Friday 20 November 2009

The Implication

Samdol: Hey biol, what are you doing here selling air tebu? Why, you are helping someone out ka?

Biol: No la dol, I am doing this as part time job la.

Samdol: What! Part time job? You must be joking.

Biol: No Dol, this is for real.

Samdol: You know what's wrong with you?

Biol: What?

Samdol: You are simply too greedy la.

Biol: What do you mean greedy?

Samdol: You already have so much money and yet you are still looking for more.

Biol: No Dol, you got it wrong. Yes, I HAD so much but not anymore. I have sold off my Accord coz can't afford the instalments and I have sold the bungalow also because of the instalments.

Samdol: Why? They potong your gaji ka?

Biol: No they did worse than that, they don't give us overtime anymore.

Samdol: You mean all your wealth, is,, or rather was because of overtime?

Biol: Yes la Dol, my pay is just the same as any other government servant's but my overtime is, er, was fantastic but now no more.

Samdol: Oh I see, the economy must be really bad that even the government is cutting back on OTs.

Biol: No its not because of the economy, it's something else.

Samdol: Something else? Er, if you don't mind me asking, though we have been friends for sometime now but in which department do you actually work?

Biol: The MACC, Interogation department.


Anonymous said...

what a screamer, keep it up


Anonymous said...

what a screamer, keep it up


romerz said...

Another good one cikgu, as always!

Anonymous said...

Salam cikgu,
Apa nak dikatakan lagi. You are simply superb. Keep it coming cikgu. Ada masalah kesihatankah? I always like the ending part. Suspense betul !! Just my 2 sen cikgu.

Anonymous said...

No wonder lah I read in some letter about MACC months ago that "That HH Fella" got Petrol Stations, Houses, etc all just becoming MACC makan gaji, gomen servant.

Aiyohhh like that MACC is no makan gaji buta lah like that, its just the Gomen Head Crime Minister too blind to see OverTime claims can settle all the luxuries bills. In this case, the Crime Minister lah makan gaji buta, travel here there everywhere somemore!

No wonder also lah that No Head of Country want to see him because he is blind head, brain and eyes too. Fat like a PIG, DUMNO like a PORK huh!

zorro said...

Again brutally insightful,

Pak Zawi said...

Being associated with MACC is not the in thing anymore. Whatmore if you are on their payroll.

Unknown said...

I sure their boss must be screaming.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

2 sen,
Takada masalah, cuma sibuk dan malas sikit lately.

Unknown said...

anon, 14:50,
Aiyo the Crime Minister must be having headaches and complaining to the embattled Hell Minister la.

Unknown said...

Brutal is what they deserved actually.

Unknown said...

Pak Zawi,
Yeah, who could live on their pay only without overtime.

Anonymous said...


Nak share cerita pasal overtime nie, cerita lama tapi... kat kampung saya, hujung minggu je mesti ada blackout - tak lama, kurang dari 2 jam je.

Persepsi we all - staf LLN nak claim overtimelah tu...

Tapi yang bestnya, kalau ada kenduri masa tu, benda nie tak jadi


Unknown said...

Yang tu memang depa punya mentality la. Kerapnya, breakdown tu depa yang buat untuk claim overtime, tapi at least tak payah pukoi orang la.


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