Sunday, 14 September 2008

The Report

Big Police: Sergeant, how many reports do we have today?

Small Police: 150 sir.

Big Police: What 150 reports? This is too much la. We must come down hard on this people. We must take stern action.

Small Police: Yes sir, the number of cases are increasing sir.

Big Police. Tell our men to get ready tonight at 2200 hrs. There will be blitz. We will arrest of of them and put them under ISA.

Small Police
: But how sir? How to find these people sir.

Big Police: You took down their addresses when they reported didn't you?

Small People: Yes, I did, but these are the people who made the reports?

Big Police: ISA all of them, I don't care.

Small Police
: But, but sir, there is a report made by a VIP sir?

Big Police: Datuk or Tan Sri?

Small Police: Tun, sir.

Big Police
: What's the report about?

Small Police
: He reported that the traffic lights at the junction next to our station is not working. He nearly had an accident sir. Do we ISA him also sir?

Big Police: You idiot. Get our men, dig out the Traffic lights and send them to Kamunting.


fergie said...

Wah .. early riser, Cikgu! Must have got down to writing after your prayers at the mesjid. I hope you prayed for those under ISA detention and that God will reveal the truth soon. It's been a REALLY SAD weekend .. some more Utd played like headless chickens (reminds me of our gomen .. no direction). Van der Sar is showing his age .. sigh .. and Rooney .. what was that chap up to??? All over the place .. even taking Wes Brown's position .. what a SAD joke!!!

ahwin66 said...

polis oh polis..tiap kali bajet mesti ade insentif utk puak2 nih..
keje hampes jugak...

Kata Tak Nak said...

I always rise early no matter how late I sleep. I guess its the biological clock.

I do pray for those who have been trampled on by this unjust gomen. I also pray that this regime would fall soon.

As for man Utd, as much as I hate the liverfools, they were the better team last night, lets not take that away from them. There still are many games, don't worry, we'll bounce back when it matters.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I think they also get an ISA allowance, the more they send the more they get.

Eskapisminda said...

Salam KTN, can I copy your big red anti-ISA poster to put in my blog. No words can describe my hopeless feeling of seeing people detained under that convenient law.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Please do, I got it from somewhere without seeking permission coz I knew the maker wants these to be shared.

Monster Mom said...

What a sad period for all of us....

Mr Ahmad must laughing now.. hahaha... I just got suspended... u got ISA!!! Now who's laughing!!!

2 more days to go.... I hope...

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Next, they'll dig up the road and haul in the lights supplier and send them to Kamunting too. If still not satisfied, then they'll bring in the families of the supplier as well, and all bystanders. Like I said, the Black of Calcutta will soon be dwarfed by Kamunting.

Zawi said...

Despite all that silly acts they will still find ways to increase the salary of the 'pulis'(to copy a certain minsiter's way of calling them) whenever there is a salary revision for gov servant. To the gomen they are doing the gomen the greatest favour thus far.

cikguajit said...

Ahmad will pay, like it or not, he will.

cikguajit said...

Maybe they will get some cronies to build a state of the art 'Alcatraz' to house the ISA inmates at a few billion ringgit. They, these cronies, no longer do work in millions.

cikguajit said...

Yes everytime they get good treatment but corruption amongst them remain at the same level.

Anonymous said...

splendid cikgu.u rule!


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