Monday, 22 September 2008

Hero or Criminal?

I just cannot understand how a seasoned politician like Raymond Tan, who was the former Deputy President of SAPP could come out in the open and proudly say that he stopped the PM from ordering the ACA from investigating allegations of corruption on the part of Datuk Yong.

What is he trying to prove? Is he saying that Datuk Yong is an ingrate? Is that what he is trying to say? Is he trying to say that Datuk Yong is corrupt? If that is what he is trying to say then haven't we read about the ACA's desire to investigate Datuk Yong before? So what is new?

The point I am trying to make here is not whether Datuk Yong is an ingrate or Datuk Yong is a corrupt man or even Raymond is a good friend.

Corruption is an unlawful act, the same as theft, robbery, rape and even murder. Those who commit any of these unlawful acts have gone against the law and therefore should be tried in a court of law. If one harbours a murderer or a rapist or a thief then one is also going against the law for preventing justice from taking its due course.

Raymond's act of intervening and deterring the ACA from investigating Yong can be considered as a deliberate act to prevent justice from taking its course. He could and must be considered as harbouring a criminal which is a serious offence.

Now whether Datuk Yong is indeed guilty of corruption or not is for the prosecutors to prove and for the court to decide base on evidence which up till now has not been done yet. One thing that has actually happened is Raymond's disregard for the law.By his own admission, he admitted to intervening and deterring the ACA from investigating into a criminal act. That, sadly, is not a heroic act but rather a criminal one.

The police should come down hard on this man who has admitted that he had tampered with justice. The police should also be investigating the ACA for allowing justice to be tampered with at the intervention of an influential politician.

The most shocking thing here is the role played by the PM as suggested by Raymond. I did not say he broke the law, Raymond's boast implied that the PM has obstructed justice. I think the PM should defend himself against this serious allegation.

This episode also goes a long way to prove right, the people's reservations about the ACA's independence.

So Raymond, by your own admission, you have proven that you are a criminal and that the ACA is not an independent body and that politicians temper with justice.

Am I saying Datuk Yong is not guilty? No, I am not saying that. Let the court decide but Raymond has surely admitted his guilt, unless of course he retracts it by saying he has been misquoted which would not the least bit surprise me.



it's like membuka pekung di dada la cikgu..heh..

Kata Tak Nak said...

Ya atau londeh kain tunjuk kepala kulup.

Anonymous said...

there are two sets of law in bolehland.One for the goons who call the shots and the other for us ,the rakyat who watch in despair and anger. so apa nak heran about what raymond tan said?

Anonymous said...

i read his statement earlier in the day. I can only conclude that :-
1)this character has bitten off more than he can chew.
2)his mouth unwittingly moves without any mental capacity.
3)he lacks any intellect.
4)he loves to be done both ways.(open the mouth and pay thru the arse)
5he qualifies with flying colours to be a candidate for BN(UMNO)

Anonymous said...

Nasib baik dia team BN ... kalau tidak, tak sempat tunggu siang ACA dah datang siasat ...

Ingat lagi kes TGNA ...


Malaysian Joe said...

It just proves that people in govt manipulates the forces of law and it is evident that the nation practises double standards...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


kredibiliti ACA mmg tak bleh pakai. dollah kata ACA dah improve as shown in their actions against perak excos and one negeri9 exco. ni semua nak kaburi mata rakyat je. kalau betul, when is the ACA planning to make their move on the pm after reports were made twice by amno veteran mazlan harun?

Malaysian Joe said...

If he is not a mole planted by the opposition, then BN must be very stupid to still keep a man with this level of "intelligence" with them.

Andrew said...

Self praise is no praise lah! Obviously, he is trying very hard to secure his position by such statements. Afterall, what can we expect from a politician that's already up there with plenty of perks ? For the position of a deputy chief minister don't comes every now and then, thus he will hold on with dear life, mah.

Hi&Lo said...

Cik Gu,

Raymond Tan is qualified as a lawyer but displayed such ignorance. With arrogance of power, wisdom is kissed goodbye.

kopitelp16 said...

That shows how stupid Raymond is. Not to mention as corrupt as other BN goons too. Maybe someone will make a police report and drag him to court for obstruction of justice.

Mike said...


You said 'the police should come out hard on this man...'

Aiyoo Chegu, the police, the ACA, the courts, all sudah hancurlah Chegu. Itu Mahadev sudah kasi hancur-lodoh.

Pak Lah tried to clean-up a bit at the beginning of his term, which made Mahadev furious.

The way this DCM is talking, its no secret that this Mahadev style of keeping control is still kicking strong.

But what about all these Umno fellas trying to pull Pak Lah down, why not PL unleash the ACA on them? Probably Mahadev is keeping their corruption files in some safe place not known to PL

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Now, lets see both, ACA and Police act on this admission. After all, they hold people and question them time and again in an effort to either get an admission, or coerce one. This, is an open admission. But I'll bet nothing will come out of it.


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