Sunday, 14 September 2008

Crude down Petrol?

Reporter: Datuk, the price of world crude has gone down significantly since the last price review before Permatang Pauh. Is the government going to announce another reduction in Petrol and diesel prices soon?

Datuk: If we reduce today and then the next day the price goes up what happens? We must be patient.

Reporter: But Datuk our neighbours have reduced their prices many times while we have only done it once?

Datuk: Don't compare us with our neighbours la. That's not fair.

Reporter: But Datuk, they don't even produce crude?

Datuk: Like I said la, don't go about comparing us with other countries la. That is their country, how they want to manage it is their business la.

Reporter: But we always compare our prices against our neighbours when ever we increase prices?

Datuk: When there are increases we can compare but when there are decreases we cannot compare. Its in many economic books.

Reporter: Name one book Datuk?

Datuk: Waa, you very cocky ah? Are you from Shin Chew?

Reporter: No I am from Berita Harian.

Datuk: If from Berita you should not be asking this kind of questions, you should ask me easy questions, not corner me.

Reporter: Datuk, if and when we reduce our petrol, diesel and gas prices, would Tenaga also reduce their tariff?

Datuk: Why should they? Didn't you hear that Kardi fellow say during the Anwar Shabery debate, Tenaga and petrol and gas prices have no connections?

Reporter: But Tenaga cited increase in crude price to justify the increase in tariffs?

Datuk: Did Tenaga say that? Well then maybe la but we cannot ask Tenaga to reduce their tarifftarrif. There are other justifications.

Reporter: Like what Datuk?

Datuk: The Tenaga CEO need an increase in his salary, other high ranking officers also need big increases in their salaries so this eats up into Tenaga's earnings. Cannot reduce just like that and I don't like your questions la.


Anonymous said...

gud piece.enjoyed reading it.they say truth can hurt but it tickles here. well done.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Continuing on from anon00:04 - There used to be Polish, Hungarian, Irish, Russian and Indian jokes, which actually describe their sad state of affairs. Soon, Malaysian jokes will put all those out of work. Its very sad to be funny.

ahwin66 said...

jgn compare dgn jiran sebelah..

compare la dgn venezuela..baru relevant..

p/s: ai..nak raya ni..wallpaper pun sudah tukar jugak ke??
wallpaper raye le tu kot?

Kata Tak Nak said...

While in pain I try not to grimace.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Nasib baik wallpaper ni free. Kalau tidak KTN tak raya la tahun ni, semua harga dah naik.

Kata Tak Nak said...

If there is one think that the whole world could learn from Malaysia is the Art of Plundering and Staying in Power.


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