Monday, 15 September 2008

The Conversation

Stylist: Welcome Datuks. I am honoured by your visit.

Samy: Yes, I heard this place is good. I would like a hair wash please.

Stylist: Sure Datuk, what about you Datuk?

Hamid: I want a facial please.

Stylist: Sure, sure, you would feel like brand new after this and you Datuk?

Ah Ting
: I would like both, a hair wash and a facial. How much for both?

Stylist: For you Datuk Ah Ting, the hair wash would be 200 and the facial 250. Is it okay?

Samy: So my hair wash is 200 la?

Stylist: Oh no Datuk, your toupee is made of horse hair so its quite tough. Notice how it sticks out like an umbrella? It will be double Datuk, 400.

Hamid: Hahahahaha Samy last time I told you your hair looks strange you scold me now see what happens? Now only I know its horse hair you have on your head, hahahahaha. So my facial is 250 ah?

Stylist: Sorry Datuk, your face stretches right up to the back of your head. We call it extra long face, yours is 400 Datuk.

Samy: Some more want to laugh at me ah? Padan lu punya panjang punya muka, hahahaha.

Hamid: Dei Samy, I ISA you baru tau.

Ah Ting
: I say Hamid, why you go and put that girl in ISA? Now see how susah we all in MCA want to answer?

Hamid: Aiya, I gempaq only la. Put her in for a few days and then let her out la. Just to show other journalists don't play, play with me.

Samy: Yes, don't play play with the long face, hahahaha.

Hamid: Samy, don't make me angry ah? I'll call the pulis ah?

Ah Ting: Like this how are the Chinese ever going to trust the MCA anymore. I want to scold you all also cannot. If I don't scold, the Chinese people say I got no balls, so now how?

Hamid: Aiya, lama lama they all forget la.

Samy: Hey long face, what excuse are you going to give the people about that girl's arrest?

Hamid: Aiya, horse hair, I say the pulis took her in to protect her because got people want to kill her?

Ah Ting: Cannot la like that Hamid, people will say why arrest, why not give her protection?

Hamid: Ayo, right la, aiya I already told the press about it just now. Die la like this. Hey Samy how to get out of this mess ah?

Samy: I say simple la Datuk. Say the press misquoted you la. Then you sumpah laknat la that you didn't say it. Finish story la. Itu pun tatau ka? Chit! Panjang punya muka.

Ah Ting: I say, Hamid ah, you think that Anwar fella butoi-butoi cakap ka?

Hamid: I don't know la Ah Ting. Want to believe also cannot, don't want to believe also cannot. That fellow give everyone a headache la. You know or not nowadays Pak lah cannot sleep at all?

Samy: What? That kaki tidor cannot sleep? Aiyo this is dangerous la. Like that means ah, I think I must ask them to renovate my bungalow in Zimbabwe la, just in case.

Ah Thing: You no good la Samy. You want to run away and leave us ka? Some more got bungalow there or not?

Samy: Got. I still got 2 more. Lu mau satu ka Hamid, I sell cheap cheap.

Hamid: What? Run away? You think I like you ka? No la, I think that Anwar empty talk only la.

Samy: Kalu butol kalu?

Ah Ting: Ha, if butoi how?

Hamid: Cannot be betoi one la.

Samy: If not real why send those MPs to Taiwan?

Hamid: I don't know la, itu Bung punya kerja la. Okay la, lets get all this done.

Samy: I don't want to wash here la expensive only. Okay, bye.

Hamid: Hey Samy, don't sell that bungalow yet ah.


Anonymous said...


The long face pseudo arab didnt instruct the arrest, that's why his answer very bodoh one, no planning.

So WHO actually is behind all these arrests???

I dont think its Paklah. They say the police powers, but why not inform the longface boss. Smell something fishy here, Chegu?

PDRM used to be PDrM???


Kerp (Ph.D) said... hamid has made a real blunder la. even ah ting and his party fellows admitted it was an order from the long face to arrest the 3. they thought they'd gain from these arrests but no man, ameno's in deeper shit.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Anon22:43 has a very good point. Could he be trying to tell us someting?

monsterball said...

Yes this Chegu should be a script writer ..instead of a teacher.
I guess as a teacher...all the yearly shows for parents are produced by him.

Ydiana said...

Longface, horsehair, sleepyhead and ...aThing?Sounds like a Red Indian chief's meeting. Har har har..!

LynMay said...

When PR really takes over, I bet the delusional horse hair will still go around campaigning about the effectiveness of rebranding MIC... his skin is way too thick..his butt is glued to the MIC presidential chair anyway

The ball-less-good-for-nothing-ah pek on the other hand can take up his new role as the president of the gangster community, something is is good at like blackmailing other people and ruining other people's political career for his personal gain...

As for the long face, while waiting for PR to abolish the ISA, lets hope he gets to be "protected" inside for the meantime.. a lot of people would sure love to protect him..

But I agree with anonymous, from the way long face is foaming in the mouth during press conference, I think he is being set-up...


fooart said...

How would the conversation be if those three mother fucker washing their cock???

samson said...

Morning Chegu,

Humourous article this always.

Just a point I want to make, I noticed that the ISA picture has a swastika to denote the nazi-like similarities. I'm not sure if you had copied it or designed it yourself, but the nazi swastika should be slanted more to the right. Otherwise, this swastika will show the symbol of Buddhism, a peaceful religion.

Peace be on to you.

Zawi said...

From what I heard Hamid is doing Anwar a favour by making Pak Lah looks bad. It could be a scripted drama. I wouldnt be surprised if Hamid is working for .....

Kata Tak Nak said...

That is an interesting point to ponder.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Long face should just retire and be a commissioner of oath.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Agree with you on that point. Too many enemies hiding.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Not yet but one day if they asked why not.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Chief Sleeping Bull is doing what he does best, sleep.

Kata Tak Nak said...

What irks me most is MCA and Gerakan working with those damn fools. It couldn't be for the comunity, it must be for their own pocket.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Then one would have a hairless dick, one a black but flaccid dick with rough horse-hair around and another would have no dick from too much kowtowing.

Kata Tak Nak said...

It was lifted off someone else's blog. Must have a good look at it. If I had offended, it was never intentional.

Kata Tak Nak said...

In times when they are doomed, nothing is impossible after all they belong to breed of people we call politicians.

LynMay said...

Well KTN, birds of the same feathers all will flock together. The MCA may not be sitting at the highest end of the food chain but they are somewhere in between.. As for 'Gerakan' they are like the shih-tzus/poodles among the bigger fiercer breeds..

Hope to see more of your funny entries..


Kata Tak Nak said...

For someone so young you are quite an astute person. Glad you read my postings.

Bravo said...

Last I heard was even Burmah ooops Myanmar also not welcoming these useless goons even for a stopover hairwash or blow ....dry


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