Thursday 22 April 2010

The Titles

Boss: Hey Dol, when are you going to have the 'giving away of land titles' ceremony?

Dol: Aaah boss, there is a slight hitch la boss.

Boss: Slight hitch? What do you mean hitch? You can't even organise something as simple as this?

Dol: But boss, this time it's just impossible to do boss.

Boss: Why, the people don't want their land titles?

Dol: Not that boss, sure they want boss but ..

Boss: But what? Don't give me buts, I want action. We have to give away the titles tonight, I don't care.

Dol: But boss, we can't boss, really this time we can't.

Boss: Okay, I will try to control myself and listen then I will kick you. Now tell me why?

Dol: We can only give if there are titles to give, as it is, we don't have titles to give.

Boss: What nonsense are you talking about? Just get blank deeds and fill in the names of the people, that's all, is that too much to ask?

Dol: Please don't get angry boss, listen please before you get angry. We have given away all the titles boss. All the penerokas already have titles to their land, what title some more to give?

Boss: What? No more titles to give? How could this happen?

Dol: We give titles everytime we have elections and we have had many elections. We also give during by-elections.

Boss: But there were no by-elections here?

Dol: Yes, that I know but we gave titles when we had by elections for Bukit Gantang, Kuala Terengganu, Permatang Pauh Penanti and many more.

Boss: But those are in other places and other states, why do we give away titles to land from here?

Dol: You think we ship the people here to vote there for free ka boss?

Boss: Alamak, now what do we do?

Boss: Only one thing boss, we give all men above 21 a Datukship. Itu pun title jugak boss.


Anonymous said...

Dear Cikgu,

That's real funny but true. No wonder there are so many people around town parading their proud Datuk feathers, er, I mean titles.

Just the other day at Megamall, a "datuk" and his "datin" wife were smiling from ear to ear when the store cashier acknowledged them as datuk and datin. How did the cashier know they are datuk and datin? They had their "titles" printed on the credit cards.

I prefer to be a plain and simple "Mr." anytime because a "Mr." or "Encik" has more honour than any of these unscrupulous datuks, datuk seris, datuk penglimas, datuk wira, tan sris, tuns, etc.

Anonymous said...

Datuk Cikgu Nazir

Golden Boy

Unknown said...

Anon 14.23
Imagine a kampung full of Datuks.

Unknown said...

anon 16.11
Oh, please you embarass me, just call me Tuanku will do.

Anonymous said...

Maafkan hamba

Golden Boy

Anonymous said...

Ulu Selangor by election completed and past already. No giveaway titles, instead the Bahlol gave cash $50,000 to other Bahlol families, some 100 of them.

Cikgu, that token consider 'Halal' or 'Lalal', can consume or not?

One day sure mati one, not easy to answer GOD if the token is 'Lalal' mah...

monsterball said...

hahahahahahaha...Kata Tak Nak...mumbo jumbo on titles and deeds...entitled him to be decorated with a future new government leader...or be in Kajang prison..if ever that BOSS meet him face to face...keep insulting the BOSS ...never ending...with new chase voters out of BN.
I have a strange feeling..the Head Master shivers...whenever he is near Kata Tak Nak.


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