Thursday, 4 September 2008

Okay la we accept but next time you say some more we knock your head .

Ah Ting: Hey Palah, I heard that Ah Chuan kacau you about that Ahmad fellow, true ka?

Palah: Yes la Ah Ting. Everyday kacau one. I cannot sleep la. I was thinking about getting Epol to make one more police report and shut that Ah Chuan up la.

Ah Ting: Aiya don't la Palah. He always talk cock one. He don't know how we all make drama during elections. Forgive him la. Aiya give him a bit ah, one contract here, one contract there, he will understand la.

Palah: You tell him don't do like that again. He don't know he is talking to a Melayu Tuan ka?. After I take out the keris then he know.

Ah Ting: Don't la. I talk to him already so now everything okay one. No more noise la.

Palah: So when are you all going to say that you accept the apology?

Ah Ting: Aiya, you never read ka? We make already the statement. We all say we accept one, but still got members not happy because Ahmad did not do it personally.

Palah: Still got members not satisfied? Some more what they want. Why their stomach not yet full ka?

Ah Ting: No, not the important members. We all very happy one. We all don't care what Ahmad say. If he say we all hantu also we all don't care. We like being rich hantus. The ordinary members la Palah.

Palah: Never mind I'll ask the level 4 boys to think of something. We will stir a nest somewhere else and ask the papers to blow that thing up so that everyone will forget about this.

Ah Ting: Same style ah Palah? This strategy always works one la. What do you think is the best ah?

Palah: I don't know la. I think maybe ask the ACA to tangkap Samy and charge him. That would surely get the people interested. That is a big story la.

Ah Ting: Aiya, kisian sama dia la Palah. He our friend for so long one. Do it to Kayveas la. His party small only, somemore no seat in Parlimen. Keep him also tak guna only.

Palah: I think about it first la. I heard that Anwar is trying to fish MCA, betul ka?

Ah Ting: He never come and see us la but his people got try la.

Palah: How's the reception?

Ah Ting: What can he give to us? Nothing one so why go to him. We all in BN always win win one so stay here la.

Palah: Good good.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hehehehehe...but i beg to differ a bit la. whatever shit happens to Kayveas wont cause much media frenzy simply bcos he's a nobody. i think samy would make a lot of news even now he's pencen already...

Ydiana said...


Another informative dialogue. ;)Thnaks for the news.

monsterball said...

Rafidah better.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

'Win win one'...the winnings go to them only lah!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, lar, if Kayveas not much ooopmh la. Must stick to Sam the mee

Kata Tak Nak said...

You're welcome

Kata Tak Nak said...

Aiyo if Rafidah means the whole country will stand still la.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Of course they always win, where can lose one.

fergie said...

That toupee-d fella pencen (per Kerp) ah? Doesn't sound like it .. he sounds like his "old" master la. They not realise they "has beens" .. still want to hog limelight .. slowly fade away :)

Anonymous said...

To make thing's hotter, get Najib lah..


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