Saturday 10 September 2011

Please don't go!!!!!!!

Mat: Please, please don't go. Where am I going to find another partner like you? Please. Don't you cherish all the good times we had together?

Dollah: Noooooo! I'd rather die than to be without you please, don't go. Please, please, I can't take this.

Samad: What is life without you? If you must leave, then please take me with you. I've never had a partner like you before.

John: No, we have to go. It saddens us to go what with your tin and rubber but we must leave. Remember, you were never colonised, you were a partner, an equal partner. You have been independent all this while. Thanks for your gifts of rubber and tin. Her Majesty sincerely appreciated it. Bye-bye partner. Remember, whatever people may say about our relationship, one day a chosen one by the name of KELING would clear the air.


Anonymous said...


Hahahaha, its really funny. John's prophecy is only have true because we have two KELINGS: one a medical doctor KELING declaring the history we learned in school is inaccurate and are just fantasies and a second historian doctor KLING declaring Perkutuan Tanah Melayu/Malaya/Malaysia/1Malaysia was never colonized and had been independent all along.

So why have we been celebrating Merdeka Day for the last 53 years from 1957 to 2010? Our founding fathers, especially, Tunku Abdul Rahman must have been almost superhuman smart to be able to con all of us into believing that he and his Alliance colleagues fought for independence from the British. But obviously Najib and his present batch of cabinet ministers are so clever to discover we were never colonized which explain why we did not celebrate this year's Merdeka Day on August 31st because there is no such thing as Merdeka. We shall only celebrate Malaysia Day on 16th September to commemorate the day Sabah and Sarawak became "protected" states under Peninsular Malaysia.

zorro said...

You NAILED it,'s your little angel doing.

Unknown said...

Oh my angel is doing just fine. Incidentally, she is 7 months old today.


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