Friday, 19 September 2008

The Deal

Samy: I say Palah, waa you everything can ah.

Palah: What do you mean?

Samy: Yes la, PM can, Finance Minister can, now Defence Minister also can.

Palah: Ala, you know la, be Minister where got susah one. Everything people do for us. We approve only la.

Samy: I say, Palah you can give me 5 minutes ah? I got good proposition for you la.

Palah: What proposition? I am busy la Samy.

Samy: I say Palah, this is fantastic proposition one. You want to buy battle tanks from India ka? My friend's company Suppiah Military Consultants can supply.

Palah: What? Battle tanks from India?

Samy: Yes Palah, this one good tanks la. Can tahan all kinds of bomb one but nuclear bomb cannot la. These tanks can also go under water and shoot from underwater also.

Palah: I 've never heard of such tanks la Samy:

Samy: True la. This one all secret one thats why nobody knows.

Palah: Don't one la. We all where got go to war one.

Samy: Wait, wait, wait. Armour carrier you don't one ka? Like the tank jugak but a little bit smaller, also can go underwater, cheap only?

Palah: We all got so many la. Some not even used at all. I don't know why they buy in the first place.

Samy: Don't want ah? Wait, wait, bazooka don't want ah. Very light. Can shoot from here to Bangkok.

Palah: Don't bluff la Samy.

Samy: Where got bluff? Butol punya Palah.

Palah: Don't want la Samy.

Samy: Bullets don't want ka Palah? Cheap only. Satu kali tembak 3 kali letup.

Palah: Don't want la Samy. I am late la.

Samy: Wait, wait Palah, last one, last one. Muruku want ah? For Raya gift to the army. Cheap only la Palah.

Palah: No la Samy, don't be crazy. I'm in a hurry.

After 20 minutes the phone rang

Palah: Yes, now what Samy?

Samy: Last one, last one, papadom want ka? I can supply la, please la, saya sekarang tadak kerja. Palah, Palah, Palah are you there, Palah are you there. Chit, he hang up.

Palah: Hello Kerry, you check out Suppiah Military Consultants. We want to buy swimming tanks and Bazookas that can shoot to Bangkok. Oh, yes, this year we will be giving murukus to our army for Raya and our man's ration will include papadoms.


cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Mati la camni! When we wend our boys to a hot zone under UN banner, a pack of muruku will cost the army something like RM10, just like what MAS has or had to pay for the RM50 per tray of nasi lemak. As it is, it was his brother's company that got a 15yr contract to supply the army with food. Now, kerry will get supply a flying underwater tank that is taken straight from Sergeant Bilko movies.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was so envious of Najib and since he has a limited time left he thought good idea to take this ministry - easy money mah. Hope there is no Altantuya wannbes around this time to complicate matters. BTW why wont samy supply C4s - I am sure this will be much in demand in the present tumultous environment?

faridmw said...

salam.. selamat berpuasa.. no komen la.. apa la rancangan paklah lepas ni...

Kata Tak Nak said...

The muruku's will be the begining and, sadly or happily whichever way you look at it, the last.

[zsazsa] said...

now change job already... so what ministry have not he tried yet before he step down.. next year can be ministry of tourism pulak ok? hehe

Kata Tak Nak said...

The C4s would be Najib's secret which is for Dol to find out.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Dia akan pergi taiwan belajar pertanian.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Minister of Taiwan's Agriculture.


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