Friday, 26 September 2008

Simply too much

MD: Please people we are in big shit and when I say big I mean really Godzilla shit.

Exec1. What do you mean boss? I know that sales have slowed down a bit but it will pick up.

Exec2: Yes boss, our sales department predicts that sales would pick up with our new fuel efficient model next year.

MD: Do you know how much we spent to develope that new model? Close to 800 million. Do you know how many cars we have to sell to recover that investment?

Exec3: How would I know, I am in charge of buying coffee and biscuits for the office.

MD: Then what are you doing here. Go get us some coffee.

Exec1: Yes, we know we would have to sell a lot of cars to recover the cost but that model would be so attractive that sales of imported cars would die. Everybody would be buying Proton.

MD: Yes, that was what we thought but gentlemen I have bad news.

Exec2: What bad news boss. Don't tell me we are going to fold?

MD: No, this company is after all a National pride but the profits that we had expected to come rolling in is not going to happen. In Fact we are expecting to declare losses for at least 5 years.

Exec1: You mean the 1 year bonus and overseas holiday for us and our families are .....

MD: Bonus? What one year bonus, there will be no bonus. All of us would have to take a pay cut.

Exec2: Shit, I should have gone to Honda when they offered me that job as dispatch.

Exec3: But why boss? Everything was so nice and rosy during the planning stage. Remember how we planned to surprise the country with the huge profits we are going to declare?

MD: Yes, but we didn't see this happening.

Exec1: What, what boss?

MD: People don't care for fuel efficient cars anymore now that fuel has gone down by an incredible, an unimaginable, an astounding an unbelievable 10 sens a litre. They are all buying lorries now.

Exec2: What? A 10 sen drop? Are they trying to bankrupt the country? How could the country afford such a humongous cut? I mean it makes no economic sense, I mean 10 sens is just too much to cut, the economy would stand still.


Anonymous said...

ahahahahah...gomen mmg CLASSS

Malaysian Joe said...

isay... dlife lolly more comfotabel meh? LOL..

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Alamak! Why lorries? Who then, will join me for my countryside joyride with my backhoe and caterpillars? This is really outrageous!

Bravo said...

Satu Kupang .. gua jimat boleh beli Kapal Terbang buatan Kepala Batas .... hahahaha ... nak tumpang ke Old Trafford ?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Mana lagi nak cari gomen class macam ni?

wun said...

Now with the petrol price decreased by a whopping 10cent, we are making Singapore the laughing stock of South East Asia.

Best la gomen ni...Banyak syok.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Vely comfotabel la. Can jump jump one.

Kata Tak Nak said...

No worries, you have a pick from around 50 BBC members. I would suggest BUNG

Kata Tak Nak said...

1 ticket first class please and inhouse video tolong tayang CSL exploits.


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