the Russian girls all very sexy one la.

BBC: No la, we all going to Australia to study the Agriculture there.

MP7: Thailand's agriculture also okay what? Their durian and mango very good one you know.

BBC: No we go to Australia. The Agriculture there better, very scientific one and its a bit far from here. Why go to Thailand? So near only, weather also same only.

MP3: Why want to study how the cows and sheep mate ka?

BBC: We study how they plant wheat there. Then we open wheat orchards here. Next time no need to import.

MP2: Where got people plant wheat in orchards? I say you don't know ka, wheat need different type of climate. Our climate cannot.

BBC: Okay then we study their oil palm la. I heard they are very advance. After three months only can cut the oil palm tree and squeeze the oil from the leaves.

MP6: Aiyo, what are you talking about. You know what is oil palm ka and somemore where Australia got oil palm?

BBC: Never mind, never mind then we see how they plant copper and zinc and uranium?

MP2: So we want to plant copper trees here ka? You think copper is a crop ka?

BBC: Aiya, we all go makan angin la. No need to see any agriculture thing one. We just go to one place take many photographs and then we makan angin at the Eifel Tower or The Golden Bridge or Taj Mahal la.

MP7: Wa, Eifel Tower, Golden Bridge and Taj Mahal also got in Australia ka?

BBC: Shut up la you all. I say we go means we go la. Don't ask stupid questions.

MP4: Yes la, like the stupid answers you are giving us. When are we going?

BBC: We go on the 7th and come back on the 19th.

MP1: Hahahahaha, now I know. You all takut that we all going to cross the fence ka? Why want to go so soon? This is puasa month la. The Muslim MPs all very tired la.

BBC: I don't know. Attendance is compulsory. Tomorrow all of you give me your passports.

MP3: Don't want to go can ah? I sakit perut la.

BBC: Ask the TPM.


Monster Mom said...

Mr TPM : We are going to your place for some agriculture lessons...

Mr Rudd : Who are you again?

Mr TPM : Ala.. takkan tak kenai kot...

M Rudd : Whatever mate! But don't you think I don't know about the Sept 16 cause Mr Enwer called me earlier...

Mr TPM : Don't you ever believe him... he's a liar...a %$#*(&^ bla bla bla
Hello? Hello?

wun said...

TPM don't want to follow ka? Fun one..we can get Australian interpreters..discuss submarine deals also..fun2.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Er...we oso can follow or not? Sure fun one there. There in Pantai Emas, got big Jerung Putih...vely fliendly, I hear. When Sept 16 comes into realisation, insyAllah, we just throw all the MPs visiting there into the water and watch them win us a gold medal. Oops! Olympic dah habis lo! Neber mind, we just watch for fun. Sure exciting one ;)

[zsazsa] said...

erk argicultural lessons? can not be done here meh? now can learn online ma. have videos some more in youtube. don't have to go all they way to Australia ma.. *grin*

Kata Tak Nak said...

Mr. TPM: Oh by the way do you happen to have any Mongolian interpreters?

Kata Tak Nak said...

No la, still cannot forget the Mongolian one.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Jerung Puteh? Anyway that Jerung Puteh willing to take a Sumpah Laknat 7 keturunan that it was sodomised by Mr. Permatang Pauh?

Kata Tak Nak said...

No la go to Ostolia maybe can reopen that bankrupt Nasi Kandaq shop.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yes,...ehem...i am with zsazsa on this. not because she's hot but what she said does make some sense. it was only months ago they were told not to travel abroad as part of cost-cutting exercise especially during these trying times. instead of dozens of them going, just bring in a couple of experts and organise a week-long course. this way lots can be saved. in fact, those from across the floor can join as well. i mean, ehem...preparing for the possibility perhaps? kihkihhhh...

Kata Tak Nak said...

Okay it is set then. I'll call them and say I am not allowing them to go.

MANTRA said...

Salam cikgu,
Selamat berpuasa... month of blessings and cleansings...

The gomen so considerate to get all the MPs to cleanse abroad.. Study tour lagi... the MPs didnt complete their studies enough.. Now we know what sort of MPs sit in our parliment.

Cikgu, can ask the BBC how much the halal flesh cost down there?

monsterball said...

Signs are there...UMNO is very afraid..yet they keep denying they are so used to it..without realising...Malaysians are daily..sick of their low class acts.
For you...kata tak nak...your scrip writing art is getting better and better.

Anonymous said...

katakan RM10,000/ cost perbelanjaan ke taiwan kali 41 org YB yg ke sana.Nah YB yang di pilih olih rakyat dgn senang habiskan wang rakyat sebyk RM410,000/. bagus lah....mmg pandai kalau nak habiskan wang rakyat.Jika rakyat mohon sikit bantuan pelbagai alasan dan birokrasi perlu lalui.

Itu lah muslihat org-org yg berkuasa,Rakyat hidup bersusah-susah dan perit dek barang mahal .This YB dgn mudah habiskan dgn senang. Ini lah yg disukai ye, undilah ....


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