Thursday 15 July 2010


Yahoo, finally we have made a start. Phew! What a relief. I thought I was going to have to wait years for it but finally the agony of waiting is over. Thank God.

You see a few months ago they were talking about making Malaysia a high income country. Yes, us Malaysians earning so much money that banks would turn people away because they have too much money to handle.
Wow! With the added income, of course, I would be able to afford everything that I have been dreaming off.

What? What nonsense am I talking about? Wait, wait, calm down, let me explain to you. You see I understand what is going on.

I know what the government is doing. Yes, of course there is no concrete increase in salaries yet but as they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

You see, in a high income society it would be utterly shameful if the citizens keep on buying cheap stuffs. It is a sin for rich people to look for bargains. 

People from a high income society must look for expensive things, even though, the goods they are buying actually cost very little. I mean, we Malaysians are going to earn so much that CEOs from the US are already looking for properties in Kodiang and Lahaq Yoi to relocate.

So we must make a start and the beginning is to make the prices of goods go up. Just a moment ago I was greeted with the orgasmic news that the prices of Gas, Sugar, Petrol, Diesel and whatever would increase effective midnight. Finally they have made the first move. Now we could go ut and proudly buy expensive stuffs. Just imagine the pride, buying like a high society shopper.

Now don't you go condemning the government about the increases. They don't actually need the money, they are just taking making a start. Soon they would increase the prices of other essentials like rice, transportations, meat, vegetables, breads and everything on the racks of TESCO.

Of course all these increases would be followed with increases in salaries. Just bear with the government. Maybe in about 30 to 40 years, our salaries would go north.

Oh, I forgot, when we have our increase in salaries, we would be using Rupiahs, not ringgits.


Unknown said...

Salam tuan,
Pak Long enjoy betoi cerita senak ni...

Pak Zawi said...

What is high income when you cannot afford to buy anything. I came to know that a labourer in Korea earns an equivalent of RM5,000 a month and even at that income he cant even make ends meet though he is single. Low income is OK if prices of things are cheap. Now look at what the government has done and I am still with a miserly pension.

Pak Zawi said...

LAISI is now at I cant use the old address anymore.

Anonymous said...

I received sms about this during afternoon nap.

OMG! Now every Kepala Otak Punyea Olang pun can become Head Of State lah like this.

Thanked GOD the prices for White Kain Kapan remain not affected by High Income Ambition yeah.

Anonymous said...

What lah cikgu. You betul2 potong stim when you say gaji naik but in rupiah !!! I really believe in you when you say all of us is going to have alot of money to spend in a high income society. What our beloved PM did is to readjust and not to increase the price 'barang naik(BN)' and this 'tak bebankan rakyat'. I sincerely believe what our beloved PM did is for the good of the rakyat and nothing else. And don't you dare to believe otherwise cikgu. Just my 2sen lah cikgu.


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