Wednesday 23 December 2009

The Maintable

Minah: Hai Kak Kiah, waaa you very early this morning?

Kiah: Ooo, Timah! Yes, la. got so much work to do today, you know la with the kenduri and all, don't forget to come today aah.

Minah: Sure I come one, you know la how I love a good gossip but why do you shop? You tak ambil caterer ka? You want to cook everything yourself ka?

Kiah: No la, I cater but I want to add something special for the main table. I want to serve a Kiah Special.

Minah: Ooo like that ka, I thought you want to cook everything. What you want to cook Kiah?

Kiah: I think, I want to add lobsters to the main table la.

Minah: Waaa! Lobster ka? Eh can I sit at the main table?

Kiah: Of course la Minah, without you the main table would be too sober la.

Minah: Mat! You got lobsters or not today, Kak Kiah here wants to cook something special today.

Mat: Got, got, there at that corner.

Kiah: Alaaa Mat those lobsters so small la, what would people say? Got bigger one or not?

Mat: Got Kak Kiah but that one smuggle one, where can put on display one.

Kiah: What smuggle one? Since when you do this thing all Mat?

Mat: I say Kak Kiah mau hidup la.

Minah: Where then? We all must see first, then only can buy.

Mat: Abu, you take over for a while. Come, come with me to the store. This one only for trusted people only.

Minah: Waaa! your store so big one. Eh Mat! Is that a tiger's head?

Mat: Yes, Kak Minah, the meat I sold already. This head can fetch a very good price la. You want ka? RM15K I sell you.

Minah: Don't want la, what I want to do with a tiger's head. You be careful Mat, this thing all illegal la.

Mat: Here Kak Kiah, lobsters smuggled from the Bermudas, very big an fresh.

Minah: Eh, what is inside that box Mat?

Mat: That one ka? If you want I sell it to you cheap la. My customer in the US cancel the order already.

Kiah: At least tell us what it is, if okay we buy la.

Mat: F5E spare engine. Never mind if you take this one I will throw in a submarine periscope foc. You nak bungkus ka?


rastom said...

Cuba cikgu pi jenguk jenguk di Rope Walk tengok..mana tau kot ada.

ahoo said...

Chegu, maybe the engine is still intact but stored in the sub ? Waiting for the right offer then only dispatch lah !

Anyway, me think they uses the sub to catch those " Lobsters " lah. Better change store keeper now otherwise the sub may be paid by us but out-source to our neighbour for their usage.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Zahid kata they already know who the culprits are. Aku kata pulak menteri time tu should also be held responsible. No wait. I mean the menteri's wife...kahkahhh...

Unknown said...

Baru balik dari rope walk. Nampak macam ada screw yang printed sukoi saja?

Unknown said...

I also think the engines there la and the lobsters are for the celebration afterwards.

Unknown said...

If we talk of accountability then that is the best thing to do. He is lucky we are not in Japan in feudal times.

Anonymous said...

Kerp (Ph.D),

Why only the menteri? Have you forgotten who's the PM at that time? I mean, the one who was called by many names - slumberjack, sleepyhead, etc? When one is always asleep, no wonder national assets are stolen right under his nose?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

should we bother asking the then PM? I doubt he was aware even it happened right under his nose. and knowing him, thats quite a genuine case...hehehe...

Anonymous said...

Kerp (Ph.D),

Aware or not, being the then PM, the final accountability lies with him? Asleep or not, there's no excuse!

Anonymous said...

I read recently One FengShui Master said Malaysian top politician to die heart-attack mid 2010. Maybe that Illegal F5E engine is to fly the Casket to Moon where his body along with his Partner will not Rot. Unlikely that fat fella going to be mummy inside Scorpene along Tuya Tuya.

If so, Tsunami comes, that dead body and submarine may end up on top of KLCC Tower, you know...


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