Sunday 8 November 2009


The Star reported that leakage in government spending is so bad, that overpayment could reach RM28 billion this year and a few days after that someone said that CUEPACS's claim of bonus is immoral.

Phhhh! PKFZ, which puts millions into the pockets of those who already have millions is not immoral; asking for bonuses, which puts a minimum of 1K into the pockets of those who owe Bank Rakyat many years wages, just to live, is bloody immoral.

I wonder how much would a month's bonus cost the treasury? Surely it could not be 28 billion? Correct me if I am wrong, the term overpayment, as far as I know it, is something like paying 400 ringgit for a 100 ringgit table; paying 2 million per kilometer for a 500K per kilometer road; buying an aircraft for 100 million which other countries pay about 25 million or worse still paying 40K for a 3K computer.

Shit, after going through all of the above, I am convinced it is CUEPACS that is immoral. Why? Because, Utusan, Berita, NST, The Star, TV1,2,3,7 and 9 said so. Come on they can't be wrong. After all, they are institutions of high intergrity.

Oh yes, I wonder if travelling first class for a holiday in Disneyland with the extended family is not immoral (forgive the double negative).


Pak Zawi said...

Hopefully the overpayment activities will end soon with this exposure. It has to begin with the one one at the very top. Then things will just cascade downwards. I know he once paid RM11K for a RM5K songket.

D'ayo said...


Penduduk Malaysia yang seramai 26 juta nia kalau diagihkan 28 billion tu, masing-masing dapat seribu lebih tu... untuk tambahkan 5 billion untuk Valuecap (total 10.3 billion) ok je... check BERNAMA 20/10...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


typical case of rakyat

Unknown said...

Pak Zawi,
Apa nak buat, dah nasib badan.

Unknown said...

Mana buleh bagi kat rakyat? Dosa tu. Duit tu mesti diagih-agihkan dikalangan orang2 tertentu saja. Rakyat duduk diam dan bayar cukai.

Unknown said...

Hmm betoi jugak, rakyat dihulukan. That's a good one.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cikgu,

Only 1Man (or UMNO proclaimed 1God) has the authority to define what or who is "Immoral". This 1Man is no other than our "honourable" 1Prime Minister, our own 1Dato Seri 1Najib.

If 1Najib says it is immoral, then it is immoral. And the heavens opened up and all the 1Angels MSM shall sing the same tune.

Anonymous said...

is that the logo of the Hutchings School depicted in your profile?

sri hartamas

Unknown said...

anonymous 13.10
No it belongs to Bukit Mertajam High School.

Anonymous said...

who is the chief editor of Star?

he thinks he knows how to spell the word "IMMORAL".

bloody HYPOCRITE. worse, he is not ashame of it.


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