Saturday, 20 September 2008

Retirement Plans: The Interview

Reporter: So DS, now that you are no longer the PM and your insistence that your days in politics is over, what are your plans.

Palah: Oh, I am going to take a break from everything. I want to travel the world as a commoner.

Reporter: Yes, there are lots of places out there to go as a tourist. Does that mean you would be doing a lot of sight-seeing?

Palah: I say I would travel the world, not sight-seeing. I am just going to every top hotel and sleep, sleep and sleep. I am going to enjoy sleeping as a commoner.

Reporter: I don't get you DS.

Palah: All this while I have been sleeping as a politician. My sleep gets disturbed. I mean I had to sleep during meetings. That is just plain uncomfortable. Now my sleeps would be in comfortable beds.

Reporter: Is that all? Are you going to sleep your life away?

Palah: Oh no, I can't do that. I have plans.

Reporter: Are your plans a secret? Could you share them with us?

Palah: Oh no secret, no secrets at all. I will be going to Taiwan with Bung to learn agriculture.

Reporter: Wouldn't that get into the way of your sleep? I mean agriculture would require full time attention?

Palah: I'll be the manager and Bung will do the dirty work like collecting manure from the cows and milking the cows and goats.

Reporter: So you plan to go into dairy farming? What about marketing the produce?

Palah: Oh Samy is going to buy the cow and goat's milk. Kayveas will sell the mutton from my farm and Saiful will handle the Sup Torpedo part of our beef business. He seems to be very good with this torpedo thing. Loved it.

Reporter: Aren't you going to plant things?

Palah: Yes, I am going to plant soya beans which will be sold to Khir Toyo's tempe factory in which I have a share.

Reporter: So you are also going into the food business with the tempe business.

Palah: Oh no, its not so much a food product. Its more pharmaceutical. Its for enhancing the tone in one's face. With our tempe, you don't need Botox anymore.

Reporter: Wow, you will be a busy man.

Palah: Did I tell you that I would also be lecturing?

Reporter: No, where? It must be in politics or international relations?

Palah: No, Kardi would be introducing a new field of studies called Flipflopology. Its a degree course. I would be visiting Professor. Ooops! sorry I have to cut this interview short. Siesta time. Where's my bantal bucuk?


wun said...

aaaaahh yess retirement. Sir Sleep-a-Lot would love it. But of course having degraded the UMNO retirees, they wouldn't look forward to him joining them..
But are you sure the BN members would treat him nice though? I mean, Tun was a BN hero but look at how they treat him now. With Paklah being such a humiliation during his term, I don't think it will go down well for him after retirement...*hoping*

Zawi said...

He has yet to retire and you are already talking like as if he is retired. Soon, pretty soon he will be retired. His family is already rich, nothing to worry much on finance I guess.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

muahahahhahahaa.......come on cikgu, give him break. oh wait, hey you did just that...muahahahahaaa...

and that flipflopology study cracks me up la...i think that stupid kardi fella would believe there is such field he tried google it up...muahahaaaaaaa

Rashid said...

I like it. I like this part:

"No, Kardi would be introducing a new field of studies called Flipflopology..."

Cigku, can't laugh much as I'm hungry. Ramadhan Karim.

[zsazsa] said...

flipflopology? can i do it in one year then? maybe i can get a job in flipflop factory? i heard the flipflop industry is good now. been trying to do computer science but kantoi lo..

Bravo said...

ApplZzzzzzation approved just go for your 2nd flipflopogy slumbering major ... JUST GO >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

monsterball said...

All those he mentioned are going to jail in an Island..planting the movie...."Papillon"

Kata Tak Nak said...

The thing about politics is that one is scum when one is no longer of no importance.

Kata Tak Nak said...

If PR did not get to takeover the country, Pak Dol would still be going off early unless he is really 'muka tak malu' la.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Maybe they are even discussing about it now. The discussion would be whether to name it flipflopology, sliipology or Dollogy.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Don't laugh then just smile.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Do you really like computer studies? If you do then no harm in trying again. Always try to do what you like to do ten only will the passion be there so you don't kantoi easily. Sorry la if I sound like an old man because I am indeed an old man.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Soon they will have a degree in blowthegirlwithC4logy.

Kata Tak Nak said...

They should be sent there.

ahwin66 said...

tempe ganti botox..ini sudah bagus..
mana nak contact?
nak jd stokis boleh?

Anonymous said...

The old sleepy-head is (or was) still the best person in umno lah. Imagine if Najib (Rosmah) take over with Mahadei as advisor, aiyyooh hancurlah negara kita.

If PR cannot make it, any other foreign power take over also ok lah, as long as not Zimbabwe lah.

Frustrated Citizen

Kata Tak Nak said...

Contact Toyo @ Toyol Phamaceuticals.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Exactly my sentiment. I wouldn't want Rosmah to be PM and Najib as the First Gentleman.

Malaysian Joe said...

Toyol and tempe...saifool and sup torpedo... that is oh sooo farney... I missed this one... :). Now my Monday is no longer blue.


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