Monday 15 February 2010

Potong Shop

Man1: Hey really ka this shop got cheap BMW?

Man2: Betoi, I tell you, just last week my friend bought a Merc for very cheap.

Man1: Then how come not many people here? If really cheap one sure got plenty of people here what?

Man2: That is because, they don't have cheap cars everyday. When got then only they will advertise secretly.

Man1: So they told you today got la?

Man2: Yes, last night they called me, they say got good barang one.

Man1: How come they sell so chep one? The cars all stolen ka?

Man2: No la stolen one they send to Thailand or Singapore, this one accident one. If got accident car, they potong la. One potong in front, the other potong behind then they sambung la, but their workmanship very good one, no one can know the difference one.

Man1: I don't care one whether potong or sambung as long as I can get a BMW cheap. Come go in.

Man2: Hey, Ah Hong, got ah the one you called me last night?

Hong: Aiya Kassim, why you so late? I just sold that one la. Who this fellow with you?

Man2: My friend la. He wants to buy the BMW.

Hong: I say sorry la, sold already. Camry got la.

Man1: Good or not? New one ka?

Hong: Sure good one. We can give you guarantee some more.

Man1: Got grant or not? Nanti I want to do road tax kena sangkut pulak.

Hong: I say, kawan, cannot sangkut one. All kow tim already. JPJ and PUSPAKOM sudah makan one. Don't worry la.

Man1: I really wanted a BMW la but Camry also can la but must see first la.

Hong: Jom lets go.

Man1: Go where?

Man2: Go see the car la.

Man1: Why not here ka?

Hong: This car baru siap only, now they all polish so still in our workshop la, come I show you, you like, we arrange everything, 2 days can take already.

Man1: Okay lets go. Far ka?

Hong: About 2 hours la.

Man1: Waa, your workshop in the jungle ka?

Hong: Yes la, where can potong in the open? Here the Camry, you like or not?

Man1: Waa! Very nice ah. Hey Ah Hong, lorry also you potong ka?

Hong: Got, but this month no lorry.

Man1: That one, so long one, not lorry ka?

Man2: Yes la Ah Hong, that one there at the back?

Hong: Aiya that one ah, my mechanics made mistake so they send back la.

Man1: Make mistake, but you say sure okay one.

Hong: If car can la but this one submarine, first time we try, all okay already, but suddenly after delivery cannot dive, so they send back la. Rugi la this one.

Man1: Waaaaaaa! Submarine potong also got ka?


Anonymous said...

Salam cikgu,
Fulamak !! submarine potong *** ??? Food for thought !!!! Whats next ??? This is really Malaysia Boleh!! I begin to feel for the word "potong".Think of it, from now onward everything will be potonged including you know what with the economy diving except the yellow submarine!! Just my 2sen cikgu. Happy holiday to you.

Unknown said...

I have a list of quite a number of people whose hmm hmm I would like to potong.

zorro said...

Good one but best you dive an hide.

Singam said...


You have outdone yourself.

ahoo said...

Can we have a royal commission to investigate the sub case ? Seems very odd that 1MPM6 faces so many issues from engines lost to sub etc. Is there deliberate attempts to challenge his 1M sloganeering ? Let the real show begins, CheGu as we anticapate more goodies from the govt in terms of price hike.

Anonymous said...

submalin potong kasi kancil 660cc injin pakai buleh one mah! itu pasai submalin tak buleh terjun dalam mari. mau kasi tunngu injin F5E pasnag itu submalin buntot baru buleh selam punyea. made-in-gambang semua buleh pakai punyea.

Sammy said...

Chegu, you forgot F-5E potong...later Mig 29 potong they sell to India...

Anonymous said...

ka ka ka ka

memang UMNO boleh. Potong sub pun beli. Mana itu Razak. Belajar di London ka? Belajar nak macam potong sub ka?

ka ka ka ka UMNO memang boleh.

Anonymous said...


Tak kisah kan if I ciplak nie share this with friend.... I won't potong-potong...


Anonymous said...

LOL! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! :)


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