Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The Reasoning

I have written about it before, maybe not as a specific post, and I am going to write about it again. No harm in repeating. It enforces what is already taught or learnt and gives it a permanent place in long term memory.

The reason I gave up the UMNO struggle was how those people treated human beings. I was a hardcore member, willing to give my life for their struggle which on paper was a noble one.

Then that fateful day in September about 10 years ago they sacked Anwar. There was nothing wrong then, but the next day UMNO revealed the devil in them by repeatedly stepping and hurling abuse at a defenseless man.

I was overcome by revulsion for such treatment on a fellow human being. It was not because Anwar was an UMNO member, it was because he is a human being. How could they do that to a fellow human being?

Then it crossed my mind the other acts that they did, some which with Anwar himself participating. I was naseauted with this treatment on a fellow human being. I had never in my life advocated such treatment even on animals.

Why am I writing about this now? Simple. They are doing it again. They lock RPK up for standing up against them. He has a a wife and he has children. They don't care. Did he steal anything? No, he didn't. Did he hurt anyone? No he didn't. Did he rob anyone? No, no, no. His crime? Speaking up against the atrocities that have been committed.

If speaking up against atrocities is a crime than I think I am living in the wrong country. No, come to think of it. I am living in the country of my birth, my country. I have every right to live in this country. I have every right to demand fairness and justice and be able to speak up against wrongdoings.

Its those perpetretors of violence against humanity who has no place in this country. Yes, its their country too but they do not deserve to be free to continue with their devilish acts.

What wrong has Theresa done to deserve being locked up without being taken to court. I don't know if she's married or have a husband or children but I do know she has a mother and father and maybe sibblings and surely friends. I know they must be deeply hurt when such fate befalls her especially when she has not done anything wrong.

Hurting her by taking her freedom away for a crime she did not commit is one thing but in the process, these despicable people are also hurting her loved ones, the same as they hurt Marina and her children and RPK's friends. Believe me I tell you, one sins when one hurts someone on purpose and I do not want to be party to this sinful act.

As a Muslim one must not at any time condone such acts. I wonder how those Muslims who condone such atrocities against humanity call themselves Muslim? If you cannot fight it physically then fight it verbally and as the last resort fight it with your heart, never ever condone such acts.

I am putting myself into great risk by going against these people especially being a civil servant and all but it could be my nature, I cannot just close an eye and pretend that all is well in this beloved country of mine.

The least I could do is to speak up, or in my case, writing down. This sorry state of affair should not and must not continue.

That is why I am giving my support to Anwar to takeover this country. Yes, the Anwar whom I had earlier said was party to some of the evil acts committed by this government of ours.

I believe his time in incarceration has changed him. I believe in his promises but the most important thing that I have is my voice and my conscience. Should he, if he is able to wrest control of this government, prove to be one of the same, then I will speak up against him too.

Should the new government, should it materialise, be as bad as the last one, then I will fight it with as much ferocity as I fight this one, maybe even more because they cheated me.


Malaysian Joe said...

Well written and articulated. Malaysia will be a very nice place to be in if every Malaysian can compel their politicians and powers that be to not commit attrocities on its people as well as not to telan lock stock and barrel every commission that comes their way.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Malaysian Joe,
Things have changed, times have changed. It is every Malaysian's duty to be critical of their government. Not to criticise for the sake of criticism but to open up their eyes and be responsible citizens. Let the powers that be realise that representing the people is an honour and a duty to the people and God.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a brilliant article Cikgu. I am a 50-year old Malaysian Indian who was born in Terengganu - a place that is 99.9% Malay populated. When I was young I was harrassed by many bullies, and was abused in school for being different. There were also many Malays who were kind hearted, sensitive and God-serving Muslims. As I look back at my dark childhood, I sense that those bullies have now come into government and are displaying their cave-like attitudes! If only I could shoot them in the name of justice!

LynMay said...

Well said!

During the March election, I too faced many questions from people asking me not to trust Anwar as they believe he has his own agenda to fulfill which is to obtain the PM seat after being deprived a decade ago.

Most people around me, relatives, friends, especially the non Malays were skeptical of Anwar and all, calling him racist due to his previous misdeeds when he was the DPM.. The saying goes - once a leopard, always a leopard..

But deep down for me, I feel he should be given a second chance. Sure, he may be one of them - the wicked beings once upon a time ago.

I believe leopards can indeed change. You caged the poor animal 24/7,beat the shit out of it, torture it cruelly and unjustly and you can be damn sure while its outlook may still be the same once the wounds have healed, its personality WILL BE ALTERED prior to the bad experiences and suffering! It will emerge as a different leopard all together...

Same goes for Anwar, if he had not been arrested and treated like a dog in prison, perhaps he will just remain today as the same being he was once upon a time ago...

But the cold true fact is, the man has indeed suffered.. he has gone through a phase where no man should ever go througuh especially in a country, our country where there supposedly lies the spirit of democracy.

I may not be 100% sure that under Anwar's administration, things will change 360 degrees, but people learn from their mistakes, and I am sure Anwar will not repeat back the same ugly mistakes of the current BN government now. Even if he were to make a mistake, it will be a brand new mistake.. afterall he is only human.. :)

Lets hope for a new Malaysia :)

Anonymous said...

This probable sums it up best, samesamemam writing in Malaysia Today:

"The politics of patriarchal, primitive, primate politics in Malaysia is having its last fling!"

Anonymous said...

I respect you for the courage and and conviction to stand up for the truth. It takes a great man to do this simple act. Continue with the struggle.

mob1900 said...

Thank you for a straight-up talk, cikgu. we have shown we're not just Malaysians but also fellow humans beings caring for each other in Nurin's case, the abduction of Nat Tan, the berating of women(thnks to former Min. of Info and former Min. of Tourism) and now these ISA detentions.

No one deserves ISA, not even evil Ah MAD Ismail, Toyolman or even the award-winning fiery PUTUSAN writer who wrote malicious lies.

Anonymous said...


Yes you are right about the civil servant part. I always wonder why you are do not worry about it.

Coming back to Anwar the episode that I cannot forget is when he frontlined the Carcosa issue. I felt that we should be gentleman enough that the original spirit should should have been upheld when
it was given to the Tommies.

But like Dr Toh KW I believe in the platform that he is now expounding am willing to overlook whatever past excess misdeeds he may have participated or be a part of.

Malaysian Joe said...


As Malaysians mature politically, I think the inevitable has to happen. Every right thinking Malaysians would know that the country cannot progress if they continue to hog on racial and religious differences.

BN will have to realize that the try and tested formula of old can no longer hold the larger portion of Malaysian in a shackled mindset. Sadly BN today is not a changed entity despite the humiliation of March 08, mainly because they still believe their loss was all down to one man and that replacing that very man would be like making the entity new again.. which sadly may not. I think Zaid in his q & a session has captured the very essence as to why Malaysia is in the state they are in today...

Zaid I believe has hit on the very issue that ail BN as a whole and Umno in particular when he said, "The one single thing I think, is (for him) to trust the people in this country - all races. If you can’t bring yourself to that level of trust and acceptance, you will always worry if a particular policy will benefit this group or not. You worry whether you will upset certain benefits and privileges you have.

So long as you think sectarian or (along ) racial (lines), if you have too much thinking of that, it’s hard for you to have a policy that reaches out to everyone and applies to all. That psychological barrier has to be overcome.

We have to trust that we are one people and want to build one country and we want to have laws that apply to all."

He may be an idealist but isnt ideals that drives a country? Would it hurt the country if they go by these ideals? Trust your citizens to do the right thing and all things will fall in place.... Not a bad ideal to hold onto eh? Trust... instead of casting a suspicious glance once too often?

Anonymous said...

What about the 'Melayu Pendatang' that have their names beginning with 'Syed' or 'Sheikh' and ending with 'Al or 'Ba'? What is your opinion to the fact that their origin is from Yemen - a country that is severely further than China? PLUS the fact that Yemen is one of the original 7 founding members of the Arab League and not the 'Liga Melayu'? What about those 'Syeds' who claim to be descendants of the only Arab Prophet in Islam? Is the prophet truly an Arab or a Malay?

jitraman said...

Should the new government, should it materialise, be as bad as the last one, then I will fight it with as much ferocity as I fight this one, maybe even more because they cheated me.

I love the part when you stressed the above. Have a nice day, Sir.


i luv this one....really do...lot of passion in it....lot of sincerity....luv it....

Ben said...

We could not agree with you more. Just like the Indian and Chinese man who went to the aid of the little Malay boy rolling on the floor at the Puduraya bus station while his helpless mother hang on to their luggage.

We must help in any way we can simply because we care.

Ydiana said...

End of the day, we only want a peaceful and just nation. Minimal corruptions, if not zero. Equal distribution of wealth and not just robbed by corrupt leaders and cronies. More importantly, a qualified and able leader to bring Malaysia back to its harmonious and economically strong stage. If the current one is far from that, time for change. We are willing to give anyone a chance towards the betterment of Malaysia.

ibrahim said...

MalaysiaToday has taken this entry of yours.

Anonymous said...

Well said. Everyone should be against this. It is about human rights, and not which party you come from.

Anonymous said...


This video is hilarious. Upload it. BeeN paradoy

fergie said...

I didn't know you were a hardcore UMNO member, Cikgu. CheDet doesn't seem to think we will ever become ONE bangsa Malaysia. If that is true, then we will be forever faced with problems (racial, religious, etc.). I am hoping that a change in leadership will help in closing the gap between the different races.

laogarfield said...

Fantastic article. The best reading this week! Well done!

Anonymous said...

I remember when I was young, there were no such things as racial. We have friends irrespective of race, and I have even lunched at a muslim friend's house.

Racist are all played by the polititions with hidden agenda. I believe we can live as one Malaysian who are willing to scracified special subsidy to the needy and not the current form of subcidising to the well to do too.

I am from the same kampung with the current PM. Initially there was hopes and respect but now how I wish he would just step down and make ways for other more capable person like Anwar.

Eskapisminda said...

Salam Cikgu,

Perfectly said. Takes a lot of courage to speak out like that with the ISA and all, but that's exactly how I have been feeling all these while too. Selagi ada ketakutan untuk bersuara selagi itu ada perkara yang tidak kena.

The new government may or may not be better. But, there’s a saying, we will always miss 100% of the shots we don't take.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cikgu,

to answer your question, YB Teresa Kok is single.

and this is her blog

and this is her response on the false charges
Lee Wee Tak

Anonymous said...

I share your sentiments, bro...

btw... some of your posts are damn funny... not bad 4 a ManU fan lah...hahaha

adding u to my blogroll =]


PM said...

Chegu how I wish there are more umno ppl like you who can see and seek the truth. but by looking at the present ones in power they are nothing but scumbags and rotten to the core.

Thank You Chegu , you made my day

kopitelp16 said...

Excellent piece of writing. If only UMNOputras can be color blind. Now AAB has swap portfolio with Najib. Hmmmm something's not quite right. Maybe AAB is not as sleepy as we belived he is.

Btw, glad we beat you 2-1! You'll Never Walk Alone!

kopitelp16 said...

Excellent piece of writing. If only UMNOputras can be color blind. Now AAB has swap portfolio with Najib. Hmmmm something's not quite right. Maybe AAB is not as sleepy as we belived he is.

Btw, glad we beat you 2-1! You'll Never Walk Alone!

Bravo said...

I salute your courage and express my utmost respect as a fellow Red Devil.
What is so wrong to demand our right to LIVE as MALAYSIANS? Malaysia is our country of birth and we all are Malaysians,irrespective our forefathers are Pendatangs.
Kopitelp16 we are looking forward to the return leg to reverse the score ... Cheers

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

As a teacher, you will certainly change the life of all the students that cross your path. Their lives will be marked from having known an exceptional role model. This is a great consolation for me as a non-malay and a non-muslim. You are a beacon of hope for many Malaysians who are worried and anxious of what is to come.

God bless your heart and your intelligent post.

It was a treat to read it.

peng said...

You are one of the few good men left in UMNO (i.e. if you are still an Umno member). If anyone has a conscience he/she should reject a system that stifles democracy and promotes inhumanity.
I agree with you that the incarceration has changed Anwar. I have once commented in one blog that if Anwar has not been affected by that, then he is inhuman. But I believe he is a changed man and we should give him a chance.

tmf said...

Teresa Kok was taken away on Friday (12/9/08). Two self- proclaimed Muslim Groups were at the Sentul Police Station making report against Teresa on Sunday (14/9/08)morning around 11am.

At the scene, by the road side, some gangster-looking youngsters with yellow head-ban were holding some banners accusing Teresa of " menghina Islam" I stopped my car and asked one of them what was it all about.

Me: Dik, apa dah terjadi?

He: Ada Orang menghina Islam.

Me: Siapa?

He: Tak tahu! (The banner he was holding reads: Teresa Kok Menghina Islam)

Me: Lalu you marah siapa?

He: Tak marah siapa, cari makan saja!

Me: Tapi Teresa KOK sudah ditangkap ISA.

He: Siapa Teresa KOK?

My dear Malaysian brothers and sisters who are Muslims, speak up like our dear Kata Tak Nak, please do not let these people confuse the non-Muslims about your religion.

Anonymous said...

Well said, nicely written. Stay on with your principle, the good will always overcome the bad, maybe not sooner but later, is for sure. Be a good Muslim especially now, in Ramadan. Pak Lah will pay for his sins.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

very well written cikgu. i'm pissed the most when they act as if malay solely belongs to them. will we be less a malay for supporting theresa? hell no man.

monsterball said...

kickdefela just got arrested!!

Anonymous said...


I am very much like you. I was kind of hardcore Umno guy until one day after Anwar was sacked, when the shit affidavit of Musa Hasan was published in the newspapers. I sympathised with Anwar and got into serious quarrels with some of my pro Mahathir siblings.

When Pak Lah took over, it gave me a new hope as I was very fond of him since my BTN days in the seventies (sort of pioneer ones in BTN). Anwar then slowly became out of sight and out of mind, though my sympathy for him never died.

During March 8th, I was 50-50 and blamed the mamak Mahathir and KJ for BN's miserable results, and actually pitied Pak Lah.

The minute Pak Lah opened his mouth on the accursed Saiful sodomy, I lost all respect I had for him. Again I pitied him for trading the hereafter for world power.


frankie said...

No need to express your reason Cikgu. What the government did was all inhumane and for what reason? To safeguard own interest.Our interest is not their priority. The rakyat struggle everyday to earn a living to feed their families and it is getting difficult by the day. For 51 years of independent and more than 30 years as an oil producing country, we were screwed and sodomised. Pak Lah has screwed up big time.

For those delighted with ManUtd poor run at the EPL, learn from the past experience, somehow May next year, ManUtd will still be at the top and Liverpool as usual will struggle to qualify for the Champion's League spot.

Anonymous said...

salam cikgu. i write with deep anguish.what have we become? lies,deceit and oppression have become a norm.Humanity is gone. and yet the powers to be tell us that all is well! if so then god save us all.may the force be with us.

Anonymous said...

Anwar is no angel, no messiah, no saviour. Probably he even has his own agenda. But deep down, my gut feeling tells me that he would definitely be 100%, 200%, heck even 500% better than the present administration. When oppression thrives for selfish agendas, when atrocities are committed in the name of unity, when corruption are veiled in the disguise of commission; any heart would only sunk lower; the will to live becomes weaker and the soul, what soul? DSAI please don't fail us

Anonymous said...

Well said. This world would definately be a better place with the likes of you.


cancan said...

Let us pray together

Maverick SM said...


I would like your permission to post your article at my blogsite.

Apologise as I have taken the liberty to post it before you give the go-ahead.

However, if you disagree, I will take it down.

Kata Tak Nak said...

No problem go ahead.



The present government is headed by the most Benggapest Man on earth; worst that he has 2 0r 3 millions other Benggaps backing him to lead the country.

Benggaps will do what Benggaps have to do, and they sees Wrong as Right.

Benggaps are bunch of senseless group of members, and whatever they do onto Raja Petra Kamaruddin is right act in the eyes of Benggaps.

Benggaps are Overheads, not Revenues. When their numbers are so great, they create Losses to the country.

The only way forward to the nation, the non-benggaps should continue backing up and support Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim all the way to changing the Government.

No way the KING OF LIAR, Mr Benggap going to retire from politic except and only if gets Heart Attack and Kaput from the political scene, but again, there are millions of other Benggaps will replace The MOnkey.

God created Malaysia, a beautiful country. Sadly, God also created MOnkeys "The Beggaps" to damage and spoil Malaysia.

What to do....

KongKor said...

Dear Katataknak,

I can understand your fear of a backlash, afterall this has been the style of governing by UMNO/BN over the the last 50 years.

It is very brave of you to put yourself in such a position endangering your job, etc BUT you DID what you NEED TO DO. You can stand tall and walk with PRIDE and DIGNITY with a clear CONSCIENCE just like what Zaid Ibrahim did.

At the end of the day, the TRUTH will PREVAILS and those who seems to use the law (knowingly and willingly to suppress another fellow Malaysian), you and I need not worry as the day of his reckoning will eventually come. I am very sure the Minister invoking the ISA will have a hard time sleeping every night.

I say, Kudos for walking with Zaid Ibrahim, RPK and the political prisoners languishing in Kamunting. I am very sure you have made your family proud.

kayangsari said...

Do you own a BMW 5 series at least, an istana, or are rich because of government "atas angin" contracts? If you answer yes to all these points, then you should be like those who choose to be in UMNO. Everyone knows this. How to change.

GobloKing said...

Thank you for your Courage CikGu. If you are a representative of the majority of UMNO, they would not be in trouble today

But I am proud to have you more importantly as a brother walking with yr brothers Bangsa malaysia.

Are you a teacher? I sure would hv loved the kids of my family to be taught by someone as honest & noble as you

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being brave and speaking out as a good human bing and a patriotic Malaysian!

The government today thinks that anyone who speaks out for human rights, good governance is UNPATRIOTIC - and it is Wrong! It's because we love this country that we want it to thrive and be a beacon, not the shameful corrupted country it is becoming under this BeeEnd rule.

Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims!

ntkezaliman said...

Cik gu,
I'll be more convinced of Anwar if he could make a public apology for his previous "sins or evil acts"
Selamat Hari Raya.


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