Wednesday 7 September 2011

Sorry la Datuk

Journalist: Sorry boss, I can't go la, my daughter is sick, get someone else la please.

Chief: Aiseyman, where to find replacement, after all, it is only a few hours work. Kampung Baru only, near your house what.

Journalist: Cannot la boss, my wife will be angry la, please la boss. When have I ever refused you assignments? This time betul-betul cannot la boss.

Chief: Where to find people ah? You are the 18th person who turned down this assignment. Usually you all would be pestering me to go because of the free makan and allowance.

Journalist: You go la boss, got chance to be buddy buddy with the VIP.

Chief: Actually I want to go but my grandmother is getting married. What to do ah? Okay la, I'll call the VIP and let him know that we can't send anyone. ....... Hello, Datuk, Bernama here, we can't send the 500 journalist that you requested to go to Kg Baru this evening la, sorry la Datuk. What? 490 also can? I can't even get 1 la Datuk. Please don't be angry at me la Datuk Azeez.


Anonymous said...

but blogger Papagomo surely want to go one!


mohon agar blog saya disenaraikan dalam blog ini


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