Wednesday 28 July 2010

Man Utd and the Devil

I think today it's my turn to write about the Man Utd thingy. Yes the one about the jersey supposedly to bear the true portrait of the devil and how all the ills of this world were actually committed by Man Utd Jersy wearing fans. Yes, those fans who don't wear these jersey are okay, only those who wear them would turn into devils and start wreaking havoc. I didn't know that Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and Mahathir are Man Utd fans.

Funny, I could have sworn seeing a certain rempit snatching a lady's handbag while wearing a Malaysia Boleh T-shirt. I am sure he had the Man Utd emblem tatooed on his chest. Hmm, come to think of it, was Man Utd around when Jack the infamous Ripper was up and about practising his surgical skills? Could it be that Attila and Conan were both central defenders of pre-historic Man Utd?

Anyway, being a diehard fan of Man Utd since my primary school days and now being 54 you could guess how long that is, I would like to confess that I do not own a Man Utd Jersy. First, they are costly, the original ones, and second, the local ones do not have my size coz I wear multiple XL size shirts. No, it has not got anything to do with the 'devil' in the crest coz, I swear the devil actually do not look anything like that. How do I know? Hey I see them on tv everyday, especially on the news dispensing goodies during buy-elections and making false promises, like, "we are doing it for the people" and " we always have the people at heart".

Now this fellow, who came out with the edict must have been a silent Liverpool fan or Drogba's gay bed-partner. Yes, Man Utd have enemies and they come in all shapes, sizes and headgears. He was surely very silent when Liverpool had a certain beer company advertised on their jersey but now that they have switched to that of a bank's, he comes out spewing venom at Man Utd. How convenient.

I wonder if this donkey would next recommend that everyone only wear UMNO and BN shirts so that their passage to heaven would be a smooth one. Those who have more BN and UMNO shirts would go to heaven riding a certain unsubmergeable submarine, but they would have to pay commissions to get the ride. Those who don't have any would have to board engineless fighters and you and I know where that would take you to.

Mr. Mufti, rather than telling people what not to wear, wouldn't it be better if you tell leaders what not to do and how to behave? Wouldn't it be better if you tell people in power, how to manage the people's money? Wouldn't it be better if you tell leaders what corruption is? Oh you did and they didn't listen? Oh in that case you are forgiven.


Anonymous said...

...I wonder when they will ban the small letter "t", as it resemble the "cross"?

Sigh.. what next?

Anonymous said...

Dear Cikgu,

What you wrote is hilarious but very true. The sick mufti probably got an axe to pick with Man Utd...kinda like he is suffering from some kiasu syndrome. For him, it's ok for muslims to commit incest, zina, kill and maim but muslims cannot wear the Man Utd logo. I wonder how he got to know how the devil looks like the caricature on the Man Utd logo unless he has seen the devil himself.

Unknown said...

Anon 17:53
This people wants to hide their inaction in important matters so they pick in trivial matters hoping that a leaf could cover whole an elephant.

Unknown said...

anon 21.51
The guy is both stupid and blind.

BravoEagleHotel said...

Hahahaha ... The Red Devil inside me is still laffing @ the elections devil ! Gosh this sure 1 good one wack rite thro ! Keep the Man United faith but the devil ... hmmmm think thats interpretations.whether the elections devil is more devil that the Red Devils !
Cheers Cikgu !

Anonymous said...

What else cikgu ? He himself is the devil in disguise or he wouldn't know the devil.Very sure he is from Liverpool and he must have a hand with that Kansas game !!!! Just my 2sen cikgu.

Anonymous said...

you are 110% right.... de nufti should be advising those coorupt ministers and civil service officers how to behave... and not sinned... obviously these people do not believe in their god nor neither feared them.. If the hudud law is imposed we will certainly be seeing many one-armed ministers from BN. Imagine robbing all of the Malaysians of their hard work and taxes.ND LIVING LIKE A LORD @#@!$#@#! NEVER mind.. when trhey are at their death bed.. they will suffer..

Anonymous said...

Typical kepala otaks gomen servants got nothing to do buy wasting tax-payers monies lah...

He himself look like a Devil ain't he? A kampong ones, of course!


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