Sunday 28 February 2010

Barang baik one.

Deserter: Wah lucky la I left my old party, if not how to come to Washington free of charge?

DoubleJay: That's why la. You should have joined us earlier. If you had joined us before the elections, you wouldn't have so much problems?

Deserter: Don't talk la you. If I had joined before the elections you think you all would pick me ka? Surely you pick some Gerakan or MCA fella one.

DoubleJay: Aaah, let's not talk about those things la. Let's finish our work first, then we enjoooooooooy!!!!!!!

Deserter: Hey, that barang baik also got come here ka?

DoubleJay: Sure got come la. For work and entertainment. We all, when overseas, always got fantastic entertainment one.

Deserter: That is why I follow you all here because I heard barang baik is also coming.

DoubleJay: Ok, ok, let's do our work first. Everytime they ask you question, you say AI is not good. You make stories la. I'm sure you know how to make stories.

Deserter: You don't worry about that la. I had plenty of practice when I was a sarkas party member last time but remember, tonight, I pakai barang baik first ah!!

DoubleJay: Ok la, you pakai first.

(At Night)

knock knock knock

Deserter: Is that you sayaaaaang?

BB: Yes la abang. Open the door la.

Deserter: Ok ok. Waaaaa!!! Sayang, you look simply sumptious tonight. I feel like I want to makan you right here at the door.

BB: Eh eh abang, don't be gelojoh la. Let's go in first.

Deserter: Sure gelojoh la. You janji 10 o'clock now 11 baru you datang.

BB: I was on the way here at 10 but suddenly DoubleJay grabbed me and pulled me into his room la abang. I cannot tahan him la. He smells of curut. You tak hisap curut kan?

Deserter: No no I don't like curut, faster faster.

BB: Be patient la abang. We have the whole night.

Deserter: Oh, Epol, I can't wait la.


Anonymous said...

Adui cikgu that Epol also got go kah?? My,my cikgu. Biasalah they will all go oversea to spend the rakyat's money. And the most beautiful part is the rakyat will always elect them in the PRU and forever thankful to them for spending all the rakyat's money. Just my 2sen cikgu.

Anonymous said...


You never failed to sexcite your readers every once in a while!!

Golden Boy

Unknown said...

2 sen,
Sure got la, otherwise, where to get cheap entertainment?

Unknown said...

Anonymous 20.58,
With Epol means, sure sial one.

zulkifli said...

Ever thought of writing comedy scrips for TV? This one's a real rib-tickler!!

Unknown said...

I don't think they waould be interested in me. Thanx anyway.

ahoo said...

They went to USA to learn about " true " democracy mah ! Thus, PKR MPs' also tagged along including recent turncoat.

BB: Be patient la abang. We have the whole night.

Deserter: Oh, Epol, I can't wait la.

When the " show " was about to start, the BB asked for light off.

Deserter: Cannot lah, with light off where can see ?

BB: Why do you need to see ? Katak can jump anywhere they want and still find it way home to the hole.

Deserter: Ya, that is the usual bushes and hole not this one ?

BB: Okay, ok, ok. Are you ready for the home run ?

Deserter: Aiya, susah lah ! My brother waited too long and now giving cold shoulder lah ! You got bring Viagra kah ! Sheessssssh.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cikgu
I'm a bit dense here. Who's Epol? Hint please.....

Anonymous said...

WOWWWWWW..... Epol oso go Washingtan kah???? no wonder his meeting people & AI postponed. after night stand with Deserter, sure Epol nuts pecah and buntutt koyak, Deserter orang penang suka Appom @ Jalan Burmah.......AOWWWWW

Anonymous said...

what a good read to wind up a stressful day...hahahaha.


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