Tuesday 27 July 2010

Hahahahahaha! It's payback time.

General: Mr. President, can we call our boys home?

Obama: From where? Iraq or Afghanistan?

General: Everywhere, including Japan, Philipines, Germany, heck! everywhere sir.

Obama: Wow, this has got to be serious. I have never ever seen you without a smile and sounding so grim. Sit down please. You look as if you have just seen a devil.

General: More like The Angel of Death sir. Our death, the death of the USA sir.

Obama: Wo, wo, hold your horses general. You're making me dizzy. You would only speak this way if we were to be attacked by aliens. Why are the Martians coming?

General: Worst than aliens sir. We are done this time sir. Please call our boys back sir coz our bases overseas are in extreme danger.

Obama: Please tell me first, what is it that is making you shit in your pants general. I can't go calling our boys back home if I do not know what the danger is.

General: Sir, one more request, could you order NASA to speed up the next space shuttle trip. Make it tomorrow but this time sir, take your family and mine along. If there is space in the cargo hole, I would like to hitch a lift too. Please sir.

Obama: You are not on drugs are you general? I told you not to mix with the Mat Rempits in Malaysia, they are bad news. Now settle down, here have a cup of steaming, black, Obama coffee.

General: Not the Rempits sir, it's Malaysia. Read this sir.

Obama: Get me NASA, I want the next space shuttle to be ready for lift off in 2 hours. Oh, God, this is stressful. Why must the End always happen when a black is in charge?

General: Sir, you've soiled your pants sir.

Obama: Damn the French for this.


Pak Zawi said...

That was funny.
Now on the serious side, what if we are attacked by the red dot down south? Can we use our Exocet missile on them?

Anonymous said...


From the looks of things as described by the great RMN Chief Admiral, 1Malaysia must have the most awesome defense/attack underwater arsenal in the region, if not in the world. At this rate, I'm pretty sure the government in the little kiasi red dot down south is shitting in their pants.

Meanwhile our neighbour across the Straits of Malacca must also be quivering in their batiks and sarongs and getting ready to activate their millions of sleeper agents aka migrant maids and construction labourers to charge the naval base should push comes to shove. It will be quite impossible for the KD TAR sub to fire an Exocet missle at their own naval base target.

The above episode reminds me of my student bell bottom days when we openly declare "Style mesti ada, tak ada otak tak apa" when we parade around town at the end of each Friday showing off our colourful bell bottoms pants.

Anonymous said...

Fulamak cikgu ! That's news. That little red dot must be shitting in their pants! Yalah cikgu, now we can fire missile at will.Did I hear it right ? 2 million per missile ? Wah macam itu mau test lagi banyak missile lagi bagus. Ada orang buat duit !!
Just my 2 sen cikgu.


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