Friday, 5 September 2008

I Sumpah, this has got nothing to do with Sept 16.

PUTRAJAYA: Barisan Nasional MPs have been asked to submit their passports for an overseas study trip ahead of Sept 16, the date that is being bandied about for supposed defections to take place.

Backbenchers Club chairman Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing said the trip was the brainchild of the club but rejected suggestions that it was organised because of the Sept 16 claim.

“The trip came about after a few of our members got talking. We wanted MPs to update themselves with the latest information about agriculture and high-tech food production so that we can debate better on the Budget when Parliament sits again in October.

“This is the best time for the trip although it is the fasting month because after that, Hari Raya celebrations begin and Parliament will meet again,” he told The Star here yesterday.

The above is an excerpt taken from a Star news report. Going on a trip during puasa months? Hmm real strange, strange indeed.

As claimed, it has got nothing whatsoever, sumpah I tell you, absolutely nothing to do with Sept 16. Really, I tell you, I could feel it in the vibes of the BBC Chairman when he said that it has got nothing whatsoever to do with Sept 16. Read my lips, NOTHING TO DO WITH SEPT 16.

I think the guy is willing to go to the nearest temple or church to take a Sumpah Keramat about this so you guys get off his back will you.

Sheesh! The nerve of you guys to even suggest that they are willing to take the whole backbench away just because of one man.

Hey it is a study trip la. They want to learn to be farmers la because after Sept 16 ooops! they want to start farming la. Anyway we need to grow our own food, we need to be self-sufficient so what better way than to get our own MPs to start the ball rolling?

They are so serious that they are collecting passports now. Hmmm, strange, real strange. Why collect passports now?

Maybe because this agriculture trip is so important that they don't want anyone to be left behind so those who have lost their passports could get them replaced and those whose passports with no empty pages left because all the pages have been stamped with HADYAAI or MEDAN or CHIANG RAI or LORONG GAHARU or LORONG HJ TAIB could get new pages. Waa, so serious one this agriculture trip and you people say the government is not serious about agriculture, shame on you.

Oh, to the Muslim backbenchers, remember this is puasa month so just because you are in foreign lands which means no Jabatan Agama people, doesn't mean its not puasa there.

And to those who are fighting their butts out bribing here bribing there to secure juicy position in the Bahagians and MKT make sure you leave enough money to your machais here to ensure that your dreams come true.

To those readers, stop thinking that this trip has got anything whatsoever to do with Sept 16. Why? Because they said so and surely our MPs wouldn't lie to us would they?


fergie said...

Cikgu, they can sumpah all they like but I still call them COWARDS. Who in their right mind will believe it's got nothing to do with Sept 16! Agriculture? They way they are using whatever land is left to build condos, etc how much land do we have left for farming. Take Penang, for example, we hardly have a green lung, except for Youth Park unlike what we see in European countries.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Oh yes they will continue to talk as if we Malaysians are as stupid as them. The trouble is they really believe that we will buy those cock and bull stories.

Green Lung is a taboo word in this country. Don't say it, the gomen don't like it. Nothing should be green.

ahwin66 said...




Kata Tak Nak said...

Tiba2 saja nak pi belajaq agriculture so that buleh debate dengan berkesan ni apa ke benda? Macam la orang percaya. Kalau dah buat sampai macam tu, nampak sangat defection ni bukan rekaan semata2

Ydiana said...


Desperados at work!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

'this is the best time for the trip'. can you believe that shit? seriously, its fasting month and allthey could think is to go on a trip abroad. what hell mann...

honestly la boss, do you think it'll happen?

Kata Tak Nak said...

To be frank, its not an easy thing to do. The machinery the government has can be overwhelming. I say 50-50. Even if they have the numbers, its the opportunity that matters. Would the gov simply hive Anwar the opportunity?

Kata Tak Nak said...

By the look of it they are indeed desperate otherwise why do it?

tokasid said...

This is what happened 2 days ago at the back bencher's club.

BBC chairman: Okay!Okay! Semua berdiri.Berdiri! Woi! Berdiri la. Tak paham bahasa ke? Macam budak2 saja. Ehmcome on serious la....

MP1: Mr Chairman...apasal kecoh2 nak suruh berdiri ni.
Nak announce apa2 announce saja laa...

BBC Chairman: This is serious guys. Ini berkenaan masa depan kita.

MP2: Masa depan kita atau masa depan negara YB?

Chairman: Errr....masa depa kita. Di ikuti masa depan negara. Okay !Can I have your attention please....Bung!Can you pay attention please.You are my deputy right?So please show a good example.And Bung....don't make that hand gesture again okay.

MP3: Woi cepat laa...aku nak pegi pasar Ramadhan ni.

Chairman: all of his had known there is an attempt by DSAI to take power on 16th September. I know and you know there are many here who is willing to jump over for Anwar.And I know many are also afraid to commit themselves and are in a fix position now.
Here is what I want to suggest. Why not a few days before and after 16th Sept, all of us go for a study trip?

MP3: Tapi YB, isn't that to obvious. The rakyat are not stupid you know.They can read between the lines.They can also read whats on the line or below the line.

Chairperson: Don't worry. I will make a PC and tell that it has got nothing to do with Sept 16.

MP1: Mana ada org mau percaya la YB.

Chairperson: Look, if we stay here on the 16th, many of us will be like gila you know...if all of us go away...then we are not involved. PM cannot blame us.Anwar also cannot blame us.Rakyat also cannot blame us.

MP2: YB,nobody will buy that.Somemore its during puasa month pulak tu. My Datin already bising at home.Why no new curtains,no new sofa,no new 42"LCD, no new BMW for this Raya. If I go for the study tripcan I bring my Datin along?

Ramai2: Yaa...boleh bawak bini ka?

Chairperson: We discuss about that later laa...So I want you all to submit your passports to me by this weekend.

MP2: question I want to ask. PM know or not of our studytrip?

Chairman: Not yet.He always sleeping how to tell him?

Zawi said...

They have lost all of their rational thinking and use the silliest to get their MP's out of Anwar's reach. I think this defection is really bothering BN.

wun said...

Yah using the Rakyat's money going on a trip...ish2.

If it is for the Backbencher's only, then perhaps Anwar can join them and discuss further on the jumping..

After all, we've got technologies. They can announce everything through the internet anyway if it indeed it happens. Haih buta teknologi also don't think about technology.

abdul said...

I swear by Allah that I had been an AMNO MP, I would have defected today and not even tomorrow. Can you imagine this utter madness? This humiliation? Iiishhh!

Anonymous said...

Hello, all you in Chegu's blog.

In the noble month of Ramadhan, our noble BBC MPs are going on a noble mission to master in advanced agricultural techniques. Don't laugh ah!

Upon their return, our 'noble' Pak Lah (if he is still around) will ensure that our beloved country will be self-sufficient in the event international transportation breaks down, (ie we all wont starve lah, not like TDM's industrialist dream).

Alternatively, the PR govt could mobilize them as District Agricultural Officers. If they resist, they will top the ACA list.



muteaudio said...

Lorong Gaharu? Muahaha
Belajar agriculture to prepare themselves for debate? Muahaha

Chegu, I'd rather gelak drpd hilang pahala bulan Ramadhan. But all these r simply "Muahaha..."

*Lebih baik pergi Nias tolong org kat sana atau pun pergi Umrah.

feija said...

an insult to the people's intelligence


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